The Cay

The Cay is a children's novel written by Theodore Taylor. A young boy and an old man are marooned on an island during World War II and must work together to survive.

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The Cay

What happens in chapter 13-15 of The Cay?

Timothy dies protecting Phillip and Stew Cat well the storm. Phillip makes a grave for Timothy and he survives alone and due to what Timothy taught him about survival skills, he got his own food. Also 2 airplanes went by the cay and Phillip added Sea Grape to make the fire go bigger and more clear. Unfortunately, the pass the cay. But luckily there was a boat the rescued Phillip and he returned back to Curco. He had 3 surgeries and he could see again, but he needed glasses, but most importantly, he can see. After he tries to think back where Timothy's Grave which is in the Cay. Because he can't see at that time he has to think. When he closes his eyes, he can remember where the cay was.

The Cay

From the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor what is the problem in the story?

In the Cay, there are two problems. The first one is that when the boat Phillip and his mom are travaling on gets torpedoed, Phillip gets stranded on a deserted cay with an old, wise black man, Phillip. How will he get rescued?

The second, and more important problem is that Phillip was told by his mom that black people are different. At first, he didn't like Timothy. The problem here is that he was being to judgmental; he was too quick to judge. He didn't see the true, caring spirit inside of Timothy.

The Cay

What date does timothy die in the book The Cay?

He died on July 7; he said the hurricane was deadly in July.

The Cay

What are the cays?

a cay is a far of island off of many other islands. A Cay or Key is a small, often uninhabited, island in the Carribean Sea.

The Cay

How did timothy look like in The Cay?

Timothy was an elderly black man with white hair who was not skilled academically, but was very helpful to Phillip in many ways.

The Cay

What does hombug banks mean in The Cay?


The Cay

What happens in chapter 11 of The Cay?

the main character nearly dies from an attack

The Cay

What did phillip and henrik like to play in The Cay?

They like to play with the black sailors that put cargo on the ship. They play by pretending the sailors were pirates and that Phillip and Henrik were protecting the island.

The Cay

What happens to the Amsterdam Navy in the book The Cay?


The Cay

What does bahss mean from the book The Cay?

It either means young boy or young boss

The Cay

Who was Phillips' parents int The Cay?

Grace and Phillip Enrich

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The Cay

What is the name of the black man that was the founder of basketball?

Dr. James Naismith

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The Cay

What is Celia's last name in the book House of the Scorpion?

In the House of the Scorpion, Celia's last name is not revealed. In the House of the Scorpion, Celia's last name is not revealed.

The Cay

How many chapters are there in The Cay?

There r 19 chapters in The Cay

The Cay

In the book The Cay what were some of philip's character traits?

stubborn, selfish,and unpatient

The Cay

In The Cay what are Phillips characteristics?

selfish inpateint crying and so on

The Cay

What did phillip eat on the raft in The Cay?

They ate flying fish.

The Cay

Why in the novel The Cay why did phillip fall off the raft?

Hahaha nice question about food anyway he falls off the raft because Timothy says there's and island and phillip says "Where?" and starts walking to the front of the raft, and because he's blind, he falls off. Dat be true young bahss.

The Cay

What was the last chapter of timothy of The Cay?

Chapter 15

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The Cay

Whats a Suggestive Theme?

According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) main website:

"Suggestive Themes - Mild provocative references or materials"

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The Cay

Why didn't Phillips mother like black people the The Cay?

because she wasscared and reasons... GOSH

The Cay

When was timothy born in the book The Cay?

Timothy was born in the 1870s

The Cay

How many pages does The Cay have?

The Cay by Timothy Taylor has 144 pages in the Laurel Leaf reprint edition. There are more than one edition. The Cay won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award.

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The Cay
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The Cay

How long was phillip on The Cay-the book is The Cay?

Around 11 months


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