Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods currently has 14 major wins. He is the youngest and first African-American golf player to win The Masters.

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Tiger Woods
Masters Golf Tournament

How many Masters has Tiger Woods won?

He has won it four times: 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005.

Tiger Woods has been Master's Champion 4 times. He won first in 1997, won again in 2001, 2002, and most recently in 2005.

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Tiger Woods

Who is the highest paid black man that is or former athlete?

Pele he was an AMAZING skilled soccer player I think that he was the best in the world, check him out on youtube.

Tiger Woods

Is petrified wood tigers eye?


Tiger Woods

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

I would have to say Joey from ETN(Escape the Night).

Tiger Woods

What watch does Tiger Woods wear?

a £1 one from primark

Tiger Woods
PGA Tour
Masters Golf Tournament

Do PGA golfers pay entry fees for tournaments they play in?

PGA Tour members do not pay entry fees to play in PGA Tournaments. Other nonmembers pay an entry fee of $400.


1) The Masters is by invitation only

2) No entry fee for the PGA Championship

3) Players pay an entry fee of $125 for the U.S. Open qualifying

4) An entry fee for the British Open is $162.

Actually all events have an entry fee and all professionals pay, regardless of status on tour. This includes current members of the PGA Tour. The fee is typically $400. This is an "out of pocket" expense that is not reimbursed by the Tour.

Tiger Woods

What is Tiger Woods' real first name?

He was born "Eldrick Tont Woods," and he was nicknamed "Tiger" after Vuong Dang Phong, who was a friend of his father's.

Tiger Woods

Who supplies the golf shirts for Nike?

Nike make their own shirts.

Tiger Woods

How many holes in one has Tiger Woods had?

He has hit a combined total eighteen holes-in-one in the course of his lifetime, his first at the age of six (according to Wikipedia article on Tiger Woods)

Tiger Woods

Can you name the types of wood found in Guyana?

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Tiger Woods

What is Tiger Woods doing today?

Playing his fourth round as the 2011 farmers insurance open at torrey pines golf club

Tiger Woods

How did Tiger Woods impact society?

By being the First African American golfer in the would

Tiger Woods
PGA Tour
History of Golf

Most holes in one in the p.g.a. tour in a lifetime?

art wall jr

Tiger Woods

Is Tiger Wood ex wife pregnant?

Yes, she is. I just had a conversation with a player of the PGA Tour who actually explained to us that this is actually the reason why Tiger is doing so bad the last few months since he knows that his ex-wife is pregnant by one of her former high school flames.

Tiger Woods
PGA Tour
History of Golf

Who has the most hole in ones on the PGA tour?

Art Wall jr. had 54 holes -in -one in his lifetime............9 holes in one were recorded as an amateur golfer in Pennsylvania and at Duke University......However... he was credited with 45 Holes in One in Professional Tour Events....that included PGA Tour,South American Tour,and the European Tour.......No other PGA or Professional Golfer participating in Major Tours is even close to this record.........Jack Nicklaus has 22 Holes in One and he is second on the All Time List to Art Wall jr.

Ben Hogan who was a close friend of Art Wall jr. stated that he was one of the " Greatest Iron Players " he had ever seen ! Wall used a somewhat unorthodox " baseball grip" throughout his career . In 1959,he was the No. 1 Golfer in the World

winning The Masters by coming from behind in the last 9 holes to defeat Master's Champion Arnold Palmer and Dr. Cary Middlecoff for the green jacket. During 1959 he managed to win the Vardon Trophy( lowest stroke average for a PGA Professional) and was the leading money winner on the PGA Tour. Health issues and injuries plagued Wall throughout his career but he did win several prestigious PGA Tour events to include the Tournament of Champions and the Bing Crosby's Pebble Beach Tournament. He also was instrumental along with Ben Hogan,Jimmy DeMarrett,Gene Littler,Harvey establishing the Legend's of Golf Tournament in Austin , Texas...which eventually led to the Senior Tour or Champion's Tour. Art Wall passed into Golf Heaven in 2003.

Tiger Woods

How many hole in ones has Tiger Woods got?

Tiger Woods has 18 career hole-in-ones. 2 in majors

Tiger Woods

How many holes in one does Tiger Wood have?

He has hit a combined total 18 holes in one in the course of his lifetime

Tiger Woods
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Where do you find information on a Wood Cobra Baffler?

See here:

Tiger Woods
Masters Golf Tournament

How many times has Tiger Woods won the Masters?

Tiger Woods has won the Masters 4 times.

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Tiger Woods

Is Tiger USA a good knife brand?

Yes, Tiger rocks. Don't let the cheap price fool you. I just got my Tiger Extreme Ops and i love it. It's 1045 surgical, black powder coat with spring assist that has a good lil snap on it! Lots of fun. The design is way cool as well.

Tiger Woods

How much is Tiger Woods's total net worth?

In May 2009, Forbes magazine estimated that Tiger Woods's total net worth is $600 million. His career earnings total over $1 billion.

From 2008-2009, Tiger Woods earned $110 million on course winnings and endorsements...and he only played half a season! Forbes has forecast that by the end of 2010 he will be a billionaire.. In fact, he is the first athlete who is ever expected to achieve this.

Tiger makes around $100 million a year in golfing and endorsements. When you make that much you don't want anyone to know how much you are worth. It would be safe to say that he is worth several hundred million dollars if not more than that.

The Scandal in 2009 involving his affairs and trysts with various women has caused major Sponsors to drop him, and his his bulging disc injury in May 2010 forced him to exit The Players Championship... So his value may have dropped a bit (this is without even mentioning the terms of the Pre-nup agreement!)

As of Aug 24th 2010, Tiger Woods is now officially divorced from Elin Nordegren and she is reportedly receiving $100 Million dollars from him.

Tiger Woods

What does the caddy get paid if they win at the master's?

At least $135,000 from their share of the winner's cheque, then expenses and bonuses, whatever the player decides to pay them.

Tiger Woods
Masters Golf Tournament

How many major golf wins does Jack Nicklaus have coming from behind on Sunday?

7 out of 18 Major Tournament Wins were from coming from behind entering the Final Round.

Tiger Woods

Why did Tiger Woods change caddies?

There was never any official reason given. There was a rumour that there was a falling out over a difference of opinion.

College Degrees
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods education?

Tiger Woods completed two years of an Economic Degree at Stanford University

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