Tampons are made of an absorbent material, such as cotton, and are inserted into the vagina to absorb the menstrual flow. They come in various different absorbency, including light, medium and heavy flow.

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Why would it be painful to put in or take out a tampon?

For individuals using tampons for the first time, it's best to uses ones with a plastic applicator. This would be advised for 'virgins' or 'first-timers' simply because you need to get used to not tensing up and the applicator, either cardboard or ones without an applicator can create additional pain with any tensing up at all.

It could be caused by a more serious reason, but like above take switch to a pad until your ready and always start with the smallest size and work your way to something larger.

With tampons you want to use the smallest size possible for your body type so make sure your initial size is mini and if you find yourself needing to replace it to often you can move to a larger size.

Me, It started hurting, but what you can do, is stay relaxed, so it can go without hurting, or extend you legs, so there's more room to put it in.Well, it works for me!

Experiencing pain when inserting or removing tampons is a sign that you may have vulvar vestibulitis (VVS), which is also known as "vestibulodynia." VVS is a kind of vulvodynia (there are several types of vulvar pain conditions that fall under the general heading "vulvodynia"). Women with VVS typically experience pain with intercourse. In some cases, the pain is so severe that intercourse is impossible. The pain is experienced only in the vestibule--the area outside the entrance to the vagina.

Unfortunately, many gynecologists are not familiar with VVS. Research on it has been grossly underfunded. Often a women must see several physicians before she is accurately diagnosed.

Yeah, I still don't wear tampons because I find them uncomfortable. Pads are better to use so if it's painful because you're doing it wrong or just because you're not used to it, stick with pads or ask a close female friend if you're putting it in right.

What are the side affects of using tampons?

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is rare but still thought to effect 1 in 700 women.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is caused when certain strains of bacteria multiply and start to produce TSST-1 toxins, these toxins enter the bloodstream and if the person lacks antibodies then the TSST-1 toxins overwhelm the immune system - this leads to something similar to septic shock, initial symptoms include high fever and low blood pressure but long-term it can result in organ failure.

Tampons account for 75% of all TSS cases - in particular rayon tampons such as Tampax, Playtex, or Kotex (cotton tampons have never been associated with TSS) - this is because tampons provide bacteria with the perfect environment to multiply, effect vaginal pH, prevent vaginal cleaning, and damage vaginal tissues giving TSST-1 a more direct route into the bloodstream.

Tampons can also risk;

  • Increased menstrual cramps (as a result of expanding into the cervix).
  • Increased bleeding (as a result of damage to vaginal tissues).
  • Vaginal infections (as a result of bacterial growth).
  • Irritation or allergic reaction (as a result of chemicals in rayon tampons).
  • Dioxin exposure from rayon tampons, risking endometriosis and cancer.

Should it feel uncomfortable to remove tampons?

That's pretty normal, especially for girls/women who have not had sex. One reason it could be uncomfortable is that it's dry; otherwise, it's simply the pulling. Every woman uterus is tilted a a different angle, so try pulling it out at a different angle to maximize comfort next time. The only reason to worry would be if you've left in a tampon for over 8 hours and you have very sharp pains, in which case, you should see a doctor or gynecologist to check for Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare disease sometimes caused by prolonged tampon use.

How can you pop your cherry with a tampon?

You do not have a cherry and nothing pops - you may have a hymen and it can be torn from tampon use but it is unlikely. The hymen is tissue that surrounds the opening to the vagina, in most women the hymen doesn't cover much of the vaginal opening and it is flexible so it can stretch to allow insertion. If you are rough when inserting the tampon or force it into the hymen then it may tear.

Where are you supposed to insert the tampon?

Into the vaginal opening. It is important to be relaxed and to make sure you push it all the way in. Push towards the lower back.. In the vaginal hole below the urethra which is where urine comes out of. You should read the directions that come witht he box of tampons. It is helpful. Also, make sure you insert it all the way because if you dont, it will be uncomfortable. Try doing it with one leg up on the toilet. Put it in the whole underneath your legs, gosh. IS IT THAT HARD???? Just dont stick it up your butt hole that would be a bit uncomfertable. I am surprised that sooooo many people asked this question.

