The Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin, more commonly known simply as The Kremlin, is a fortified complex in the center of Moscow. It is the central location for Russian government, as well as home of the president of the Russian Federation.

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Is Kremlin copyrighted?

Under US law, no the building itself is not protected by copyright. However if someone were to take photos or make illustrations/paintings of he Moscow Kremlin, then their work would be eligible for copyright protection and you would nee permission to use it.

Where is The Kremlin?

The Kremlin (with a capital K) everyone hears about is located in Moscow. "Kremlin" is an ancient Russian word for "fortress" or "citadel". Several other Russian cities have their own kremlins, most notably Kazan, Novgorod and Suzdal.
The Kremlin is located in Moscow, Russia.

Why is The Kremlin important?

The Kremlin is in the heart of Moscow, and housed the government for the Soviet Union and it's highest members, such as general secretaries, premiers, presidents, ministers, and commissars.

What are 'a' and 'n' in 1 plus ax to the n?

I'm sure it has something to do with the binomial theorem. Just not sure how. Quite curious, please help.

Why did Ivan III restore the kremlin in Moscow?

to show other nations a symbol of Russian power

Was the Cold War Moscow's fault?

How can anybody lay blame on someone for the Cold War? If it was anyone's fault it was probably Hitler's. The war he started gave the opportunity to both the United States and the Soviet Union to show their mettle as world superpowers. No, I really don't think this is a question that can be answered. I disagree to the above statement. this question can be answered by saying "to some extent it was Moscow's (USSR's) fault. This is due to - the hate of Capitalist countries, therefore causing tension and hate - trying to have "buffer states" in Eastern Europe to protect USSR from USA/UK/France - becoming rivals with USA to make nuclear weapons

What is the typical overhang measurement on the eaves of a Prairie style home?

Three foot overhangs are typical for prairie style houses. Some good examples including Frank Lloyd Wright designs may be found at the link below.

What continent would you find the Kremlin?

The Kremlin is on the continent of Europe in Moscow, Russia.

What city is Kremlin and Red Square found in?

Many Russian cities have both a Kremlin and a Red Square. The famous Kremlin and Red Square are in Moscow, Russia.

Would you support the argument that the cold war was moscow's fault?

Yes, but then I live in the West.....What the contemporary Russians think, or are taught in school about this time in History I have no idea. I am currently reading a very good book about the repatriation of POWs at the end of WW2. It is suggested, to put it very mildly, a very different perception of the reception of POWs returning to Britain & the US, & those Russians & Ukranians & others, forced to support the Germans, captured in France, to be returned to the USSR. It appeared obligatory that if Britain & the US wanted our captured soldiers & airmen returned from the Russians then these poor people were to be sent to their deaths.

What is a typical home in Germany?

Most of the homes in Germany are multi-family dwellings, meaning apartment, townhome or duplex. In the cities, most families live in apartments, often over a place of business. (Most businesses close relatively early in the evening.) Single-family dwellings are usually located in the more rural areas, such as the Black Forest region.

When was moscow kremlin built?

It was slowly built up hundreds of years before it got known as the kremlin in 1331 since then developed rapidly, and in 1800s it developed those magical Disney like structures we see today

Did Pavarotti ever perform at the Kremlin?

Luciano Pavarotti performed at the kremlin palace, moscow during farewell concert in December 21 2003.

What is Kremlin?

The Kremlin (the historic fortified complex in Moscow, the official residence of the President of Russia)

What is 'the kremlin' a reference to?

The main Russian governmental building. Much like "The capital"

What was the red square originally created as?

The red square came to serve as Moscow's primary marketplace in the early ages.