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Released in 2004, The Sims 2 is the sequel to The Sims, a life simulation computer game.

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How do you send a sim to work on The Sims free play?

First, you need to get a job. If you haven't yet, buy a workplace and apply a sim to the job. Now, you can go to your house and click on the sim tracker button. Then on a sim, click on the suitcase button. It will. Send that sim to work. You will get told when that sim has to go to work. Good Luck!

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How long do you have to wait to adopt another kid after just getting one taken away on sims 2?

Whenever you get a child taken away, you can never adopt another one. You can give birth to one or marry someone who hasn't had a child taken away though.

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Can lesbians have children?

Yes, lesbians can have children in many ways:

1. Artificial Insemination, in which sperm is injected into the uterus of the lesbian

2. In the case of a couple, the two women can decide to take the egg/s from one of them, fertilize it with a donor sperm in a test tube (in-vitro), and then implant the fertilized egg (embryo), into the other woman's uterus. This way, the baby has both a birth mother and a genetic/biological mother.

3. Many lesbians choose to adopt children.

4. Many lesbians who want to skip the whole medical thing can have utilitarian sexual intercourse with a male friend (often gay, too).

5. Many lesbians end up in relationships with lesbians who already have kids from previous (failed heterosexual) relationships and can choose to adopt them and co-parent.

And, though currently illegal in the U.S., research is currently being conducted on mammals in which they use no sperm at all and can successfully merge two eggs from two females. In the next few years this type of research will become less controversial and hopefully lesbian couples will have the opportunity to birth their own biological child with the half their genetics from one mother and half from the other.

There are many options available. Most of them are controversial to varying degrees. Adoption is probably the most common option. The adoption can be anywhere on the scale from a legally sanctioned private adoption to a completely informal adoption (not a very good idea). In some cases, one of the women may simply have a non-committed sexual relationship with a man in order to get pregnant.

With modern technology, lesbians have many more options than they used to. They may have a child with another man through IVF (Invitro Fertilization) (ie. a test-tube baby) in order to avoid the sexual non-monogamy which some couples may regard as a form of betrayal. There are some very early experimental methods that can allow two women to both be biological parents of the child. They involve taking eggs from both of the women, using chemicals to transform one of the eggs into a sperm, and then fertilizing the egg with the sperm under a microscope. Then the embryo is implanted back into the uterus of one of the women.

Whatever option they choose, there are many legal problems for homosexual parents. It is important to ensure that BOTH parents have legal custody of the child. There have been some very sad situations where one parent has died or lost custody of the child for some reason, and the other parent has had no rights to the child. In this situation, the child's custody will go to the legal parent's next of kin, who can legally make the decision to separate the child permanently from its loving parents, even against the child's will. This type of situation will continue to happen until America (and other countries) allows EVERYONE the right to legally marry the person the love, regardless of their orientation.

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Sims 2 double deluxe cheats for influence meter?

Open the cheat box ( Ctrl+Shift+C ), write boolProp testingcheatsenabled true, and shift-click the Sim. In the the following menu, click *Set Aspiration, and choose the one you want. If you want it at max press more and then Max. You can also change their aspirations (Wealth, Family, Romance, etc...) in the same menu.

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Can you get a vampire in sims 2 pets psp?

No. You have to have Sims 2 Nightlife to get vampires.

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How many business levels are there in sims 2?


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What are placeholder sims for?

Well, when i use a placeholder sim it's usually for a story or a sims challenge. in most cases the "Placeholder" is just there because you can't have a sim without being related to an adult sim. so for instance,

you make a female teen and her mom, and then you make a male teen but you don't want them to be siblings. you can make a placeholder sim be the male teen's parent so he is not related in anyway to the female teen.

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Is the Sims resource legal?

No, in fact, it is not.

