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The Doors is an American rock band that was formed in 1995 and have sold over 80 million albums worldwide. Questions on The Doors can be asked here.

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What was the last song Jim Morrison ever performed?

Jim Morrison recorded "Orange County Suite" with two Paris street musicians in mid-1971. It is the last known performance of any kind by the former lead singer of "The Doors".

On December 12, 1970, Morrison had what is called a 'breakdown' on stage and refused to sing the rest of the concert. It is not recorded which song he was singing at the time, though he smashed his microphone stand into the stage with such force that the platform below was destroyed. This was the last "live" performance by "The Doors" who were preparing to record the album "L.A. Woman" in the studio.

In fact, L.A. Woman was recorded, including the smash single "Riders on the Storm"... which went on to have a mystical status after his death. The mellow, disturbing lyrics seemed to foreshadow Jim's death with images of an accident, a killer and a long holiday with family. So, the last hit single was "Riders on the Storm", though L.A. Woman also produced several much played songs, including the title cut.

The last song COULD NOT HAVE BEEN "The end", as it was a live rambling that was released on the group's very first self-titled lp in 1967 or so.

Why was Jim Morrison buried in Paris?

Jim Morrison was with Pamela Courson at the time in Paris. Why he was buried there, I don't know. But I amd guessing it was 1, b/c he died there. 2, b/c he loved Paris, or 3. B/c of the cemetery he was buried in, held many of his inspirations.

Who is James Morrison's father is it Jim Morrison?

James Morrison is Jim Morrison. Jim is short for James. So the lead singer of the band, The Doors, is Jim (birth name James) Morrison. Jim's dad's name was George Morrison, who died, in 1989.

Who sang Lock the door turn the light down low?

I believe that Josh Turner sang this song. The name of it is Your Man or I Want To Be Your Man.

What are the songs off The Ramones album raising hell?

The Ramones - Raisin' Hell

Paradiso 1980 / Roxy 1976 / Demos 1975

01 Go mental

02 Gimme gimme shock treatment

03 Rock 'n' roll high school

04 I wanna be sedated

05 Do you remember rock 'n' roll radio?

06 Judy is a punk

07 California sun

08 I don't wanna walk around with you

09 Today your love, tomorrow the world

10 Pinhead

11 Loudmouth

12 Beat on the brat

13 Blitzkrieg bop

14 I remember you

15 Glad to see you go

16 Chainsaw

17 53rd & 3rd

18 I wanna be your boyfriend

19 Havana affair

20 Listen to my heart

21 California sun

22 Judy is a punk

23 I don't wanna walk around with you

24 Now I wanna sniff some glue

25 I don't wanna go down to the basement

26 53rd & 3rd

27 I wanna be your boyfriend

28 Judy is a punk

29 Loudmouth

What was cause of death of Jim Morrison of the Doors?

He overdosed on heroin in a hotel room in Paris, France. Pamela Courson found him dead in a tub of bloody water. His nose was bleeding.

It is generally believed that "friends" had carried him from a local club where Morrison had scored too strong of Heroin and ingested it, killing him.

The friends placed him in a tub of cold water, a frequent "rescue attempt" for junkies who had "O.D.d" on heroin. The effort was unsuccessful.

The exact cause of death and circumstances remain a topic of endless discussion.

Where in Paris would you find Jim Morrison's grave?

Jim Morrison's grave is located in Pere LaChaise, the largest cemetery in Paris. Aside from that of Jim Morrison, one can also view the graves of author Balzac, actress Sarah Bernhardt, Fulgence Bienvenue (creator of Paris's famous Metro), composers Georges Bizet and Frederic Chopin, painter Camille Pissarro, author Oscar Wilde, and about 70,000 other dearly departed souls. Entrance to Pere LaChaise is free and the gates are open from 8:00 a.m. to dusk seven days a week. After dark, you're going to have to scale a rather large wall to get in, which I wouldn't recommend, unless you're just dying (no pun intended) to get a glimpse inside a Parisian jail or get slapped with a hefty fine. For more information about Pere LaChaise, please see the question about the largest park in Paris.

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What is James Morrison to Jim Morrison?

They are the same person, his real name was James Douglas Morrison, However, he went by Jim.

Is Jim Morrison really dead?


he might not be. The only people who saw Jim morrisons body in that coffin was his ex wife and Doctor. First of all his wifes long gone and his doctor refuses to have interviews with people discussing Jim morrisons death. Which is odd because usually when people want to hide things they will ignore the problem. So most likely he might be still alive, but we have no clue only the real Jim Morrison is the one who can come out and say that he was never dead. If you think about it Jim really has nothing to hide at all? Other than that French Government that was after him. But other than that Jim Morrison was and still is the greatest song writer that ever lived. I honestly don't belive anyone will ever be as big as he was. The stuff he did was crazy! but really i would like to say, Jim Morrison if your still out there and alive and if your reading this i would like you to know that coming out and saying that your alive again can change the entire world again like you did in the 60's So just think about that Jim if your reading this.

Who are some famous people addicted to mescaline?

Hitler and Jim Morrison (lead singer from the band The Doors)

Is glenn danzig the son of Jim Morrison?

No, they are rumored to be related, but mostly because of their similar physical appearance and singing voice.

His father was a strict Marine Corps veteran of World War II and the Korean War[6] who worked as a television repairman.

Does Jim sturgess have a girlfriend?

Yes. Mickey O' Brien, she's a musician. They've been dating for about four years now.

Who are the four members of the doors?

The four(4)members of the rock group The Doors are: Jim Morrison,John Densmore,Robby Krieger,and Ray Manzarak.

What was Jim Morrison's favorite color?

I believe I recall reading in a 1968 interview, it being said he liked turquoise blue.