Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Tarzan is a character invented by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912. Burroughs wrote a series of books about Tarzan, and many movies have been made about this character. In this category, you can learn all about the books and movies, from characters and settings to mood and tone.

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Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What was tarzan's last name in the movie tarzan?

Tarzan wasnt given a last name in the movie. He was simply refered to as "Tarzan". Although some people might say that his last name is "Lord Of The Apes"

Also in the book his name was John Clayton

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What game did Tarzan like to play?

Crazy apes

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What was the name of Tarzan's pet chimpanzee in the movies?


Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Who played Boy in Tarzan TV show?

Manuel Padilla Jr. played the role of 'Boy' but in the TV series his name was Jai .

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What is the words to Tarzan and monkey man the hand clapping game?

Tarzan the monkey man swinging on a rubber band pop goes the rubber band what color was his blood Then you say a color and keep on repeating the pattern on the last letter of the word the person whose hand is getting ready to be slapped should move it so the person that was trying to hit you gets out

BUT if you get slapped then YOUR out

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Will there be a Tarzan 3?

well,there is a tarzan 3 it is called tarzan 2 that was made in 2005 and 2 was made in 2002 "tarzan and jane". And to start it all was tarzan (1999).So the real question is "will there be a tarzan 4"?

tarzan (1999)

tarzan and jane (2002)

tarzan 2 (2005)

tarzan 4 (coming soon)(yes,there will be a 4)(it is going to be called tarzan 4)

(i am http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Special:Contributions&target=ip:ID3186420201and tonyyuk) not lying

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What was Tarzan' s title?

Tarzan is commonly referred to as Lord Greystoke although according to Edgar Rice Burroughs his official title is Viscount Greystoke

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What is Janes dad's name from Disney Tarzan?

Jane's father is named Professor Porter. He reveals his full name, Archimedes Q. Porter, when he along with Jane and Clayton encounter the gorillas in the jungle.

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Does Tarzan survive in Tarzan vs Predator?

Absolutely. Later, he and his Waziri warriors and some other guys from Pellucidar ride on the backs of triceratops-like creatures and push the predators' main ship off a cliff. Then it explodes and everyone lives happily ever after. The end.

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Why did the elephant laugh at Tarzan?

He was wearing a loin cloth

Actors & Actresses
Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What actors have played Tarzan?

Answer these plus othersJohnny Weismuller, Lex Barker, Ron Ely (in the TV series), Steve Reves, Jock Mahony, Buster Crabbe and Gordon Scott.

Christopher Lambert in 'Greystoke, Legend of Tarzan'.

Elmo Lincoln in the first Tarzan movie.

in what order did actorsplay tarzan?

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Who wrote a song for the movie Tarzan?

Phil Collins wrote 5 songs for Tarzan

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Did jimmy durante ever play the role of Tarzan?

No. Ahhh cha, cha, cha!

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Was Tarzan real?

No. Tarzan was a character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Although there have been reliable reports of feral children, few are raised by apes.

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

How Tarzan get his name?

"Tarzan" means "white skin" in the language of the apes. Kala noticed that this strange baby she had retrieved had white skin, so she dubbed him "Tarzan."

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

If Tarzan and Jane are Irish then what's that make Cheeta?

Whatever race Tarzan/Jane is has no influence over Cheeta's race, because they are two different mammals and they are related in no way at all.

Cheeta will always be 100% chimp. No matter what.

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What did Tarzan say to call the elephants?


Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Is Turk from Tarzan a boy or a girl?

Terk (spelt with an E) is a girl. Rather obvious as her mom says, "Come on little lady." to her. She is also voiced by Rosie O'Donnell.

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Why did the elephants laugh at Tarzan?

They Thought That His Nose Was Funny.

50% of 90cm

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Was Johnny weissmuller the very first Tarzan?

The official order of Tarzan portrayers puts Weissmuller 6th -

Elmo Lincoln

Gene Polar

Kamuela Searles

James H. Pierce

Frank Merrill

Johnny Weismuller

Buster Crabbe

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What olympic swimmer became the first Tarzan actor?

Johnny Weissmuller

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Why does Tarzan not have a beard?

Why Tarzan doesn't have a beardThis simple answer: "Because he shaves it off." :-)

Same reason that Jane doesn't have hairy legs. ;-)

The images of the fictional character Tarzan, like all fictional characters, are a product of their age. The fashion when Tarzan comics and movies were popular was for men to be clean-shaven.

According to the Tarzan novels, he learned to shave using his father's knife he found in his parent's cabin.

Because Jane doesn't like it

There was a very nice barber in the forest.

Jokes and Riddles
Professional Comedy
Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What is the name of the comedian whose catchphrase was chase me?

Duncan Norvelle

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

Is Tarzan based on a true story?

yes it is true ,it happen like in the mid 40 's ,with the disapierance of a 2 year old boy,the boy ' s parents thought they wouldn ' t see their boy again but 2 years later a group of people found a boy with some gorillas.

The original Tarzan stories were written between 1912 & 1947 by Edgar Rice Burroughs and the character of Tarzan was entirely fictional. However it was based on popular (but apocryphal) stories of children being adopted & raised by a variety of wild animals.

Tarzan (Books and Movies)

What Tarzan actor is a pervert?

Lex Barker


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