Timex is a Dutch watch company. They have several headquarters around the world.

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How do you set time on a Timex 1440 sports watch?

We found this watch to have the wrong manual and no manual on Timex's web site. However, here are some instructions that seem to work:


1. Press and hold MODE until HOURS digits flash (you'll be in Alarm Mode) Press MODE again to enter TIME mode, SECONDS digits will flash.

2. Press ADJUST to set SECONDS to zero.

3. Press START/STOP to select MINUTES.

4. Press ADJUST to change.

5. Repeat to set HOURS, MONTH, DAYS, and DAY of WEEK. Go through 12 hours to set AM or PM.

6. Press MODE when done.

7. To display DATE from Time display , press START/STOP.

8. With DATE displayed press and hold START/STOP, then press ADJUST to change display between DATE-MONTH and MONTH-DATE.

9. With TIME displayed, press and hold ADJUST, then press MODE to switch between 12-and 24-hour format.


1. Press and hold MODE until HOURS digits, DAY, and A or P (for AM or PM) flash.

2. Press ADJUST to change HOURS digits. Go through 12 hours for AM or PM.

3. Press START/STOP to select MINUTES.

4. Press ADJUST to change.. Press MODE when done.

5. Press and hold ADJUST, then press START/STOP to turn chime on/off. Press START/STOP again to turn alarm on /off. Release START/STOP when done.


1. Chronograph will count up to 24 hours. Lap times are not stored. After 40 minutes chrono display changes from seconds to minutes.

2. With time displayed, press MODE to select Chrono Mode.

3. Press START/STOP to start.

4. Press ADJUST to view lap time. Press again to sesume lap timing.

5. Press START/STOP to stop timing . Press ADJUST to reset chrono to zero.

6. Repeat for successive laps.

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How do you change the time from military to standard time on a 1998 Catera?

The Catera has to be taken to the detailer and hooked up to a Tech II. Under Radio Options there is a place to change from military to standard.

What is the value of an old watch?

Hi. Values are dependent on many factors including, age, maker, condition... so it is very hard to say without seeing the watch or having more information about it. Here are links to 2 antique watch sites. You can find out more about antique watches and collecting them there.

What is a lap?

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How do you turn off the alarm on your watch?

Depends on the Baby G Model. On my wife's, there is a letter readout above the time (in a separate display really on the watch face) that tells the day of the week in normal watch mode. Push "Mode" (lower left side) until this display reads "AL" which indicates you are in alarm mode. Then use the alarm on/off button (upper right) to turn it off (there is a round circle on the right side of the display that shows when "AL" is on (indicated by a black dot) or off (lack of a black dot.)

Your model number is a three or four digital code (it should be the only one which is in inscribed in an inscribed box. No letters.)

That will get you the manual. Read it! :)

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OMG! It does not say in the instructions how to turn the alarm on or off but someone answered it on another website: push the 2 buttons on the right at the same time! After my husband and I spent an hour or so, each, this was so funny! It worked! Yay! No more waking up at 4:11 am!

The analogue digital baby g is more difficult to switch off. get to the alarm setting by pressing the mode button (bottom left) Then press the mode and the advance buttons at the same time (the two bottom buttons.) You will see that in the bottom window shaded third of a circle will move from alm (alarm) to sig. if you press it again it will go to dst. I don't know what they stand for but that should solve the problem.

How do you reset the pad or vdd on a timex watch?


Try shorting the 2 pads together with a paperclip.

where are the 2 pads

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How far is a lap on a timex watch?

I think what you are referring to is the lap function on the stopwatch.

Lets say someone is running multiple laps on a track, you hit the lap button when one complete lap is finished and the individual lap time is saved without stopping the stopwatch for overall time

Timex Corporation what is your phone number?


How do you turn off the alarm and chime on Athletic Works watch?

I have the AW21312W, which has 4 buttons:

  1. Light (Top left)
  2. Mode (Bottom Left)
  3. Start/Stop (Top Right)
  4. Lap/Reset (Bottom right)
To turn the set alarm off, push buttons 3 and 4 at the same time, the alarm icon should appear or disappear

To turn off the hourly chime, press button 4. While holding it down, press button 2 and the days of the week disappear. The chime is now off. If you want the chime, press button 4 and hold while you press button 2. When all the days show, the chime is on.

