The Monkey and the Turtle

"The Monkey and the Turtle" is a Filipino fable. In this category, you can find out all about this tale, from characters and setting to mood and theme.

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What is the theme of the fable monkey and the turtle?

The theme of the fable "The Monkey and the Turtle" is to not be selfish. The story shows that the consequences of selfishness can leave you with nothing in the end.

What is the moral lesson in the Monkey and the turtle?

don't be selfish,be kind to your friends and be contented for what you have.
the moral lesson of the story is don't be selfish
don't be selfish,it is better to give than to recieve,we need to share to other what we have and god will bless us more
dont be selfish. if you dont want to do it to you dont do it to him....!! :)

Summary of The Monkey and the Turtle?

The story of the monkey and the turtle starts out with the monkey and the turtle both being hungry, and the monkey suggests that they go and find food together. They talk along the way, and eventually see a banana tree. They monkey goes up in the tree where there is way too much for him to eat, but he doesn't throw any down for the turtle. He just eats and eats, and doesn't even leave the peel. The Turtle gets angry, and places shards of grass into the trunk of the tree to teach the monkey a lesson, and hides nearby. Eventually the monkey comes down and cuts himself, and is very angry and wants to kill the turtle. The monkey finds the turtle, and wants to either grind him to powder or burn him in the fire. He asks the turtle which he would prefer, and when the turtle realizes that the monkey won't be talked out of killing him, he tells the monkey that either way is fine with him, as long as he doesn't drown him in the river.

The monkey throws the turtle in the river, and the turtle laughs at him, telling the monkey that the water is his home. The monkey is angry and jumps in after him and drowns. And that is why monkeys and turtles don't get along.

What is the plot of the monkey and the turtle story?

For me, the plot or the main point of the story was that pride will always bring you down. We all know that the rabbit was faster than the turtle but he was so boastful. The turtle on the other hand was humble and consistent. Consistency and humility triumphed over pride and arrogance.

What was the plot of the monkey and the turtle?

The plot is that

  • The monkey is sad and finds the turtle
  • The monkey wants food
  • The two of them plant seeds in the ground, for banana's
  • The turtle's tree is well looked after, unlike the monkey's ( he mustn't have looked after it well)
  • The monkey takes the ripe banana's from the turtle's tree and leaves turtle with the green ones
  • While the monkey is having a nap after eating, the turtle gets some sharp bamboo and lays it out on the ground below the monkey ( the monkey had climbed the tree to get the banana's) and tells him that a crocodile is coming. He was so shocked that he fell out of the tree and landed on the bamboo, dying.
  • The turtle lets the monkey dry up and then cuts him up and lets the other monkeys eat him
  • The other monkeys find out they are eating one of their own and chuck the turtle in the water, leaving him sinking.
  • The turtle comes out of the water with a lobster and the other monkeys are impressed and so they ask the turtle how he did it.
  • * The turtle says he tied a rock to one side of a rope, and tied a rock to the other side of the rope, then he sank. The other monkey's try it and they never come out of the water.

The story says that this is why monkey don't eat meat because they remember this ancient story.

What is the moral lesson in the story of the Monkey and the turtle?

I'd just like to suggest that questions of morality might not be the main point of the story. As it's told in the Pañcatantra, for example, it's about political craft. It's about being clever, not moral.

Also, have a look here:

I think you'll find new questions to ask about the story.

Short story of turtle and monkey?

This might be a little crazy.. ! hahaha

Deep in the mountains of South America, there was a kingdom of monkeys in a jungle that bordered a pond/lake thingy with a kingdom of turtles. They were all fine & friendly to each other until late one night. Martain the evil monkey was planning to steal the turtle's sacred egg! Luckily, Tim the turtle overheard his evil plan and decided to take the monkey'sholy banana! The next morning when both things were missing war broke out. No place was safe and many animals were hurt. Then Billy the Beetle, a wittmess to both crimes, went to each king and explained the problem. The kings decided to stop the war and captured Tim & Martain. The criminals were bot sentenced to a life of jail. The 2 lands lived happily together then for the rest of time. (:

Hope this helps!

Why did Jose Rizal write'' the monkey and the turtle?

Dr. Jose Rizal wrote this short story to show another example of tale showing the victory of the weak and cunning over the strong but stupid.

Who is the protagonist of the story "The Monkey and the Turtle"?

The protagonist of the story is the turtle, because the turtle carried out the story without the monkey there. The monkey was the first character that was introduced in the story.

What is the moral lesson in the black monkey?

hmm let me think about that... probaly "let others know when u are mad or angry."

What are the problem of the monkey and the turtle?

the main problem is monkey did not gave banana to turtle so turtle got mad for it.

Who is the author of the monkey and the turtle?

tinatanong q tpos aq dn pla sa2got leche kau

leche pla kmi eh sayang sasagutan ko sana...

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