The Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls was a 2003 Disney Channel original movie about a girl band at a Manhattan high school. After the successful movie, the group released three studio albums.

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The Cheetah Girls

Who plays vikram on the cheetah girls one world?

Micheal seater

The Cheetah Girls

What are the names of the Cheetah girls?

Answer :,)Raven simon- Galleria -Adrienne Bailon-Chanel-Kiely Williams- Aquanetta -Sabrina Bryan- Dorinda
The Cheetah Girls

What are the names of the 3 cheetah girls?

Gabriella,Agua,Maria,and shenelle.

The Cheetah Girls

Is there going to be a Cheetah Girls 3?

Yes,I think there will be I hurd on the radio that there will be one! THE CHEETAH GIRLS ONE WORLD IS PART THREE BIG DUMB DUMB.

yes its cheetah girls 3 one world songs are (watch it on youtube) dance me if you can fly away dig a little deeper one world no place like us im the one

thAat's all Iknow-music1tennis thank you

The Cheetah Girls

Is the cheetah girls gettin back together?

I dont think so because they kind of broke off from each other and are doing their own line of work.

The Cheetah Girls

Who is the oldest out of the cheetah girls?

Adrienne Bailon

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The Cheetah Girls

How old is Sabrina Bryan?

Sabrina Bryan is 32 years old (born Reba Sabrina Hinojos, September 16, 1984).

The Cheetah Girls

Is Raven Wert a girl?

Yes she is a hot one too! <--------- Okay?

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The Cheetah Girls

How do you make a girl regret breaking up with you?

You can't make someone feel a certain way. All you can do is be nice to her and be her friend. If she still has feelings for you, she will realize it. If she doesn't then she's not going to regret breaking up with you. Give yourself some time to grieve the relationship and if she doesn't change her mind within that time frame then move on and try to meet other girls. Breaking up is never easy but if you try to win someone back by sending letters or flowers or other things it wont work. It can sometimes make girls feel like you are stalking them and they turn against you even more. So give her space and tell her you want to be friends and just let her know you will be there for her if she needs a friend.

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ok, listen- wanting someone to feel guilty for breaking up with you is WRONG!! instead, of trying to make her feel bad, like the person mentioned above meX2, you could tlk to her and make her feel special. that way, ur not making her feel guilty, but more making her feel wanted and therefore, she will realise what a nice person you were. this will make her appreciate the fact that that you are a kind, honest and caring person who respects her. i don't know why you two broke up, but nevertheless, respect her decision. my only advice is that you show your respect and your loving and caring side. she will feel happy and good about herself that way! remember- don't make her feel guilty, make her feel special; that way, she will understand that you are an amazing guy! :) gd luck, remember not to be too clingy or forceful. she will defintely not regret breaking up with you if you show her your nasty or disrespectful. hope this helps!! :) ppjj8

start talking to her mom.....or her sister

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The Cheetah Girls
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The Cheetah Girls

Are cheetah girls a real girl band?

They actually were. They had a few tours including a Christmas one.

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The Cheetah Girls

How come San Diego does not have the black 21 on their helmet?

San Diego does have the black 21 on their helmets.

The Cheetah Girls

Why was raven not in the third cheetah girls?

She was too fat

The Cheetah Girls

Who playes Chanel's mom in The Cheetah Girls 2?

Lori Anne Alter. She played Chanel's mom in the first one, too. She just had blonde hair in the first one and brown in the second. Lori Anne Alter. She played Chanel's mom in the first one, too. She just had blonde hair in the first one and brown in the second.

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The Cheetah Girls

Why do girls hate you after breaking up?

because guys are dumb and normally the reason you broke up is because the guy did somethimg stupid!

The Cheetah Girls

When did the cheetah girls start?

Im a very big fan of the Cheetah Girls. They started in 2006.

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The Cheetah Girls

What movie had a burn book about all the girls?

mean girls Mean girls with Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams

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The Cheetah Girls
Monsters Inc.

Whats the little girls name in monster inc?

== ==

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The Cheetah Girls

What is the Cheetah Girls' official fan phone number?

A public fan phone number for the Cheetah Girls is not known at this time.

The Cheetah Girls

Who plays marisol on cheetah girls 2?

Belinda pergri'n

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The Cheetah Girls

Is a girl real?

yes a girl is real because if you come out of your mom's stomach and they call you a girl then your not a boy.

The Cheetah Girls

Who are The Cheetah Girls dating?

Sabrina-Mark Ballas

adrienne- robert kardashian

Kiely- jr rotem ?

The Cheetah Girls

What are the four cheetah girls names?

Raven-Symoné as Gallirea Garbaldi, Adrienne Bailon as Chanel Simmons, Sabrina Bryan as Dorinda Thomas and Kiely Williams.

The Cheetah Girls

Who plays dorinda's boyfriend in cheetah girls 2?

Actor: Golan Yosef

Played: Joaquin, who was a count/dancer

The Cheetah Girls

When did cheetah girls one world come out?

15 of August 2008


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