The Great Gatsby

“The Great Gatsby” was written by American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is second in the list of the “100 Best Novels of the 20th Century” in the Modern Library.

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The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

In the novel The Great Gatsby the main character repeatedly looks across the water at green lights The green lights stand for the future he hopes to have?

The green lights symbolize the future he wishes to have, but only regarding Daisy. The lights were intended for Gatsby to see upon his return from the army but after Daisy is married and unaware of his return, they only shine the light of hope into Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby

What does the reader learn about Nick in Chapter 1?

He's narrating the story (which happened in his past).

He's from the West (contrasts him from the other characters he describes, link with Gatsby).

He claims to be one of the few honest people.

His admiration for Gatsby is introduced as well.

The Great Gatsby

How does nick meet Gatsby in The Great Gatsby?

Nick meets Gatsby at a party hosted by Gatsby. At first Nick didn't know it was the party's host he was talking to, but Gatsby reveals his identity later in their conversation.

The Great Gatsby

What does Mr Mckee tell Nick?

Mr. McKee invites Nick to lunch someday. That is the extent of their conversation. Mr. McKee and his wife are friends of Myrtle Wilson's who show up at the apartment Tom Buchanan keeps for her in the city.

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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How tall was F Scott Fitzgerald?

5feet 8inches

The Great Gatsby

How does gatsby use nick to get daisy?

As soon as Gatsby discoveres that Nick knows Daisy, he becaomes friends with him in order to get closer to Daisy. His whole relationship with Nick is false, because he is only "friends" with him to get to Daisy.

The Great Gatsby

What is the meaning and function of Wolfsheim's cuff links?

The significance of Meyer Wolfsheim's cuff links are contradictory. They show that he is both elegant (the fact that he is wearing cuff links) but also that he is barbaric for having them be molars.

The Great Gatsby

What is in Gatsby's previous life in The Great Gatsby?

He grew up in a rather poor home, and was a strong worker, and strived to better his life. He was inlisted in the military when he met Daisy.

The Great Gatsby

Why did Nick feel awkward at Gatspy's party?

I presume that this is regarding the second party, when Tom and Daisy attended. In the first party he was no more awkward than normal and appeared to enjoy himself.

In the second party, however, it is important to remember that Daisy is now having an affair with Gatsby, and has invited her husband to a party given by Gatsby, as such, this is a difficult situation and because Nick knows this, and feel self conscious, the evening is understandably awkward.

The Great Gatsby
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Describe the meeting between Gatsby and daisy why was he so nervous?

Gatsby is nervous because he wants Nick to agree to his plan of inviting Daisy over for tea at first, Gatsby knocks Nick's clock over. After he leaves the two alone for half an hour, radiantly happy-Daisy shedding tears of joy and Gatsby glowing.

Irony and Fallacy
The Great Gatsby

Irony in The Great Gatsby?

There are many ironic things in The Great Gatsby.

- Gatsby spends all his time and most of life pursuing something which is not worth the effort.

-The Car could be seen as a symbol of hope and dream of American Dream so is ironic that symbol of hope and dream ultimately lead to Gatsby's death.

-The American Dream based on money getting you happiness, yet Gatsby is extremely rich but not satisfied.

-The American Dream supposed to be about whatever race, class etc. you come from you have equal opportunity to succeed and happiness, yet there is an obvious dislike between east egg ( old money) and west egg (new money).

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The Great Gatsby

How are daisy and nick related?

Daisy and Nick are second cousins once removed.

The Great Gatsby

How does Fitzgerald describe daisy and Jordan?

Fitzgerald had a negative view on women which was reflected through his descriptions. They are both introduced, lying on the couch, with the idea of laziness and inactivity, thus shown to be dependent on others and unable to have control over their lives.

Jordan is given the role of a famous golf player, but she is also a cheat which undermines her character.

Daisy is defined by the men which surround her, and throughout the book is consistently unable to make any decision about her future but leaves the choices to the men, which results in Tom being able to ensure that she does not return to Gatsby..

The Great Gatsby

How does Gatsby identify daisy's house?

Gatsby identifies Daisy's house by the green light at the end of her dock.

The Great Gatsby

Where does nick caraway live?

In West Egg beside Gatsby's mansion.

The Great Gatsby

What does Gatsby mean when he says Daisy's voice is full of money?

It is all the things that Gatsby and Nick fascinated the most: a wealthy woman or a woman seeking wealth. Gatsby remembers the house of Daisy as being a fine manor, with many fresh damp rooms and the classic impossibility of the poor men who falls in love with a wealthy woman. Compare it as the mystique of models or actresses of modern times. And, I think Fitzgerald wanted to say the wealthy capitalstic, nouveau-riche woman can only be, but never truly fall in love with a wealthy man. That is why he said her voice was full of money but not her spirit. That is why Gatsby thought Daisy never loved Tom.

The Great Gatsby

Color of Daisy Buchanan's hair in Great Gatsby?

A sort of blonde and light type of hair, is what everyone assumes.

But it says in the novel that when Daisy and Gatsby where young and spent their last evening together, that he 'kissed her dark shining hair'.

The Great Gatsby

Is Gatsby a phony in The Great Gatsby?

Maybe. Gatsby was a millionaire created from bootlegging alcohol during prohibition.

The Great Gatsby

What could be examples of roaring twenties in The Great Gatsby?

The wild parties at Gatsby's mansion and his excessive spending are examples. The references to prohibition and bathtub gin are indicative of the period. The references to World War I could be considered an example of the events/conditions that gave rise to the roaring twenties.

The Great Gatsby

Who does nick arrange a tea for in The Great Gatsby?

For Daisy and Gatsby so they can meet again.

The Great Gatsby

Why did daisy from The Great Gatsby marry tom?

Dasiy marries Tom because he has money and her parents appove of him. In the end Daisy chooses Tom over Gatsby again because she is too much in love with her rich and sophisticated life.

The Great Gatsby

How did east egg and west egg get their names?

East Egg and West Egg are two peninsulas that, from the air, resemble eggs "flattened at the contact end." Gatsby and Nick live at West Egg; Daisy and Tom at East Egg, the wealthier and more fashionable of the two. Fitzgerald based the two locations on real places on Long Island Sound, Great Neck (West Egg) and Manhasset Neck (East Egg).

The Great Gatsby

Why did myrtle run into the street?

She thought that Tom was in that car since it was the car she saw him in earlier

The Great Gatsby
Similarities Between

What are the similarities between Tremalchio and 'The Great Gatsby'?

Trimalchio was a person or character (cannot remember if he was fictional or real) in Rome. If you take Latin, Trimalchio's dinner is pretty famous. Anyway, he was a freedman, who had great fantastic parties that were known as being very odd and interesting events. The reference to Gatsby there is obvious although that is really the only correlation between the two. There are also other correlations though, which is both Gatsby and Trimalchio's obsession with time, and the colour green (Trimalchio's green ball, and Gatsby's green light)


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