The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith the Prophet from ancient records and gives an account of people who used to live in North and South America, and their wars and dealings with God.

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What is the longest name in the book of Mormon?

The Brother of Jared whose name was revealed to Joseph Smith to be the name:Mahonri Moriancumer

Although specifically the full name does not exist within the Book of Mormon, part of the name remains within the Book itself as it can be found within Ether 2: 13

13 And now I proceed with my record; for behold, it came to pass that the Lord did bring Jared and his brethren forth even to that great sea which divideth the lands. And as they came to the sea they pitched their tents; and they called the name of the place Moriancumer; and they dwelt in tents, and dwelt in tents upon the seashore for the space of four years.

AnswerMahonri Moriancumer is the longest name but is not mentioned as the previous answer stated. The longest person's names which are not also found in the Bible are eleven letters long: Gidgiddonah and Zerahemnah. The longest name for a group of people is Anti-Nephi-Lehi, at thirteen letters. There are three names which are quoted in Biblical scriptures which are also eleven characters long: Jeberechiah, Melchizedek, and Shearjashub. Technically, the longest name mentioned in the Book of Mormon is Maher-shalal-hash-baz, at seventeen letters, but that is only in the Book of Mormon as scripture quoted from the Bible.

Where are the Book of Mormon gold plates at now?

Joseph Smith, the man who translated the Book of Mormon from the plates, said this regarding where they are at now:

"...They remained safe in my hands, until I had accomplished by them what was required at my hand. When, according to arrangements, the messenger called for them, I delivered them up to him; and he has them in his charge until this day." (See page 3 of 'Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith' located at the front of the Book of Mormon, after the witnesses and before the table of contents)

According to his own statement, Joseph Smith returned the plates to the angel messenger Moroni. What Moroni did with them we can only speculate.

What is the shortest verse in the Book of Mormon?

Jesus Wept

The above verse is from John 11:35 in the New Testament of the Bible.

The shortest verses in the Book of Mormon are:

1 Nephi 2:15- "And my father dwelt in a tent."

Alma 18:27- "And he said, Yea."

How many times is the word 'believe' used in the Book of John?

101 times the Gospel of John says to Believe , Believeth , Believed , Believe Not , but the actual word Believe appears 101 times 98 times it's used in the sense of do you Believe Jesus's word's do you Believe the Gospel 1st Corinthians 15:1-4 , Believing God is what gets you saved Romans 4:1-4 , you do not get saved because you turned from sins , or get baptized , or go to church or because your a goody two shoes , it's not about you , it's about what Jesus has done for you and IF you can receive the message the message is simple it's do you Believe that God the Son died on the Cross was buried for 3 days Rose from the Dead paying for all sins past present and future and that he did that for you specifically , IF you have believed that you will be saved Romans 10:9-17 , Acts 16:30-31. The Gospel of John was written so that you would Believe , Believe is the key word in the Bible . Not one time does the Gospel of John say to repent , repent does not mean turn from your sins it means Metanoia to change your mind , God repents 38 times in the Bible does that mean God turned from sins of course not , he changed his mind. What is it that God is asking you to repent from ? To change your mind from trusting yourself and Jesus or your works to trusting him ALONE , good works will not save you , only Believing God , it's NOT OF YOURSELVES. Ephesians 2:8-9 for ye are saved by Grace and that Not of YOURSELVES it is the Gift of God Not of Works lest any man should boast. We are not saved by works nor are we kept by works we are however saved unto good works Ephesians 2:10.

Which hotels have the book of Mormon in each room?

Many hotels in Utah have a Book of Mormon in addition to a Gideon's Bible in each hotel room. Also, most Marriott hotels worldwide have both a Book of Mormon and a Gideon's Bible in each room as well.

What is the shortest chapter of the book of Mormon?

I don't know which one it THE shortest, but Moroni, the last book in The Book of Mormon, has a lot of really short chapters because Moroni did not know if the Lord would preserve him to write again. But until he dies, he continued to write.

How many times is the word remember used in the Book of Mormon?

'Remember', is used 136 times in the BofM; 144 times in the King James Bible; 40 times in the Doctrine and Coverents; and once in Pearl of Great price. B of M: 8 x 1st Nephi; 22 x 2nd Nephi; 3 x Jacob; 21 x Mosiah; 37 x Alma; 12 x Helaman; 12 x 3rd Nephi; 6 x Mormon; 6 x Ether; 7 x Moroni

According to the Book of Mormon where did the Native-American race come from?