Concerning the Sims 3, at the very least, it is stated in their End User Licence Agreement, in section 2, subsection B, paragraph 4, that:

"In exchange for the right to use content contributed by other users through the Software, when you contribute content through the Software, you expressly grant to otherusers of the Software the non‐exclusive, perpetual, transferable, worldwide, irrevocable right to access and use, copy, modify, display, perform, and create and distribute derivative works from, your contributed content in connection with the Software, and to distribute and otherwise communicate your contributed content as a component of works that they create using the Software, for example, The Sims lots or The Sims videos, without further notice, attribution or compensation to you. You hereby waive any moral rights of paternity, publication, reputation, or attribution under applicable law with respect to EA's and other players' use and enjoyment of such content contributions in connection with the Software." [Emphasis mine.]

As The Sims Resource charges a subscription (as of this writing) to access some of their content, they are in violation of the EULA and thus infringing on EA's intellectual property rights.

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How do you unfreeze on Sims 2 double deluxe?

That happens to me sometimes, so i always save mine after something i do that i like. But, I have not found a way, I always have to just reboot my computer. sorry :(

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How can you runaway as a child on Sims 2?

When you have parents that break up and the parent you live with gets married, the child or teen may run away. Or if the child is treated badly like negative relations with everyone or almost everyone they may run away.

If a family member dies or moves away there is a 20% chance that he/she will run away.

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Can you change your skin color on Sims 2?

No you can't.

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Can you buy a bubble blower on Sims 2?

you cant buy a bubble blower, it is just a feature that the kids come with.

There IS a bubble blower that sims can purchase. I believe it comes with University. It's a fairly large item, looks quite colorful,and the sims will get, literally, high - floating off the ground.

dont listen to the first one. There is a bubble blower that comes with the sims 2 University. If you do motherlode, you will get lots of money and by as many bubble blowers as you want :)

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Is there going to be a castaway 2?

Probably not...

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Where are the trash cans at on sims 2?

It should be right in front of the house, near the mailbox.

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What are the cheat codes for a maze race 2?

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How do you unlock jewelry in change appearance for sims 2?

You can't unlock it, jewelery is only available if you have the Bon Voyage expansion pack.

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Sims 2 Where you can download this hair?

Go to and go to exchange

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How you resurrect the llama people?

You can't . Sorry. :(

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How do you get rid of a cold on the sims 2 seasons?

In the sims2 seasons as you know you will get sick sometimes, usually because of staying outside in the cold for too long. If you are sick, you should quickly go inside, eat or make sure you are have full hunger, and then sleep. Also maintain all needs with green level. After continue to rest, and later on a pop-up will say your sim is healthy. Also while you are still sick avoid working, going outside, and other sick sims! And do not eat any spoiled food, you will know it is spoiled if it is green with flies around it. This should cure your sim!

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Can you adopt a baby in Sims Castaways Stories?

i don't think so.

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How can you register sims 2 more than once?

No EA only allows you to register a code once online, but if not online you can install it more than once, like if you uninstall it you can install it again on the same computer.

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How do you learn a far easten tale on Sims 2 Bon voyage?

Find the hidden map for Pagoda of the Shadows (just keep digging on lots until you find it), go to the hidden lot by either calling a taxi or by walking and befriend the yogi, you have to know the bow gesture to interact with him.

Then serve him tea and talk to him, offer him a gift and he will tell you the Dragon Legend and give you a scroll to keep so your Sim can tell other Sims the legend.

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How do you have babies on sims castaway stories?

To make babies,you need to have bed or a hot tub.Make the your sim(male) and the other sim(female) relax on the bed,when the 2 sims is now relaxing,select your sim(male) then click on the other sim and select "Cuddle" and then select now "Try for baby",if this is'nt shown up.Your Sims relationship is'nt high enough.

Hope this helps :D

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Which order do you install The Sims 2?

Here is the order that The Sims 2 should be installed in:

The Sims 2™



Christmas Party Pack (US) OR Holiday Party Pack (UK)

Open for Business

Family Fun Stuff

Glamour Life Stuff


Happy Holiday Stuff


Celebration Stuff

H&M Fashion Stuff

Bon Voyage

Teen Style Stuff


Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff

IKEA Home Stuff

Apartment Life

Mansion & Garden Stuff

Also, be sure to patch whenever you are prompted by the game to do so.


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How does your sim become head witch?

it cant there are already 2 head witches the good one and the evil one


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