Tenor Saxophone

Very similar to the alto saxophone in use, the tenor saxophone plays a common lower role in bands. Questions about the tenor sax, tenor sax players, and tenor sax music belong here.

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How do you know what scale to play on a tenor sax when playing along with a piano in different keys?

You will play in the key that is a major second or one whole step above the key the piano is playing in. For example, if the piano is playing in C major, the tenor sax will play in D major, if the piano is playing in Bb minor, the tenor sax will be playing in C minor, etc.

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Where do you find tenor saxophone sheet music?

Sometimes you can type "tenor saxophone sheet music" into your Google browser, and it might give you some free downloads of sheet music, but sometimes some websites will require you to make an account and usually pay for the music.

You can also go to your local music store and ask for tenor sax books. They'll probably have books with popular songs, songs from movies, certain genres, that kind of stuff. Hope this helps :)

Notes for happy birthday for tenor sax?

~ = breath marks





Epic sax guy plays which notes?

{f# f# f# f# e f#} {f# f# f# f# e f#} {f# a f# e d} {b b c# d}

How do you clean the tenor sax?

After playing the sax, pull a swab thorough the body. This removes the moisture. If the sax is really old and nasty, take it to a music repair man for a chemical dip. THEY REMOVE ALL KEYS, and clean the body inside and out. Never play the sax unless you brush your teeth first and only drink water, no soda, coffee or alcohol. When finished playing the sax, remove the reed and dry it, pull a cotton handkerchief through the mouthpiece to dry it out and use a clarinet swab to pull through the sax neck.

How do you beat box on alto sax?

You can't beatbox on alto saxaphone. Beatboxing is the "drums" in a capella music.

Bass notes on eye of tiger?

a b c c c c b a g g a b g a b c c c c b a g b a a b c c c c b a g g a b a b c d b c e c b a b a g g

What is the difference between the baritone saxophone and the tenor saxophone?

Well....... For once obvious reason, the baritone is much bigger than the tenor. and another reason their diffrnet is there sounds, the barri is much lower than a tenor. other than that, nothing but a instrument key change.

All saxophones have the same fingerings

How much do cannonball saxes sell for?

the beginners range from 1,500-2,000

the advanced like 2,500-4,000 i would recommend the big-bell stone series

Where does the saxophone sit in the orchestra?

It depends on the orchestra you are in! The director places the instruments in a particular order for the best blend of sounds produced by the orchestra. Typically, a symphony orchestra does not have parts for saxophones, however when the music calls for a saxophone to be played, the saxophone generally fits into the woodwind sections with the clarinets, flutes, oboes, and bassoons.

What does the X mean in music?

X is a double sharp, X G (G double sharp) for example would be the enharmonic equivalent of A.

If the "ball" of the note on the music is replaced by an x, then that would mean to "ghost the note."

How much does a tenor sax mouthpiece cover cost?

It depends, a plastic cover might go for a couple bucks, while a metal one can go for upwards of $25-30.

What are the piano notes to pink panther?

Right Hand X3 C# D Eb E. E Eb D C# C C# D Eb E D Eb E F C# D Eb E Eb D C# C C# D Eb E EB.

I don't know the left hand but could someone else please tell me the left hand ???