The "Native-American race", like that of Asia, Africa, and Europe, is not just one distinct group; it's made up of a lot of different groups. According to the Book of Mormon at least some of their ancestors came from two migrations of groups from what is now the Middle-East - one a bit prior to the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians and one soon after.


In the Book of Mormon, Lehi and his family left the rest of the Israelites and traveled via boats to a land promised to them. They ended up in America. After some time, they forgot God and descended into apostasy. So, the Native Americans are, according to the Book of Mormon, descended from Lehi's family. May I add that only the American Indian are the true remnant of the original peoples who came from the old world. to set the record straight "Evidence for diverse migrations into the New World also comes from Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) research on living American Indian populations. These studies have consistently shown similarities between American Indians and recent populations in Asia and Siberia, but also unique American characteristics, which the very early crania have also shown. Evidence for only four mtDNA lineages, characterizing over 95 percent of all modern American Indian populations, may suggest a limited number of founding groups migrating from Asia into the New World. Recently, however, a fifth mtDNA lineage named "X" has turned up in living American Indians and in prehistoric remains for which there does not appear to be an Asian origin. The first variant of X was found in Europeans and may have originated in Eurasia. Naturally, generations of conflict, intermarriage, disease, and famine would influence the genetic makeup of modern Native Americans. Further work with mtDNA, nuclear DNA (which is more representative of the entire genome), and Y-chromosome data, the male-transmitted complement of mtDNA, will permit better estimates of the genetic similarities between Old and New World groups and help to determine when they would have shared a common ancestor."

Where did the book of Mormon take place?

Essentially, all that can be proved is that the Book of Mormon took place somewhere that was across a large body of water from the Middle East. From descriptions of lands in the Book of Mormon, most everyone deduces that it takes place in the Americas, with the "narrow neck of land" mentioned being near where the Panema canal is. Joseph Smith described the Native American Indians (of North, Central, and South America) as being descendants of the Book of Mormon peoples.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by far the largest denomination professing belief in the Book of Mormon, has never produced an official statement or map regarding where the Book of Mormon took place.

Individual people and scholars have come up with several maps, which you can see at the "Related Links" below.

What is the Planet Kolob to Mormons?

Kolob is mentioned in five verses of Mormon scripture, all in the book of Abraham. These verses are Abraham 3:3, 3:4, 3:9, 3:16 and 5:13. These verses say that Kolob is the greatest star, and is 'nearest to the throne of God'. Kolob follows God's time (1000 years as a single day, according to 2 Peter 3:8).

Kolob is rarely brought up in worship services or doctrinal discussions both because very little is known about it, and because it has no bearing on one's salvation. The hymnbook used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the mainstream Mormon church) contains one hymn about Kolob which is not often sung. You can see that hymn along with all the scripture verses about Kolob at the "Related Links" below.

Another answer:

Compare the Arabic word Qalb (also anglicized Qolob and Kolob). A star in the Ursa Minor constellation, just barely the second brightest, and appropriately the Beta, star in Ursa Minor, it represents the top front bowl star of the Little Dipper. Just a bit of trivia some might find interesting.

How many verses does the longest chapter of The Book of Mormon contain?

The longest chapter in the current LDS version of The Book of Mormon is Jacob 5. It contains 77 verses and takes up 6 1/2 pages! Book of Mormon versions from other groups (such as the Community of Christ) and editions from prior to 1920 may have different chapter/verse segments or none at all.

Who wrote the book of Mormon?

The belief of Mormons is that the Book of Mormon was written on golden plates or tablets by the ancient inhabitants of the Americas, who came over to the Americas from Jerusalem, having been led there by the hand of God, though this belief is not shared by Orthodox Christians, who believe Joseph Smith made it up himself. So, it is a belief specific to Mormons.

However, according to Mormon beliefs, Joseph Smith and 12 other testifying witnesses, saw and handled the ancient gold plates and the characters that were on them. These plates comprised the wording that's found in the Book of Mormon.

