This category is for questions and answers about Tampa, Florida. Tampa was incorporated on January 18, 1849. Tampa has an annual pirate festival known as Gasparilla. It is also the home to a Busch Gardens theme park, Lowry Park Zoo, and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

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Are there any serial killers in Tampa Florida?

I posted an article containing data in that subject in the related links box below.

Where can you buy Twisted Tea in Tampa FL?

Unfortunately NO where. I emailed them and they assured me that they will be in Florida soon but not at the momoment here is what they said:


Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately Twisted Tea has not made it to Florida yet. We are still a small company and have a hard time meeting demand up here. We also do not have distribution set up yet. Federal laws also prohibit us from sending to anybody; the only people we can ship Twisted Tea to are distributors. We do have plans in the works to be in Florida by the end of the year. Keep your eyes open in a couple months; you should start seeing Twisted Tea on the shelves.


- Mike

Twisted Tea Brewing Company

Call (813) 247-4000 This is the number to the company that does distibution for Tampa

Where to purchase Tender Vittles in Evansville IN?

Ive been looking for Tender Vittles, I've found out that it's been discontinued in the US.

What should the humidity level be in a humidor?

A humidor is a box for storing cigars or tobacco products; 72 percent relative humidity is ideal, but between 68 and 78 is acceptable.

70, 70 is ideal. 70 degrees and 70 percent humidity. 72 percent humidity would be considered a MAX for storage only. Many brands will not smoke at 72%. 68 to 69 % is preferred.

What is the history behind Vito Cruz street?

vito cruz street was named after an alcalde mayar of pasay hermogenes vito cruz circa 1871. He was also one of the local leaders of katipunan in pasay who fought in spanish revolution and filipino- American war.later he was consider as one of the "fundador" of Iglesia filipinas Independiente (Aglipayan Church) in pasay city.

during the spanish era, the territory of pasay extended up to malate area since the inhabitants of pasay were all under the ecumenical territory of malate church.

What is the driving time from Orlando FL to Tampa FL?

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 1 hour and 29 minutes.

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 1 hour and 28 minutes.

What can you do in Tampa?

Well, you can do a lot of stuff but I love going to Busch Gardens, there is a amusement park place with rides and games and food. !!REALLY FUN!!


Where can a 15 year old work in Tampa?

I would suggest looking into working for Hillsborough County public schools in their after school care program. I did this when I was younger (probably around 16) and it is a great job that fits into high school schedules.

Are there any 24 hour dentists in Tampa Florida?

There are three emergency dentists in Tampa, FL, and these may offer service around the clock. They are the Dental Emergency Room, the Town N Country Emergency Dental and Emergency Dental Service. Timings are not available on the web, but their phone numbers are available, so they could be reached via phone to check if they are open 24 hours.

How far drive time is it from Orlando to Tampa?

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 1 hour and 29 minutes.
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 1.5 hours.

Why did they call Moxie soda 'Moxie'?

The place Moxie Falls was so named by natives due to the strange tasting black water found there. The word Moxie therefore became associated with guts/ digestion due to the acquired taste of the water, which later inspired the creator of Moxie Soda.


The origin of the word Moxie is unclear, but it is one theory that holds that it was a Native American word that meant either "wintergreen" (an ingredient) or "black water". However, verification cannot be confirmed. The drink was named by its creator. Since that time, the word has come to mean "energy" or "guts", but that is only after the drink became part of the American culture.

Answer"Moxie" is an old-fashioned word to describe someone with energy or get-up-and-go spirit. AnswerThe oldest, continually manufactured beverage available on the market today. As Teddy Roosevelt and Frank Anicetti said, "Wicked good stuff," for those strenuous who are at all Particular! Frank Archer, "Father of Moxie", took that famous "Nerve Food", carbonated it and sold it cold. Its delightful 'never sticky and syrupy' formula, an extract of the gentian flower, gave that unique bitter taste to rival that sickly sweet product formerly containing cocaine...and actually outsold C*ke.

If you are lucky enough to obtain Moxie in the northern New England or Central Pennsylvania areas (or the Triangle Liquor store in Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ), you are in luck. For the Moxie-challenged, do a Google search on the website of the New England Moxie Congress for a full listing of where history, availability and memorabilia on the selected few lovers of this rare treat meet.


PS Hope to see you at the annual MoxieFest in Lisbon Falls, Maine.


actually, according to the Jamaica Plain Historical Society Moxie was named after Moxie falls in Maine.

AnswerAccording to Modern Marvels when they were covering soda, the creator named it after Moxie falls. However, because of the odd bitter taste of the soda anyone who could finish more than one "Moxie" was said to have a lot of Moxie. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy huh? Answer

As others have said, it is believed that Moxie's inventor, Dr. Augustine Thompson, named it after Moxie Falls in his native state of Maine. Moxie Falls and several other landmarks could be derived from a native word for wintergreen or black as others have supposed. However, Moxie is also the English rendition of Moskus. Moskus was a Maine Native American from the early 1700's. According to some sources, he was the son of Bomazeen, the chief of the Norridgewock tribe. He survived the massacre of his people's village because he was visiting/living with Madockowando of the Penobscot Nation at the time and would be adopted by Madockowando. It is said he became a much feared warrior. Moskus has sometimes been translated to "Chosen One".

It would not surprise me if Dr. Thompson was aware of who Moskus was and chose to name his creation after this Native American Warrior as many products of that time period (late 1800's) were being associated with Native Americans.

What is the flight time from Tampa Florida to Aruba?

The flight time from Tampa on Florida's west coast to Oranjestad, Aruba's capital, is a few minutes under 2-3/4 hours at an average flight speed of 500 miles/hour (805 kilometers/hour).

Specifically, Tampa is in the Eastern Time Zone, and Oranjestad is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. Tampa observes daylight saving time, but Oranjestad does not observe it. During daylight saving time, Tampa and Oranjestad have the same time.

Was there a player on the Tampa Bay team who wore number 77?

Chris Gratton -- Center. He had two stints with the lightning and wore #77 with each stint.

He was a 1st round pick that never lived up to his expectations.. went from captain to trade bait.. wound up in Philly for a couple years and then Buffalo.. met him: very tall and nice guy.