The Fairly Odd Parents

The Fairly Odd Parents by Butch Hartman IV is the third longest-running Nicktoon. The animated television series is about Timmy Turner who sometimes makes wishes to his fairy godparents resulting in unintentional disaster which he later tries to β€œunwish”.

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What is Tootie from the Fairly OddParents' last name?

Tootie's last name is unknown. The mailbox outside their house just reads "Vicky's House".

How tall is timmy turner from fairly odd parents?

Timmy Turner is four feet and two inches tall, and weighs sixty pounds.

Is The Fairly OddParents ending after The Fairly Odd Movie?


On August 18th 2015, it was announced The Fairly OddParents was renewed for a 13 episode Season 10.

Butch Hartman later revealed in February 2018 on his Youtube channel that he had left Nickelodeon after 20 years so Season Ten of FOP was its last. It aired from January 2016 to July 2017

Does the fairly odd parents have more to do with atheism?

Parents being odd or eccentric have nothing to do with a person being atheist or religious. For instance, my parents were hardworking Christians, and so was I. While I was in seminary in 1996, it dawned on me that what was best for me to become atheist after careful thought and some turmol. I am not too odd, but I have much more reason and logic than previously.

Why is Timmy Turner's hat pink?

Well On The Show It's because They Thought He Was Gona Be A Girl But On A Commercial They Said It Was Really Because They Ran Out Of Blue Ink. . .So They Used The "Thought He'd Be A Girl" As A Cover Up

Who voices the Fairly OddParents characters?

Timmy- Tara Strong

Wanda- Susan Blakeslee

Cosmo- Daran Norris

Poof- Tara Strong

Timmy's dad- Daran Norris

Timmy's mom- Susan Blakeslee

Chester- Jason Marsden

AJ- Gary LeRoi Gray

Mr. Crocker- Carlos Alazraqui

Vicky- Grey Delisle

Jorgen von Strangle- Darran Norris

Remy Buxaplenty- Dee Bradley Baker

Who are Timmy Turner's parents?

It is a running gag throughout the series that they remain unnamed aside from Mr. & Mrs. Turner and Mom & Dad.

The former answer said their names were revealed in the episode Who's Your Daddy but this is not true.

Who is smarter Jimmy Neutron or AJ from Fairly Odd Parents?

Although both are smart. Jimmy Neutron by far! He's cloned himself like AJ but he builds rockets in his backyard!

Who is the voice cast of The Fairly Odd Parents?

| Main Cast |

Tara Strong | Timmy Turner
Daran Norris | Cosmo | Mr. Turner | Jorgan von Strangle
Susan Blakeslee | Wanda | Mrs. Turner

| Recurring Characters |
Carlos Alazraqui | Denzel Crocker | Juandissimo Magnifico | Sheldon Dinkleberg | The Mayor
Grey Delisle | Vickie | Tootie | Veronica
Jason Marsden | Chester McBadbat
Gary Leroi Gray | A.J.
Dionne Quan | Trixie Tang
Jay Leno | Crimson Chin

Has Fairly OddParents been cancelled?

No, but it has ended after 10 seasons & 161 episodes.

Butch Hartman left Nickelodeon in February 2018 thus bringing an end to the show.

Interestingly enough, the show was actually cancelled five times over the years. There is a video on Butch Hartman's Youtube channel where he explains how that happened.

What is Timmy Turner's new pet?

Two-headed pet dragon. Like Cosmo and Wanda the two heads are opposites and keep each others head in check.

My source: I work for DirecTV and we got some cardboard standies in this week.

Where can you watch Fairly OddParents' Wishology for free?

For absolutely free, you'll have to get the DVD from a friend.

Or go to their house and use their Amazon Prime Membership & watch it online or find it on Youtube.

Does fairly odd parents exist?

The fairies in Fairly Odd Parents are only animations of fairies that are voiced by actors.

Is Fairly Odd Parents a Classic Nicktoon?

Not necessarily a true classic like Rugrats, Hey Arnold or Rocko's Modern Life for instance, but it could be considered more of a modern classic considering how long it's been on & how long it dates back.

Was there ever a Fairly OddParents episode with Super Toilet?

Super Toilet appeared in three episodes, Super Bike, Escape from Unwish Island & Pixies Inc.

If by chance you mean "with" as in an episode where the plot revolves around Super Toilet, No, there has never been that episode & I can't imagine there ever would be. Super Bike is the closest you'll see of that.

Is that buff guy in fairly odd parents name jordin?

His name is Jorgen Von Strangle, he is the strongest Fairy in Fairy World. He is voiced by Daran Norris, the voice actor for Cosmo and Timmy's father.

Will timmy turner ever kiss trixie?

he kissed trixie tang in wishology ... part 2 near the end... go to youtube! =D

Where can you watch Fairly OddParents?

Online..., & from your PC , laptop or mobile device.

At home... On your TV on NickToons & Nickelodeon or from the DVDs you purchased or borrowed from a friend or received from Netflix.

When did Fairly OddParents debut?

As part of Oh Yeah Cartoons, September 04th 1998.

As a series, March 30th 2001.

Does Timmy Turner like Vicky?


Although there was an episode where Timmy wished himself into a Swedish super model & Vicky really liked him.

Is Fairly OddParents not just for kids?

Yes, Fairly OddParents is not just for kids, it's for anyone regardless of age.