Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods currently has 14 major wins. He is the youngest and first African-American golf player to win The Masters.

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Tiger Woods

What finger does tiger wear tape?

Tiger wears white athletic tape on the middle finger of his right hand during rounds to prevent a callous from tearing open. If you play a lot of golf, that's exactly where you should get callouses by the way, the middle and ring fingers are the anchor fingers on both hands.

Tiger Woods
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In what sport would you use woods iron and a putter?


Tiger Woods

How much does Tiger Woods make in just golf no endorsements?

The best indication of how much Tiger Woods earns from golf alone is telling you how much his on course earnings were in 2007. This was his best season to date. He earned $22,906,702, this includes $10 million for winning the Fed Ex cup.

Tiger Woods

How old are Tiger Woods' kids?

Her name is Sam Alexis Woods. She was born June 18, 2007 and is currently 2 years old.

Tiger Woods
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How many tournaments did Greg Norman win?

Greg Norman has won 87 tournaments. Click on the 'Greg Norman' link on this page to read his bio and see a list of each and every tournament he has won.

Tiger Woods
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How many Masters has Tiger Woods won?

He has won it four times: 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005.

Tiger Woods has been Master's Champion 4 times. He won first in 1997, won again in 2001, 2002, and most recently in 2005.

Tiger Woods

Why does Tiger Woods wear red on Sunday?

Tiger's appearance on Jay Leno confirms that he wears red because his mother said it was "a power color" for him.

Tiger Woods
Masters Golf Tournament

How many times has Tiger Woods won the Masters?

Tiger Woods has won the Masters 4 times.

Tiger Woods

How many wins does Tiger Woods have?

He has 92 professional wins, including 68 PGA Tour victories and 14 major championships.

Correct as of 31/7/09.

Tiger Woods

Does Tiger Woods wear boxers or briefs?

Women's panties

Tiger Woods
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What is Tiger Woods real name?

AnswerTiger Woods' full name is Eldrick Tiger Woods.


He was born Eldrick Woods, on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, CA

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tiger woods real name is eldrick

Tiger Woods

Did Tiger Woods at the age of 3 shoot for 9 holes?

48 strokes, which is quite incredible.

Tiger Woods

What is the real name of Tiger Shroff?

Tiger shroff real name is Jai Hemant Shroff

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Tiger Woods

Whats the password to unlock Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 can you beat me tiger ball?

go to you cheat code entry and put : TIGER04

Tiger Woods

Can you name the types of wood found in Guyana?

GREENHEART :(Chlorocardium rodiei)

PURPLEHEART : (Peltogyne spp

KABUKALLI : (Goupia glabra)

MANNI : (Symphonia globulifera

MORA : (Mora excelsa)

SHIBADAN : (Aspidosperma album)

CRABWOOD : (Carapa spp.)

KUROKAI : (Protium decandrum)

AROMATA : (Clathrotropis spp.)

TATABU : (Diplotropis purpurea)

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TAURONIRO : (Humiria balsamifera var balsamifera)

WAMARA : (Swartiza leiocalycina)

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HUBUBALLI : (Loxopterygium sagotii)

RED CEDAR : (Cedrela odorata)

SILVERBALLI (GROUP) : (Ocotea, Licaria, Aniba)

SOFT WALLABA : (Eperua falcata)

BAROMALLI : (Catostemma spp.)

DUKALI : (Parahancornia fasciculata)

Lesser Used Species

BLACK KAKARALLI : (Eschweilera spp.)

LIMONABALLI : (Chrysophyllum pomiferum)

HURUASA : (Abarema jupunba)

KAUTABALLI : (Licania spp.)

SUYA : (Pouteria speciosa)

SAREBEBEBALLI : (Vouacapoua macropetala)

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Tiger Woods

Were Tiger Woods and Granville T Woods related?

,somebody answer this please!!!

Tiger Woods

What nationality is Tiger Woods?

He is an American, his Mom was from Thailand.

Tiger Woods

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

I would have to say Joey from ETN(Escape the Night).

Tiger Woods

What time does tiger woods tee off today?

If you are talking about 6-9th January 2011 then he doesn't. This week is the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, only players who won a PGA Tour event in 2010 can compete, Tiger did not win one in 2010, and he never played in this event for years anyway. (It's title sponsor was previously Mercedes)

Tiger Woods
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How many players on the PGA tour?

This year there is currently 230 players with full or partial tour cards.


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