The Pearl

The Pearl is a novella by John Steinbeck. Ask questions about the characters, themes, motifs and many more subjects to do with this novella.

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What does the rifle symbolize in the book 'The Pearl'?

The rifle symbolizes a deep change in Kino's character. At first, Kino seeks to buy medicine for his sick son, Coyotito, with the money that would come from sale of the pearl. However, his wealth sparks his greed, and he seeks to destroy those who would steal from him rather than protect his son.

On a more abstract level, the rifle can be seen as symbol for society's propogation of greed.

What is John Steinbeck known for?

Jogn Steinbeck is best known for writing The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men. You should read them both. they are very good

How is the pearl cauing misfortunes to kino in the book the pearl?

the pearl is the antagonist. it causes everything to go wrong, it makes everyone in town jealous that he found such a great pearl. by everyone being greedy and jealous, people attack him and try to cheat him several times

What song does kino hear in chapter 2 of the pearl?

i only know 1, and its the song of the pearl that might be. google on, and see if you can find the other 1! hope this helped! (:

Who is Juan Tomas in the pearl?

Juan tomas is Kino's brother. He also has a wife named Apolina.

Why does Kino equate the pearl with his soul?

it is all that he has left and feels he needs to prove himself as a man therefore he will fight until he has nothing left. he considers the pearl as his soul because of how important it is to him that it has almost become a part of him now and he will fight and do whatever he can to protect it

What is the theme in The Pearl by John Steinbeck?

Courage and Dignity

Where wealth can destroy a man (that is almost a direct quote from the novel)

Where wealth can cause unwanted friends

When you have a chance to do a good deed, do it

What role does family play in the book the pearl by John Steinbeck?

The family role in this story is very important. The family lives in a miserable society with korruption. It is a little village by the sea with very big poverty. The houses are made by brush, and the inhibitants are poor native people. The inhibitants ar

What inspired John Steinbeck to write The Pearl?

Steinbeck wrote The Pearl based on his personal convictions, and based the story on the biblical parable of a 'pearl of great price.'

Why did John Steinbeck use the symbol the canoe in the pearl?

because it symbolized the mutual love that Kino and his grandfather had before it was broken Hope this helps! =)

When was The Pearl written?

John Steinbeck's novella 'The Pearl' was published in 1947.
"The Pearl", written by John Steinbeck, was published in 1947.

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What page is the word Bulwark on in The Pearl by John Steinbeck?

It was at once property and source of food, for a man with a boat can guarantee

a woman that she will eat something. It is the bulwarkagainst starvation.(page 19)

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How might the pearl destroy kino and his wife?

The pearl would affect kino's life by bringing harm among the family.the pearl would also bring people who would want it like the trackers.the trackers wanted the pearl so badly that the haunted down kino and his family after their house got burnt down.

How did Kino surprise the pearl dealers in the pearl?

instead of selling the pearl to dealers, he says he is going to the capital to sell it