According to the personal accounts, Joseph Smith translated the characters on the plates using the Urim and Thummim as a means of doing so, and his chief scribe, Oliver Cowdery, wrote down the translations as they fell from the mouth of Smith. The original records which were compiled and abridged to form the Book of Mormon as presently constituted were written on thin gold plates. The books which individually go together to make up the Book of Mormon were written by ancient prophets from about 588 B.C. to 421 A.D. - the prime language of the plates being Reformed Egyptian.

The book tells of the dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas, and of the visit to these people by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, after His resurrection, as the Mormon faith believes was promised by Jesus Himself to the Jews in the Bible, saying, "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also I must visit..." (Paraphrased). On the other hand, some Orthodox Christians believe that Jesus was referring to the Gentiles, calling all humanity into 'God's Grace', since up to that point, God had only accepted the children of Israel - Orthodoxy believing that the ministry of Jesus was geared to change that. The LDS believe, on the other hand, that Israel in its 12 Tribes [not just the Jews] will remain God's people, and that those who accept the teachings in the Book of Mormon AND in the Bible will become part of the Promised Israel.

May I add some clarification to the first answer regarding the American Indian. Some, of course, believe their ancestors, the Lamanites (as named in the Book of Mormon) , had no part in writing any of the books contained in the present abridged Book of Mormon, nor any of the records which are far too numerous to be included in the book that is now used by the Church. These records will be made known to man in the Lord's own due time

I Thessalonians 5:21 "'''Prove all things'''; hold fast that which is good."


By Orson Pratt

One of the Twelve Apostles of

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

"The Book of Mormon claims to be a divinely inspired record, written by a succession of prophets who inhabited ancient America. It professes to be revealed to the present generation for the salvation of all who will receive it, and for the overthrow and damnation of all nations who reject it.

This book must be either true or false. If true, it is one of the most important messages ever sent from God to man, affecting both the temporal and eternal interests of every people under heaven to the same extent and in the same degree that the message of Noah affected the inhabitants of the old world. If false, it is one of the most cunning, wicked, bold, deep-laid impositions ever palmed upon the world, calculated to deceive and ruin millions who will sincerely receive it as the word of God, and will suppose themselves securely built upon the rock of truth until they are plunged with their families into hopeless despair. The nature of the message in the Book of Mormon is such, that if true, no one can possibly be saved and reject it; if false, no one can possibly be saved and receive it. Therefore, every soul in all the world is equally interested in ascertaining its truth or falsity.

In a matter of such infinite importance no person should rest satisfied with the conjectures or opinions of others: he should use every exertion himself to become acquainted with the nature of the message: he should carefully examine the evidences of which it is offered to the world: he should, with all patience and perseverance, seek to acquire a certain knowledge whether it be of God or not. Without such an investigation in the most careful, candid, and impartial manner, he cannot safely judge without greatly harming his future and eternal welfare. If, after a rigid examination, it be found an imposition, should be extensively published to the world as such; the evidences and arguments upon which the imposture was detected, should be clearly and logically stated, that those who have been sincerely yet unfortunately deceived, may perceive the nature of the deception, and be reclaimed, and that those who continue to publish the delusion, may be exposed and silenced, not by physical force, neither by persecutions, bare assertions, nor ridicule, but by strong and powerful arguments--by evidences adduced from scripture and reason. Such, and such only, should be the weapons employed to detect and overthrow false doctrines--to reclaim mankind from their errors, to expose religious enthusiasm, and put to silence base and wicked impostors."

How many verses in each chapter of the Book of Mormon?

I recently tallied them up for a reading tracking system I put together, and here they are.

Also, check out the "Related Links" below to go to the online version of the Book of Mormon.

Please note that this is for the most common version of the Book of Mormon, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you are referring to the Community of Christ edition, the verse numbers will be different.

