The Old Man and the Sea

Written in 1951 in Cuba and published in 1952, American author Ernest Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953 for this work. In the book, the main character is an old, experienced fisherman named Santiago. After eighty-four days without catching any fish, he snags a huge marlin. Using all his strength to kill the marlin, fate once again makes Santiago an unlucky fisherman.

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How many sharks eat santiago's fish in The Old Man and the Sea?

The Old Man and the Sea ends with the irony that Santiago has finally caught a fish, but it has been stripped bare by sharks. In that sense, the elderly fisherman has been both fortunate and unlucky.

Is the characterization in The Old Man and the Sea protagonist or antagonist?

The Old Man, Santiago could really be viewed as either a protagonist or antagonist. Protagonist is the obvious choice. We see everything through his eyes, and he is a wise experienced fisherman. He is a character we like. However, he could be viewed as an antagonist in the way that he loves the fish and respects it, and yet wants to kill it. He is determined to harm such a noble and beautiful creature that we wonder if he really is the good guy. It is possible that the ending is a result of his being greedy, but as he said he is a fisherman and it is his job to kill the fish. Can we really hold him responsible for this?

What does the harpoon symbolize in The Old Man and the Sea?

The lost harpoon - Santiago loses the harpoon as he fends off sharks, symbolic of individuals who lose their faith as life's woes attack.

What is a thesis statement for the old man and the sea?

Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea demonstrates modernism by its simple context, showing the hardships of the average working man, and the reality of living in poverty.

The Old Man and the Sea-who is Manolin?

Manolin is the young boy who befriends Santiago (the old man) and helps him out by giving him food and bait to fish.

Who is Martin in The Old Man and the Sea?

The proprietor of one of the local shops/taverns, I believe he is mentioned in the beginning and end of the book. He gave the old man Santiago free coffee and comforted Manolin at the end of the book.

Who is santiago in the old man and the sea?

Santiago is a character based on the author Ernest Hemingway. He is precise, patient, and perserveres throughout the whole story. He loves Manolin, who is his much younger friend. He often dreams of lions on the beach, which symbolized youth.

The Old Man and the Sea as a allegory?

The entire novel The Old Man and the Sea is allegory. Many symbols such as the lions on the beach, the marlin, the shovel-nosed sharks, and many others convey represent an abstract or spiritual meaning below the surface.

In the novel, Santiago dreams about lions on a beach three times. Each time he associates the lions with the freedom found in youth, portraying this cycle of life. The lions could also represent a harmonization of the opposing forces in nature because the usually aggressive lions are found to be innocent and playful.

The marlin represents the ideal opponent for Santiago. The fish brings out the best in Santiago: his courage, strength, and respect.

The shovel-nosed sharks represent symbolize the destructive side of nature. Where the novel serves as an ideal opponent for Santiago, the sharks are not worthy of his strength and result in nothing more than death and destruction.

The Old Man and the Sea sea as a Characters?

why did Edgar allan poe kill the old man.

he didnt the characters in his story where not talking about him.