Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

A classic duo written by Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn have captured the imagination of boys for decades and are required reading in the majority of US public schools.

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Why is the turning point of the novel considered to be when Huck chooses to go to hell?

He is sticking to his own morals instead of following what society considers to be "good" or "bad."

Huck is conflicted between doing what those members of society with a better upbringing consider to be right and what he feels is right. At this moment, Huck has two choices. First, he can choose to do the "right" thing and turn in Jim. He believes if he does this, he will no longer be a wicked "low-down" person and he will be able to go to heaven. Second, he could choose to "take up wickedness again" and help free Jim. He believes that if he does this he would be sinning against God and it would ensure that he would go to Hell. 

By choosing to go to Hell, Huck, unknowingly, is admitting to himself that society's idea of right and wrong is different from his own. He is admitting to himself that Jim does not hold up to society's idea of black people--Jim is a human being deserving of freedom. Huck is also finally putting the well-being of another person over his own and believes he will literally burn in Hell for eternity for doing it.

What does to pull a Tom Sawyer mean?

it means to get some one else to do what you were supposed to do, esp work or chores.

Why did Jim runaway?

Jim ran away because he heard that Miss Watson was going to sell him to someone in the South.

What is the value of Tom Sawyer copyright 1955?

The value would be based on the condition of the book and it it had any famous persons that signed it.

What are examples of hyperbole in Tom Sawyer?

Through pages 5-8, when Tom is getting into a fight with a city kid. He and the other kid both say that they have older brothers that will beat up the other, but the reality is that neither of them have older brothers.

Is Huckleberry Finn a moral person?

yes he is actually because he learns alot of leasons on his magnifacant adventure

Why does aunt Polly not apologize to Tom Sawyer?

Aunt Polly feels shy all the time because she realises that there was a good part in everything Tom did. Therefore she always tried to apologize in different ways, without apologizing to him in a straight forward manner.

What kind of man is hucks father how does Huck react to him?

Huck's father was drunkard and was a very messed up man and was always cursed by the villages for he bought shame for the village.

Huck had to go through so much because of his father, he was not allowed to play with the other kids in the village and he did not have friends (except Tom) because of his father's mistakes.

What did Huck ask Judge Thatcher to do when he knew that his pap was going to return?

Huck asked him to take all of his money because he knew that pap would try to take it all and waste it on whiskey. Judge Thatcher had Huck sign a paper to turn it into a transaction (most likely so that it would be harder for pap to get it for himself) authorizing Thatcher to "buy" Huck's six thousand dollars for one dollar.

Character sketch of characters of adventures of Tom Sawyer?

tom sawyer is a 10 year old country boy who is very mischievous .He is very clever and can fool anybody.he is good at making stories. he lives with his aunt and always trouble her. he does not like to go to the sunday school. Tom is described as having messy hair and doesnt wear shoes. He is very tricky and knows how to get through his problems. He loves being in spotlight, the center of attention.he is quite witty and has an amazing sense of humor. despite his mischief ,Tom has a good heart and a strong conscience. Gradually he begins to take the responsibilities of his role more seriously as a leader among his school fellows.

Setting of Huckleberry Finn?

Huckleberry Finn is set around the 1840s. The story starts in a small town in Missouri called St. Petersburg. The events of the story range all along the banks of the Mississippi.

What are examples of hypocrisy in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

When the Widow Douglas tells Huck that he can't chew tobacco, when she does snuff. When Tom thinks about telling people that he knows where Jim is hiding, after he told Jim that he would never tell. When the Duke and King put up signs looking for Jim when they promised to not tell. And when Tom tells Huck to "Do it from the book" and then doesn't.

How much is an original 1885 Huckleberry Finn book worth?

Depending on the condition it can bring as much as 100K or possibly even more. Since I don't own one that's all I can estimate it's value. (Here say).