On my digital watch you first need to press 2 until the alarm time is shown. There should be icons to show if the alarm is on and if it's chiming the hour. To change these hold down 3 then press 2 to switch through the different possibilities, ie just alarm on, just hour chime on, or both on or off.

* On the AW60458W sport watch, turn off the hourly chime by staying in CLK (normal) mode, holding down the LAP/RESET button to display the alarm time, and pressing the MODE (left side) button. When the hourly chime is on, all 7 days of the week appear selected. Otherwise it is off. Pressing the MODE button toggles this function on and off.

How do you set the time on a Timex T300T clock radio?

Go to this Amazon site and you can download the manual

How to set the time on timex indiglo watch?

Timex Watch setting

Make sure you are in the hour/minute/second mode. Press "set" -- the seconds will flash. Then press "mode" again and the right minute number will flash. Press "mode" again and the left minute number will flash. Press "mode" again and the hour will flash. Press "mode" again and the month will flash. Press "mode" again and the date will flash. Any time any groups of these numbers are flashing, you can change the numbers by pressing the "start/stop" button. When you get the numbers you want, press "set" to lock in those numbers.

To change from 12 to 24 hour, get the hour numbers flashing and press

"split/reset." Then press "set" to lock in either 12 or 24 hour time.

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How do you change time and date in titan fastrack digital watch 4056pp03?

In the normal mode, press the mode key for about 3-4 seconds. This will bring the alarm change mode. Press mode again and the time and date change mode will appear. Press ADJ. to increase the number and ST/STP to change the field.

How do you set the time on a Timex 1440 watch?

Press and hold the "MODE" button (top left) until the alarm time begins to blink. Use top right button to change from minute to hour etc, and change the value for the setting that is flashing by pressing the bottom right button "SET". Change from alarm to date to time by pressing the upper left button again.

How To Set the Time For A Timex Watch:First, push the mode button on the bottom left corner for 3 seconds. Next...push it again and there you go. When you are done just press mode again.

How do you set a 4 button digital watch?



| | | |


[L2] [R2]


Press [L2] to move through the modes. When the time display flashes, you are in the correct mode to set the time. The hours first, then the minutes and seconds.

Press [R1] to advance the numbers, [R2] to go to the next.

Press [L2] to save your settings. [L1] is not used; it's the light.

SETTING THE DATE AND DAY. After setting the time (seconds flashing) push [R2] to move though time, backwards, to date, [R1] to set day, [R2] to move to month [R1] to set the month. Push [R2] to get to the day of the week, then [R1] to change. [L2] to end.

How do you set a timex 1440 watch?

Hold down the 'Mode' button in the top left corner of the watch for around 2 seconds. You should see a pulsing display on the hours. This is the alarm time. Press the 'Adjust' button in the bottom right corner of the watch to set the hour and the 'Start/Stop' button in the top right corner of the watch to toggle hour/minute.

To set the time, press the 'Mode' button again. You will see a time with the seconds pulsing. Press 'Adjust' to reset the seconds to zero. Press 'Start/Stop' to toggle down to the hour/minute/date/day of the week. Press 'Mode' again to set the information you have just entered.
here's a website for it:
Press and hold mode till the hour starts blinking

Press and hold Mode again till the date starts blinking

Use start/stop to go between hour minute and date

use set to set the time and date
Press and hold mode till the hour starts blinking

Press and hold Mode again till the date starts blinking

Use start/stop to go between hour minute and date

use set to set the time and date

What is the address to send a Timex watch to for warranty repair?

To obtain warranty service, return your watch and a $7.50 check or money order to cover cost of postage, handling, and service. Enclose a completed Timex International Warranty Repair Coupon or written statement identifying the nature of the problem, your name, address, telephone number, and date and place of purchase (enclose proof-of-purchase including date of purchase). Do not send your watch in the display box, we recommend using a padded envelope. Then, ship the watch to HOTLINE WATCH SERVICE, P.O. Box 2740, Little Rock, AR 72203. We recommend shipping via a traceable method and don't forget to insure the watch for it's value.


-I used the service (which cost $8.00 now) and it took about 3 weeks. I was disappointed, however, that the service apparently does not include replacing dead batteries, which was all that was wrong with the watches I sent in.