Chapter 1 Nephi 2 Nephi Jacob Enos Jarom Omni Words of Mormon Mosiah Alma Helaman 3 Nephi 4 Nephi Mormon Ether Moroni 1 20 32 19 27 15 30 18 18 33 34 30 49 19 43 4 2 24 30 35 41 38 14 19 29 25 3 3 31 25 14 27 27 37 26 22 28 4 4 38 35 18 30 20 26 33 23 19 3 5 22 34 77 15 62 52 26 24 6 2 6 6 18 13 7 8 41 30 22 30 9 7 22 11 27 33 27 29 26 10 27 48 8 38 25 21 32 28 25 41 26 30 9 6 54 19 34 41 22 37 35 26 10 22 25 22 32 19 19 34 34 11 36 8 29 46 38 41 23 12 23 22 37 37 26 48 41 13 42 26 35 31 39 34 31 14 30 6 12 29 31 27 31 15 36 30 31 19 17 24 34 16 39 13 15 21 25 20 17 55 25 20 39 25 18 25 22 35 43 39 19 24 21 29 36 36 20 22 34 26 30 46 21 26 16 36 23 29 22 31 6 16 35 17 23 22 39 18 14 24 32 25 30 18 25 30 24 17 6 26 33 39 37 21 27 35 37 30 33 28 32 20 14 40 29 14 47 17 9 30 18 60 2 31 21 38 32 9 43 33 15 23 34 41 35 16 36 30 37 47 38 15 39 19 40 26 41 15 42 31 43 54 44 24 45 24 46 41 47 36 48 25 49 30 50 40 51 37 52 40 53 23 54 24 55 35 56 57 57 36 58 41 59 13 60 36 61 21 62 52 63 17

Did Elvis Presley read the Book of Mormon?

Yes. Elvis Presley did in fact read the Book of Mormon. He had many friends that were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) who introduced him to the book, including Ed Parker, Cricket Butler, and the Osmond Family. Elvis studied many religions near the end of his life and had a fascination with many of them, including Mormonism.

You can go to the "Related Links" below to hear Alan Osmond discuss how he came to have the book and donate it to the Church archives, as well as see photos of the book with Elvis' notes in it.

Where did the black race come from according to the Book of Mormon?

The term "black race" is normally used to refer to people from Africa - mostly south of the Sahara. Since there is no interaction with these people in the book (it deals exclusively with people in what is now the Middle-East and the Americas) it would be most accurate to say that it says nothing on the subject.


Opinion: no answer The Book of Mormon doesn't offer any information on this subject.

Opinion: source of the "red" race 2 Nephi 5:21 "And he [God] had caused the cursing to come upon them ... wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them."

The Book of Mormon says that the Lamanites (purportedly ancestors of some of the Native Americans) were wicked and their curse was to have dark skin but later on it says that they become righteous and the curse was lifted off the righteous people

Opinion: descended from Cain This doctrine comes from the Pearl of Great Price, not the Book of Mormon.

Moses 7:22 "And Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of Adam; and they were a mixture of all the seed of Adam save it was the seed of Cain, for the seed of Cain were black, and had not place among them."

Abraham 1:21-26 "Now this king of Egypt was a descendant from the loins of Ham, and was a partaker of the blood of the Canaanites by birth. From this descent sprang all the Egyptians, and thus the blood of the Canaanites was preserved in the land. The land of Egypt being first discovered by a woman, who was the daughter of Ham, and the daughter of Egyptus, which in the Chaldean signifies Egypt, which signifies that which is forbidden; When this woman discovered the land it was under water, who afterward settled her sons in it; and thus, from Ham, sprang that race which preserved the curse in the land. Now the first government of Egypt was established by Pharaoh, the eldest son of Egyptus, the daughter of Ham, and it was after the manner of the government of Ham, which was patriarchal. Pharaoh, being a righteous man, established his kingdom and judged his people wisely and justly all his days, seeking earnestly to imitate that established by the fathers in the first generations, in the days of the first patriarchal reign, even in the reign of Adam, and also of Noah, his father, who blessed him with the blessing of the earth, and with the blessings of wisdom, but cursed him as pertaining to the Priesthood.

Opinion: unknown

Many Mormons will purport that Blacks came from the seed of Cain, however, this doctrine is false and is not supported in any Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Those who believe such doctrine are functioning on assumptions and not actually studying the doctrine stated in the Scriptures.

Opinion: racial equality

The Book of Mormon offers no answer to this question. In fact the best passage that discusses it states that Blacks and Whites, and all other people, are equal in the eyes of God. Christ "inviteth them all to comeunto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female; and he remembereth the heathen; and all are alike unto God, both Jew and Gentile." (2 Nephi 26:33)

How many times is the word 'heart' used in the Book of Mormon?

I counted 431 instances of the word "heart" or "hearts" in the Book of Mormon.

Why did Mormons add to the Bible?

