The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Questions about the game Majora's Mask. This game is the sequel to the Ocarina of Time. As Link enters the land of Termania, his horse is spooked and stolen. Then a Skull Kid turns Link into a Deku Scrub. Then he finds out that he only has 72 hours to save the land... can he do it?

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How do you kill Tingle in Majora's Mask?

You can't sadly unless you have gameshark or hack

Although, you can pop his balloon and watch him fall to the ground. =)

Do you have to beat majora's mask to get fierce deity's mask?

No. the children of the moon were there before I beat the game. But it would be a good idea to have collected all of the masks before-hand. Its very important that you do this.. Once you've gotten all of the masks, go to the moon, and talk to the kids in masks on the moon (all besides the one wearing Majora's Mask). Once you talk to them, you'll be transported to a new area, where you'll have to play hide-and-seek with them. If you win, you'll be transported back to the moon's surface. Beat every kid, and give each kid masks, and you'll be given the Fierce Deity mask when you talk to majora.

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How do you get the gibdo mask?

Save the father in the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon. Before you can do that, you must have the Song of Storms. Play it to Sharp (the composer brother) in the cave at the back of the canyon where he is. The Music Box House will be activated and the Gibdos will get away from it. Now you can go inside but you must sneak inside or Pamela (the girl playing outside) will lock the door. When you're inside, go downstairs and use the Song of Healing when you find her dad in the cupboard. You will get the gibdo mask afterward.

How do you get big easy money in Majoras Mask?

To get easy money keep defeating the bird near milk road the one that steals your money if you beat it you can get 200 rupees! However its recomended you use arrows from a safe distance because it will steal your stuff and take it to the curiosity shop owner. You can beat this birdie as many times as you want.

Also every time you go back in time, the secret 100 rupee treasure chests in clocktown are restocked. You should get them every time you go back in time. You should save money in the bank before every time travel, the money stays there (how? idk) Theres one in the inn in your room and one in anju's room. Also if you climb on top of the roof of the milk bar you'll notice a ledge you can jump off of. if you jump from there to the next ledge and into the baskets displayed at the top of the target shop then jump again to the next ledge theres a 100 rupee chest back behind the octorok game shop. On the third day you can get to 100 rupie chest by going to the vestival tower the construction workers work on using the deku flower! =D

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How do you turn snow into spring on snowpeak after boss in Majora's Mask?

Automatically it turns from winter to spring if you beat the snowhead temple boss Goht. There are many things you can do in the spring start looking around to find out.

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What is the spider house in majoras mask?

There are 2 of these in termina inside you must destroy 30 spiders and receive there tokens(sound familiar) once you do a person will give you the mask of truth in the swamp spider house and in the great bay spider house you will get a bigger wallet.

Where is the swamp shooting gallery in Zelda Makora's Mask?

Right before southern swamp theres an area with a black tree, go left of the tree until you reach the shooting gallery.

How do you get the bremen mask in majoras mask?

Wait in clock town's laundry pool until its night time talk to the guy on the bench he will give you the bremen mask.

Where can you buy Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask?

The only available places are eBay and amazon.

Actually, you can find it at places that sell used games as well.

What does ShyGuy look like without his mask?

Everyone is pretty sure that it's a black body with yellow eyes, but it shows Luigi looking at him under his mask and he was pretty stunned. So its gotta be something worse.

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How to get magic beans in Legend of Zelda?

in ocarina of time you have to buy them at the zora river there is a guy right before a gate talk to him and he will sell them to you for 10 rupees for the first 20 rupees for the second etc. in majoras mask in the swamp the boat tours platform at the top of the ladder to the left there is a deku selling them tuen into a deku scrub and talk to him

What is the cursed Majora's Mask?

It was a normal mask until some evil tribe used it in a ritual, and it took on the spirit of a demon. That's why the skull kid is so bad, because when you put the mask on, you take on the spirit and it consumes, posseses and destroys you.

In The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Collector's Edition how do you get past the guards to get in the Hyrule castle?

First, climb the wall with vines on it and run across until you're at the other side of the gate below. Then,

drop down and purposely get yourself caught by one of the guards standing

around. When you're back outside, go back to the wall with the vines and

Malon will be there. Speak with Malon to get a Weird Egg, then climb the

wall. Run across to the gate and go down the ladder and exit the door to get

past it.

Now the tricky part is avoiding the guards, and I'll try and describe how to

get past them as good as I can. When the path turns left for the first time,

run up the hill and into the grassy area. Run past the guard and follow the

path through the grass to the castle. Before you reach the castle, turn off

the path to the left and climb up the wall to the left of the guard and the

main entrance. Jump down into the water and swim down the stream until you

reach the end where it's blocked. Jump out and walk towards the sleeping man.

By now, your Weird Egg has hatched, so use the Rooster to wake him up! He'll

talk to you, then run away. Now, push and/or pull the two blocks where he was

sitting and push them both over the edge. Jump across to the door with an

opening with water coming out and crawl in.

what happens in normal and collectors edition is the same. golden cartridge is just more epic.

Is ben drowned real?

No No No No No! Of course not, he is a made up legend based on legend of zelda majoras mask. He is in videos and stories to convince or make content saying"Oh my god he is real! Oh my god summoned ben drowned at 3AM!" Heck no, it aint real. So dont be scared or dont fear the creepypasta, and dont be naive like i am.