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This category is for questions about the methods humans go about measuring the passage of time. You can also find questions about converting one unit of time to another.

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A copy machine makes 44 copies per minute How many copies does it make in 3 minutes and 45 seconds?

The copy machine would make 165 copies if it makes 44 copies per minute and 3 minutes and 45 seconds has past. ...
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How many decades in two millennia?

There are two hundred decades in two millennia. 10 years is a "decade." 100 years is a "century." 1000 years is a millennium 2000 years divided by 10 years is 200. ...
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24 seconds makes how many minutes?

0.4 minutes, or 2/5 minutes. 24 seconds doesn't make any minutes. It's 6 seconds less than half a minute. A minute is 60 seconds. ...
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How many seconds is one city block?

It is not possible to answer this question because it is too imprecise. City blocks are not all the same size. Furthermore, the time taken to go along one depends on the mode of transport: on foot, on a cycle, or motorised transport. ...
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Why don't we end daylight savings time?

To end daylight saving time (and, by the way, it's "daylight saving" without the second "s") nationwide, we'd need an act of Congress. The Uniform Time Act of 1966 established rules for time zones across the United States and a uniform nationwide daylight saving time period, and per that act, states can opt out of daylight saving, but they can't "spring forward" permanently without Congress. In 2019, 36 states have proposals for choosing either standard time...
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How many minutes are in 50 hours?

Obviously there are 60 minutes in an hour, so 60 x 50 = 3000 minutes in 50 hours! Hope this helps! :) ...
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Effect of potassium bisulphate as a food preservative under various condition?

study of effect of potassium bisulphate as food preservatie under various conditions ...
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How long is 80 minutes?

80 minutes is equivalent to 1 hour and 20 minutes.
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How many days are in 100 hours?

100 hours is the same as about 4.17 days.
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How did people long ago develop calendars?

They studied predictable cycles in the sky
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How many nanosecond are there in 1 year?

Work it out by basic dimensional analysis! One (average) year = 365.24 days One day = 24 hours One hour = 60 minutes One minute = 60 seconds so there are 365.24 * 24 * 60 * 60 seconds in a year. One nanosecond is 10**9 seconds so multiply the above answer by 10**9 (or just shift the decimal point 9 places, it's loads easier) BTW this same approach can be used to convert any comparable sets of units, e.g. miles per hour into metres...
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Will crunch bar Hersheys bar or a Reese's cup melt the fastest?

i think s reeses cup will melt the fastest because it has less chocolate and because of past experience reeses has always been the one to eat 1rst because i knew it would melt the fastest ...
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How do you solve approximate time?

Find the exact and approximate times between January 14,1992 and may 25, 1992 ...
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What is longer 160 seconds or 3 minutes?

3 minutes is 20 seconds longer
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What is another way to say 724 pm?

19:24 hours
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What is another way to say 724pm?

19:24 hours
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How much is 8.50 times 360 months?

3,060 360 months = 12 x 30 8.5 x 30 = 255 years
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What is 20 minutes before noon?

11:40 hours 11:40 am
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What is greater 48 hours or 4 days?

4 days is twice greater