One Answer from our community

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It came through revelation from Joseph Smith. It tells about what was happening in the Americas at about the same time as the Bible.

On the other hand, the text of the KJV Bible remains completely untouched by Mormons (LDS Christians). Latter-day Saint Christians use the King James Version.

If one is referring to the existence of the Book of Mormon, which is a completely separate book altogether from the Bible, God commanded Joseph Smith to translate the ancient record (as found in North America).

Another answer

Mormons added to the Bible because they wished to create a new religion or faith. They had the Bible along with it to give it credibility. However, unlike the New Testament places and events, many of which have archaeological evidence to back them up, there is not any external evidence to support the claims made by the additions made to the Bible by the Mormons.

Another answer

Firstly, the text of the Bible remains completely untouched by the LDS faith.

If one is referring to the Book of Mormon, there are plenty of archaeological and external evidences to back up the Book of Mormon. People existed in other parts of the world besides the middle east and the Book of Mormon illustrates that prophets also existed among these other people - that God loves all His children everywhere. Many ancient Indian stories also match up to things found in the Book of Mormon.

Another answer

If ancient Indian stories match up to things in the Book of Mormon, it is purely coincidental in nature. DNA and modern science has debunked claims made in the BOM.

Another answer

Strictly speaking, Mormons haven't added anything to the Bible, using Bibles compiled by other denominations in every language -- the King James Version for English speakers. While footnoting and reference materials in the LDS Editions of the Bible are distinctly Mormon, the text of the Bible itself is not altered at all.

The question, however, is asking about adding to the scriptural canon, rather than to the text of the Bible, and the answer (which only makes sense from a Mormon/LDS Christian perspective) is that God told Joseph Smith to translate the Book of Mormon, and to record the revelations he received.

How many words does the Book of Mormon Have?

According to Microsoft Word's count of a doc that I made. The current electronic version of the Book of Mormon (which is distributed in many different means:, LDS Library, Gospelink, Scripture CD-ROM, CES, etc.) has 268,163 words.That is with all the chapter numbers, verse numbers, and chapter summaries removed and as one solid paragraph. I know that is not exactly as the original 1830 Book of Mormon or any other version, but then every one has been different. You just want to be close, I'm sure. My doc has 1,150,219 characters with no spaces, and 1,418,073 with spaces.

This is not counting:

The last line, Translated by Joseph Smith Jun.

The Testimonies of Three and Eight Witnesses add another 478 words.

The Introduction

The Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith

A Brief Explanation about The Book of Mormon

How many changes were made to the Book of Mormon from the original version to the present version?

The answer depends on which version you consider original - the original handwritten manuscript or the printer's version.

The original manuscript had a number of misspellings, punctuation errors, and grammar mistakes that were edited by the first printer (Joseph Smith had very little formal education at the time it was published). A few possible typo's were inserted at the same time as well as some transcription errors. The current version was a best attempt to produce the most accurate version possible with the grammar errors of the manuscript corrected but also fixing transcription errors based on recovery of some of the original handwritten manuscript that had been thought lost. Nearly all of the myriad corrections were so inconsequential that they are difficult to find. Apparently all the changes of consequence brought the current version closer to the original handwritten manuscript.


To ask of faith requires faith. it does not matter if you agree or disagree. it only matters that you are looking in earnest. which of the two responses below. has more thought and which has the rhetoric. If you wish to know what the book of Mormon, or bible say read them. If you wish to know the truth of it. should you take the words written here? or that of a loving father. Now please reference the 4000 revisions, and no I will not take the Tanners word for it. So is there a cure for cancer? there most certainly is. We do not yet have a grasp on it, but, I have faith that we someday will.

The answer below was obviously contributed by a believing member of the LDS church. I will answer the question using facts and without all the ridiculous attempts to try and defend the truthfulness of the book.

There have been almost 4,000 revisions and changes to the Book of Mormon since its original publishing.

Now that I have actually answered the question, I address this to the person who "answered" this question before me:

I disagree that "One must read the book, then ask in faith, not wavering if it be true." This is not how you determine the truthfulness of something. If we all sat around asking in faith if things were true, we'd still be in the dark ages waiting for signs and miracles to determine the truth in the world around us.

If you really want to ask something in faith, not wavering, and get an answer: how about you ask for a cure for cancer. See if that works and get back to me.