How do you insert a tampon?

This may freak you out but just to let you know the tampon has to go into your vagina.

This is the way I was taught. When you are in the bathroom, use your fingers and insert them where you would the tampon. Gently, feel your way. You get a sense of your body that way. It feels real nice too! Be careful though, it may give a an orgasm. Though orgasms are quite nice.

With the tampon, you can use either the applicator ones, or the non applicator ones. I have found, especially if you are using them for the first time, that you get the the tampons without an applicator. Try and get the ones that have lubricant, or a "silk-touch cover", and a string. The lubricant makes the insertion more comfortable, and the string - well easier to take the tampon out.

First Wash your hands! I inserted my first tampon when I was on the floor with my feet on the sink. Make sure that the first time you insert a tampon have your legs WIDE OPEN! I of course had a mirror to find this hole. RELAX RELAX Then, I started to widen the hole with my finger my measuring how big the tampon is with my finger then I marked it and I put my finger in the hole and stopped when the line was gone in my hole then after I did that a few times I attempted to put my first tampon in. Now, you obviously unwrap the tampon. For your first attempts I would advise you to try when your period is heaviest. Squat down a little bit, with your legs open. Now take the tampon in your fingers and rounded side UP, gently push it inside of you. You will feel the direction you need to be pushing, as you will feel discomfort otherwise.

Push it up quite far, too low and it will cause a lot of discomfort, especially sitting down. Tip: when done, sit on the toilet, with the seat down. If you can't feel the tampon, you've done just fine.

Don't worry about "losing" the tampon inside you, and don't worry if it takes a few tries before you master this. All older women had to learn!

Unwrapped the tampon. Push the applicator inside of your vagina, once your fingers touch your skin, finish inserting the tampon. It should not be feelable, and it should be comfortable.

Tampons can be tricky. I am assuming that this question is from a young lady who doesn't have a female she is close enough to to ask. Here goes, unwrap tampon, make sure the string is securely attached, and dip the tip of the tampon in a lubricant(VASELINE, KY Jelly). DO NOT use Vicks, butter, or fruit jelly. With panties off or lowered to a comfortable level, place one foot on the edge of a stool or bath tub in your bathroom, then insert the tampon aimed at the back of your waist. You may have to wiggle it around a bit until it all of a sudden will slide right in. Remove the applicator and make sure you can feel the string attached, which should hang outside of your body. NOW- NEVER allow it to remain inside for more than 12 hours. At the very least it should be changed every 4 - 8 hrs. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be.

Tampons should not be painful, nor even cause any real discomfort. So if it does, try using a smaller size, or even a different brand. You can also try pushing the tampon further in, or not as far, depending on how far you had been inserting the tampon. If the pain persists, you need to talk to your school nurse or see a doctor. Or you may be able to call and speak to a nurse at your local county health unit.

First, you should find a comfortable position. My favorites are sitting on the toilet, squatting, or lifting one leg up onto the bathtub.

Second, open up the tampon and make sure that there is a string. It could be dangerous to use a tampon without a string because you could forget it is there and suffer from TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). You also need the string to remove the tampon.

Third, it's time to insert the tampon. The vagina points upward, and sort of to the back, so push the tampon up in that direction. When it is in properly, you won't feel it.

A tampon has two parts. A card tube bit and the bit the tampon comes out of.. You put your thumb on the end of the card tube which has the hole in, and you put your middle and index fingers on either side of the bit the tampon comes out of near the middle of the whole thing. Bad diagram, because it's drawn with text symbols, but it should now look like this. c==II==J The c is the rounded end where the tampon comes out, the Is are your middle and index fingers, which are on opposite sides, and the J is your thumb. You put the rounded end into your vagina until your two fingers are touching your vaginal area, then, push on your thumb like a syringe until it's all gone in. If anything but the string is sticking out, pull the tampon out and try again with a new one or it could be really uncomfortable and hurt.

