The Price is Right

The Price is Right is an American game show, originally hosted by Bob Barker. In the game, contestants guess the price of consumer goods in hopes of winning larger prizes like cars, boats, bedroom sets and vacations. The Price is Right is now hosted by Drew Carey and airs on CBS.

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Is the price is right show fake?

No the price is right game show is not fake. It is a real game show with Bob Barker it is 100% real

Did the bishop family win a million last night?

No, they lost on the last challenge and left with $500,000

Did bob barker ever miss a putt on the price is right?

Yes, several times. But probably made more holes than misses over his PIR career.

Who is Bob Barker?

Bob Barker is an American gameshow host to the longest running gameshow in history. It's called "The Price Is Right". He's also been featured on the comedy film "Happy Gilmore" as himself. He is now retired from the game show The Price Is Right.

How old is Bob Barker?

Longtime game show host Bob Barker is 94 years old (birthdate: December 12, 1923).

How did Drew Carey hurt his right arm?

During a Price is Right rehearsal, Drew got his arm stuck in a spinning floor. He was injured, and the arm was also lacerated. Although it is painful, he will be okay. Several sources say that he has been showing off pics on his iPhone.

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Was Vanna White on price is right?

Yes she did not win any money, but was on the show. The have a clip of Vanna White on the show along with a number of other clips from TV shows and movies in the related link of Famous why

Why doesn't GSN show any Price Is Right reruns?

GSN doesn't air any TPIR re-runs because Bob Barker will not permit it.

How long has the price is right game show been on?

We´ll miss you Bob

The Price is Right started in 1956 with Bill Cullen as a host. I think it went of the air in 1965, and then came back with Bob Barker in 1972. He retired from the show in June, 2007.

I think it started later

When will the first Price is Right episode featuring Drew Carey be aired?


36th Season Premiere


Premieres on Monday, October 15

11:00 AM-12:00 Noon, ET

10:00-11:00 AM, PT

Does Drew Carey wear a wig on the price is right?

No wig but he did have a hair transplant so he looks like he has a new head of hear because he does!

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