Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is a cancer located in the testes, part of the male reproductive system. The most common symptom is testicular pain.

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What kind of doctor do you need to see to check for testicular cancer?

For the preliminary screening, your typical family doctor will work. If they suspect you may really have cancer, then they could refer you to a urologist or an oncologist. But almost any primary care doctor can do the diagnosis.

Can you get testicular cancer at 12-13?

Yes. It is more frequent between the ages of 15 - 30, but can be earlier or later.

You should perform self-checks regularly. Please see the 'Related Links' below to learn more about how to check for testicular cancer.

Can women be affected by testicular cancer?

No, women cannot be affected by testicular cancer. Cancer is also not contagious.

Why is testicular self-examination important for all males?

To check for testicular cancer lumps or bumps on the testicles. The earlier cancer of the testes is detected, the better chance of fighting this disease.

How does testicular cancer kill you?

After metastasis , or if the primary cancer is untreatable , the destruction of tissue is what actually causes death . IF TESTICULAR CANCER GOES unchecked and not treated, it will "metastasize", meaning it will spread to other parts of the body. It may first spread to the lungs, to bone marrow, to the liver, the brain, etc... and it will get to the point where it is spread throughout the body, and becomes untreatable. Then soon your body will succumb to the disease and you will die.

If testicular cancer is caught early it's curable. My husband has two friends that had it 15 years ago and they are just fine. Men have a habit of working hard and try ignoring symptoms they may have and it could be out of fear or they have a feeling they are never going to get sick. They get diseases like everyone else. So, for all men, when they see something on their body, or just don't feel right they should see their doctor right away. It could save your life!

What are three factors that increase the risk of developing testicular cancer?

Here are 4 factors:

  • Delayed descent of the testicles
  • Age. Men between 15 and 49 are at greatest risk.
  • A family history of testicular cancer
  • Any abnormal development of the testicle

What are the Symptoms of testicular cancer?

The most common symptom of testicular cancer is a lump, or swelling, in one of your testicles. Testicular lumps are most commonly found on either the front, or the side, of the testicle. They often feel like a hard, pea-sized swelling. Testicular cancer can also cause other symptoms, including: * a dull ache, or sharp pain, in your testicles, or scrotum, which may come and go, * a feeling of heaviness in your scrotum, * a dull ache in your lower abdomen, * a sudden collection of fluid in your scrotum (hydrocele), * fatigue, and * generally feeling unwell.
Common symptoms of testicular cancer are:

lump in the testicle about the size of a pea

testicle is painful to the touch

pain in the lower abdomen or lower back

blood in the urine

How long does it take to die from testicular cancer?

Well it just depends how serious it is there is no specific time unless your doctor tells you.

How long until testicular cancer kills you?

It depends on a few factors, but it is a very curable cancer if treated early.

How many people are diagnosed with cancer any kind of cancer each year?


The American Cancer Society estimates that about 24,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with throat cancer each year. About half of those throat cancers occur in the pharynx, with the rest occurring in the larynx.

What test is done to detect testicular cancer?

If cancer is suspected, the doctor will order an Ultrasound.

What a common test in the detection of testicular cancer?

Palpation with the fingers. Also, an Ultrasound is used.

How long time can testicular cancer kill you?

If found early, it can be cured easily in most men. Even if it spreads, there is an 80% cure rate.

How do you check for testicular cancer?

You will get signs such as:

  • Abnormally shaped testicles.
  • A lump on one or both testicles.
  • Swelling of one or both testicles.
  • Pain.
  • And in some cases, blood in ejaculation.

To check yourself for lumps:

  • Just feel one testicle at a time and feel for lumps.

If you feel any lumps, or have any sign listed above, please see your doctor.

What is the survival rate for people with testicular cancer?

If detected early testicular cancer has one of the highest survival rates of any cancer. It has a cure rate of 90% if it hasn't spread and 85% if it has spread widely.

Can testicular pain be associated with methamphetamine use?


Actually I think it's not understood by the medical community yet but I had this problem. I was doing only light amounts of meth and then had recurring testicular pain with testicular torsion coming later. I'm convinced it was the meth that was shrinking up my sac and twisting my testicles. I swore off the stuff after that, the pain is unbelievable.

What does testicular cancer feel like?

It may feel like a weighty sensation in the lower pelvis. There may or may not be pain in the scrotum. When you run your fingers over the testicle, it may feel swolen; your fingers may also feel what seems like a small sesame seed on the surface of the testicle. It may or may not be tender to the touch.

How do you get testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer occurs if a cell divides incorrectly and then passes this mutation on to its daughter cells. Testicles are prone to cancer because they are constantly dividing and constantly making daughter cells, so are prone to making mistakes occasionally.

Some of the main risk factors for developing testicular cancer, other than having testicles, is a condition called cryptorchidism. This basically means your testicles didn't descend on their own. The longer they stay in the abdomen, the more chance they can develop into cancer. Other risk factors are having had mumps, having had an inguinal hernia, and a sedentary lifestyle.

But the number one cause of testicular cancer is just plain bad luck, with no specific risk factor.

Can a 14 year old have testicular cancer?

Yes a 14 year old can have testicular cancer. However, only 5.4% of testicular cancer cases occur in men under the age of 20. The median age of men diagnosed with testicular cancer is 34 years of age.

If you have concerns about your testicles, best to see a doctor as other problems involving the testicles can also occur.