First, get a quiet place like the bathroom.

Get in a comfortable position like squat or put one leg up on the toilet. Take the tampon out of the package and stick it up the vagina all the way until you are touching your skin. Pull the applicator out and you are ready to go! !

First you must find a quiet place to sit or stand, like the bathroom. Get in a position that you are comfortable with. Most girls like to squat down or put one leg on the bath or toilet seat. Now is the time where you spread the folds of skin (minor and major labia) push the tampon up your vagina using the applicator or your fingers (the vaginal opening is under the urethra) Remove the applicator and you're good to go!

In the hole in your vagina. You take it out of the package and the side without the string you put in.

For a more descriptive answer, there are 2 holes. one is where you pee and the other is the hole of you vagina.

DO NOT put it where you pee! That one is the "flappy" one. Insert it into the other one (the lower one). But not your anus. Anyway it should go up and back. It'll hurt the first few times and will be hard to push it all the way back, so try getting the slim or slender tampons first. Just push with the applicator or your finger. But don't just push it back, push it up and back. Otherwise it'll hurt a lot more! If it hurts after you've done it a few (20) times, you may be putting it in wrong. Talk to your mom or an aunt or someone. I know it's hard to talk to someone (because I still haven't talk to my mom about it), but try to get up the courage. Maybe just email her. Anyway, there are plenty of good books out there about it. Try The Care and Keeping of YOU, an American Girl book. I know it sounds babyish, but it's what helped me with my first time with a tampon. It's got lots of other information about nutrition and psychology and all that other puberty-ish stuff. But it's seriously a really really good helpful book.

Firstly you must find a quiet place to sit or stand. Get in a position that you are comfortable with. Most girls like to squat down or put one leg on the bath or toilet seat. Now is the time where you spread the folds of skin and put the tampon up the hole. Make sure the removal string is visible. Do the insertion slowly.

Inserting a tampon- First wash your hands! Then you can lie on the floor or have one foot on the toilet. Of course you should already be undressed from the waist down. Make sure you have a mirror and look for a hole that should not be where your poo comes out. Look for where it was bleeding. And insert there.

Removing a tampon- Just slowly pull the sting out of your vagina. If it hurts then its dry but you must get it out so fill the bathtub and spread you legs wide apart to let water in then try to pull it out. TAMPONS ARE TO BE CHANGED EVERY 4-7 hrs!!

You just have to read the instruction given to you on the packet or box

How long can you leave a tampon in for?

Tampons should be changed every 4-6 hours.

Some tampon companies say up to 8 hours maximum but this isn't safe - the longer you leave tampons the longer you give bacteria to multiply, also if you go this long it suggests you're using too high an absorbency - companies do this to make their products seem more convenient

If the tampon leaks within 1-2 hours you can change and it's safe to use the next absorbency up but just remember if the tampon isn't saturated after 4-6 hours switch down to a lower absorbency again or switch to pads. Leaving too long or using too high an absorbency increases TSS risks.

Do tampon hurt?

It depends. Try a small tampon if its your first time. So try 3 - 5 hours to start, and it all depends on how heavy your flow is. Each box comes with instructions inside just follow them step by step and you should be okay. The key thing to using tampons is to relax.

no its just feel weird at first

How often should you change your tampon?

Every 4-6 hours.

Leaving it in longer could result in Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and vaginal infection.

All brands of tampons have a safety panel in the instructions, and this is where you can read about TSS.

Does a tampon prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg at all?

NO !! of course not ,, think about how it got there to start with, no!!!! the sperm got there first... a tampon would just push it in further. Even if you did for some reason choose to have sex with a tampon in, this will not prevent pregnancy because the tampon would just absorb some of the semen, and it would still be "in there" Good luck trying to find the tampon after having sex with it in.