ORIGINAL ANSWER: I do not know the exact number of changes to the original text of The Book of Mormon, though some have suggested that well over 3000 changes were made up until the last printing in about 1979. Then a compilation of the Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants was published.

As every author will know that there will be certain changes that will have to be made to every book which is published. I doubt if such a book ever existed that has passed through the printing press that has not had to be reprinted because of some errors.

The Book of Mormon is no exception when one must remember that there were many scribes who took part in writing what came from Joseph Smiths lips. Spelling, punctuation, misunderstanding a word or sentence. Then there is the original publisher of The Book of Mormon, a man not to friendly towards the Mormons.

What changes were made where done under the direction of the Spirit, thus making The Book of Mormon the most correct book of its kind.

The question one now has to ask oneself is "Is the book true"? If it is not then it does not matter how many corrections were made, so one may cast it aside as fiction. If it be true, then one has the way to salvation through its teachings.

One must read the book, then ask in faith, not wavering if it be true. The only conclusion one may come to if finding that the book is true, is that the church is also true.

How many verses in the Book of Mormon?

There are 6604 total verses and 239 total chapters in the current (1995) LDS edition of the Book of Mormon. Earlier editions and those printed by other groups may or may not have the same number of verses.

The verse and chapter breakdown per book is as follows:

1 Nephi: 618 verses, 22 chapters

2 Nephi: 779 verses, 33 chapters

Jacob: 203 verses, 7 chapters

Enos: 27 verses, 1 chapter

Jarom: 15 verses, 1 chapter

Omni: 30 verses, 1 chapter

Words of Mormon: 18 verses, 1 chapter

Mosiah: 785 verses, 29 chapters

Alma: 1975 verses, 63 chapters

Helaman: 497 verses, 16 chapters

3 Nephi: 785 verses, 30 chapters

4 Nephi: 49 verses, 1 chapter

Mormon: 227 verses, 9 chapters

Ether: 433 verses, 15 chapters

Moroni: 163 verses, 10 chapters

How many chapters are in the Book of Mormon?

Chapters in the current LDS version of the Book of Mormon are:

1 Nephi: 22 chapters

2 Nephi: 33 chapters

Jacob: 7 chapters

Enos: 1 chapter

Jarom:1 chapter

Omni: 1 chapter

Words of Mormon: 1 chapter

Mosiah: 29 chapters

Alma: 63 chapters

Helaman: 16 chapters

3 Nephi: 30 chapters

4 Nephi: 1 chapter

Mormon: 9 chapters

Ether: 15 chapters

Moroni: 10 chapters

For a total of 239 chapters in the Book of Mormon.

Other editions from other groups, such as the Community of Christ, have different chapter breaks.

How many books in the Mormon Bible?

The Bible used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) is the King James Version. It contains 39 Books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament.

Some mistakenly refer to The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ as the "Mormon Bible" or the "Golden Bible." This is inaccurate and should be avoided.

Nevertheless, for those meaning the Book of Mormon, when using the term, "Mormon Bible", there are fifteen 'books' in The Book Of Mormon:

  1. The First Book of Nephi (1 Nephi)
  2. The Second Book of Nephi (2 Nephi)
  3. The Book of Jacob (Jacob)
  4. The Book of Enos (Enos)
  5. The Book of Jarom (Jarom)
  6. The Book of Omni (Omni)
  7. The Words of Mormon (Words of Mormon)
  8. The Book of Mosiah (Mosiah)
  9. The Book of Alma (Alma)
  10. The Book of Helaman (Helaman)
  11. The Third Book of Nephi (3 Nephi)
  12. The Fourth Book of Nephi (4 Nephi)
  13. The Book of Mormon (Mormon)
  14. The Book of Ether (Ether)
  15. The Book of Moroni (Moroni)

Overall, the accepted standard works treated as 'scripture' by the Church, comprise:

The Holy Bible [KJV] - both Old and New Testaments

The Pearl of Great Price

The Book of Mormon, and

The Doctrine and Covenants

AnswerThe so-called "Mormon Bible" is actually the Book of Mormon. It is a book of scripture that contains Christ's dealings with some of the inhabitants of the ancient Americas. It covers a span of time of about 1000 years. As stated above, it contains 15 books of scripture [also cited above]