How do you take out a tampon?

If it hurts to take out, it is probably because it's too dry. So what I like to do is to just go to the bathroom (pull the string out of the way), with the tampon in. Then the tampon will get moist and it will be easier to slide out. It always works for me. :)

Can you wear tampons while pregnant?

NO you should never wear a tampon while pregnant as it is an infection risk. If you have a discharge (as many women do) wear a napkin. If your loss is so heavy that you feel you need a tampon it is not normal and you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Is it ok to use rubbing alcohol on a sick child's back?

Yes. It works good and it makes you feel better. You could also use Vick's and put it on their chest. If their nose are plugged up put it around their nose (Vick's).I know because that is what I always do when I'm sick, and I am still a kid, my grandma taught me how to take care of myself, she is an excellent nurse.So it will work good for your kid.

They also used to use leaches and give insulin to mental patients to sedate them. Just because it was done in the "old days" doesn't mean it is still applicable or even "better".

Rubbing Alcohol is NOT recommended on children. It is absorbed through the skin and puts the child at risk for Isopropanol poisoning ( Rubbing alcohol does nothing useful.

Looking on here for answers on how to take care of your child is like soliciting a prostitute in a run-down area of your closest major city: you'll get a lot of interest, but none of it is probably any good. Consult a medically-trained professional!!!!!!!


Years ago. putting alcohol in a tepid bath, or giving a child an alcohol rub down was a way to reduce a very high fever. As the alcohol evaporated, the skin was cooled and fever reduced. HOWEVER, nowadays it is not recommended to use alcohol on a child's skin in this way, as the fumes can be harmful also and even fatal in extreme cases. <<>>

What can be the cause of abdominal pain experienced only while a tampon is inserted?

There are a few reasons why tampons may be hurting you:

  1. You're not relaxed enough during insertion.
  2. You're not inserting the tampon high enough.
  3. You're using too high an absorbency for your flow.
  4. You're allergic to something in the tampons you're using.
  5. The tampon is increasing your cramps.
  6. The tampon is expanding into your cervix.

If you continue having problems with tampons consider other options:

  • Pads (commercial, organic, or cotton).
  • Period underwear.
  • Interlabial pads.
  • Free flow.
  • Menstrual release.
  • Menstrual sponges.
  • Menstrual cups.
  • Diaphragms.
  • Softcups.

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I have seen this many times before even though I am only 15. Don't worry, there are ways of getting braces even thought you may not have the necessary funds to pay for them. Here's what you do: if you have a Medical card, and if your teeth are as bad as you said they are, then you may qualify for FREE braces. Trust me, this works. I mean, how do you think I got mine! Also, talk to your orthodontist and see if they accept Medical, and if for some reason that they don't, search for one in your area that does. They will answer any questions that you may have about the subject. First, you will go for a screening for them, sort of like a consultation. Then, you will go to have the impressions done, which is simply a mold that they put over your teeth. Once they have done that, you are nearly on your way to getting braces! But before that happens, you may need to have some x-rays taken of your mouth and some teeth removed, including your wisdom teeth, if you haven't already. Trust me, it doesn't hurt to have teeth removed if they numb your mouth. Also, all this is free too. I believe that you will have spacers put in your mouth before you get the actual metal applied. For me, I had to wear spacers on my bottom and top teeth for 2 weeks to make room for the attachment in the back. They will hurt however. You will need to have routine checkups at least a few times a year of more depending on the severity of your problem, and remember, it will be worth all the effort. I had to push my mom for over a year before she finally gave in, and then here I am today, waiting anxious for the three long and grueling years to come to an end. You will also have to monitor what you eat, like you can't eat any hard, crunchy, or sticky foods. Also you have to brush AND floss everyday. That is a must. Oh, and if all else fails, it only costs $99/month for them. Mine would have cost $4200 altogether, but I don't have to pay a single dime. Well good luck, and I hope I helped!

I almost forgot to add this! My friend goes to Western Dental and they have a plan, were you only have to pay a down payment of $99 and the bill is $35 a month. I know, it seems to good to be true. Try giving them a try.

Can you use tampons while pregnant?

No, you cannot use tampons when pregnant.

For a start if you're pregnant then you're not going to be menstruating - women can bleed during pregnancy but it's not the same as menstruation and you will not know your flow pattern well enough to know what absorbency to use so using tampons at this time increases TSS risk. If you do experience bleeding during pregnancy it's important that you talk to your doctor immediately as bleeding could be a sign of a serious problem with your pregnancy.

Tampons shouldn't be worn when pregnant because there is a higher risk of infections too - during pregnancy your risk of vaginal infections is already higher and it can be more difficult to treat while pregnant - tampons increase risk of infections so it's far from ideal when pregnant.

Should you take your tampon out when you swim use the restroom or go to sleep?

You do NOT need to take out your tampon when you swim or go to the restroom. Doctors advise you not to wear them to bed because of the length of time you are asleep. I hope that helped!! If you sleep for more than 8 hours you should wear a pad instead. Otherwise it is ok to wear a tampon.

Does putting in a tampon hurt?

No, it does not hurt, or at least it shouldn't. A little discomfort the first time is normal but if it really hurts, it may not be in far enough. If this seems to be the case, just take it out, and try again with a new one. You shouldn't be able to feel it if it's in all the way, you just might have to get used to the little string rubbing against your leg. Also, if you're having difficulty getting it in, put a little drop of lubricant or vasiline on the tip, and that should make things a bit easier. Just simply follow the directions on the box. If it does hurt after you put the tampon in, then you need to pull a little on the string until you feel comfortable, or take that one out and insert a new one. Please be careful of TSS (toxic shock syndrome), which can happen if you leave it in too long, or if your body just can't tolerate tampons. Good luck:)

Hope this helps =]

Well it might hurt because some girls bodys just aren't shaped for tampons! i wear tampons but my best friend does not cause she does not have the right body shape! if it hurts for you put in a tampon, then just stick to pads its the best choice...

I Hope I Helped You :)

When you insert a tampon you sometimes feel a barrier that hurts if you insert the tampon further is that your hymen?


It could be, but a tampon can only go so far in. It could be that you're pushing it a little too far inside.


chances are if the tampon is already inside you have either already broken the hymen or missed it altogether.. It's located at the enterence of the vaginal open towards the bottom.. the barrier you feel could be the opening of the cervix or the vaginal walls..

Perhaps you could also be inserting at the wrong angle.

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The swimming pool should be able to "breathe" -- letting the fumes from the addition of chemicals to "gas off" to open air. This should be done at least once a week or when you add chemicals to the pool. The cover should be removed for most of the that day. And note, you should NEVER try to swim under the cover while it is covering the pool.


Why are tampons white?

So you can tell when they are full Also, because they are sometimes made of cotton, so they are naturally white, although rayon is not naturally white but rather has to be bleached to be made white.

Can you wear black tights with a tampon?

Yes tampons are worn in your body and are not visible.

Is it OK to use tampons back to back?

You can use tampons back to back, however it is best to alternate with pads as often as possible to allow your vagina a chance to clean itself of bacteria, toxins and tampon fibres that have accumulated from tampon use. Inserting one tampon after another traps bacteria and fibres within the vagina, so allowing more bacteria to build-up, which can thus increase risk of vaginal infections and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

How old you should be to use tampons?

There is no age limit on tampons, but tampons aren't recommended to pre-teens or teens.

Tampons pose multiple health risks so a woman has to be mature enough to understand those risks and responsible enough to follow precautions, but even then younger women have more delicate vaginal tissues and lower immunity to the TSST-1 toxins responsible for Toxic Shock Syndrome so are at much greater risk. At very least women should wait six cycles before using tampons so that they know their flow pattern well enough to know what absorbency is safe to use when.