Top Chef (TV Series)

Top Chef is a Reality TV cooking completion show. Each week the cheftestants compete and the chef with the worst dish must "pack their knives and go!" This category has questions about past and present seasons of this show.

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Who wins top chef just desserts?

Yigit Pura won Top Chef Just Desserts Season 1.

Who is the host of the show Top Chef?

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Will there be a Top Chef Just Desserts Season 2?

Yes, there will be. There was a recent casting call for Season 2 in major cities.

Who are some of the top chefs in Italy?

There a top chefs and television chefs. Some are even the same person.

Can anyone suggest someone other than Gianfranco Vissani? Benedetta Vitali (ftom Florence, Italy) Davide ScabinEttore Boiardi(aka Chef Boyardee) Francesco Mazzei (fomr Cerchiara di Calabria, Italy) Just to name a few.

How many women have won Top Chef?

Only 1 so far, Stephanie Izard on Top Chef Season 4 Chicago.

What are the release dates for Top Chef - 2006 Anything You Can Cook I Can Cook Better 4-1?

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Why the best hotel run by olivier jasko Top Chef is closed for the moment?

i think he sold the lease

Olivier Jasko is the owner of the Connemara Lake Hotel and he Owned Jasko s Bistro in Dublin, He was the general Manager of both and the Executive Head Chef in both as well. He has since sold the businesses but has other businesses in France . The hotel Should be opening up soon.


YEsPaul, Definitely,they sold 3 of there main properties,

The connemara Goup is till active but the connemara lake is under renovation and expension,and will enjoy a increase of 36 keys and a bigger indoor swimming pool.

The Connemara Lake Hotel has been lease out to another Hotel Group and should reopened in June.

Hotelier Restaurateur Olivier Jasko won't be part of the day to day Management

Emily Dublin

Which chefs remain on Top Chef?

angelo, kelly, amanda, tiffanny, kevin, ed, and alex. as of 8-12-10

amanda and alex should go home.

kenny was the last to be iliminated.

What is emachine games top chef unlock code?

dont really care give me the code for cooking academey!

Who won season 4 of top chef?

Stephanie Izard won Top Chef 4 over Richard Blais and Lisa Fernandes.

Who is heavy d daughter's mother?

Antonia Lofaso. Top Chef season 4 and all stars. She had nothing to do with asking the public for money. She has her own and paid her way and pays for her baby, Xea. Shame on person who been collecting money from the public. I here celebritys been donatin thousands. The kid aint gettin the money. Betta look into it you payin for someones lifestyle

Who won top chef masters season 2?

well it depends if who were the people who was the best and who did you like the best if they were feeling good that day and were cooking what there good at cooking at then the one you like best should have won if not I am sorry maybe the one who won was another one you liked

Who are the past winners of Top Chef?

Season 1: Harold Dieterle

Season 2: Ilan Hall

Season 3: Hung Huynh

Season 4: Stephanie Izard

Season 5: Hosea Rosenberg

Season 6: Michael Voltaggio

Season 7: Kevin Sbraga

Season 8 is currently airing.

Who won top chef season 7?

Kevin Sbragawon Top Chef 7, beating out Angelo Sosa and Ed Cotton.

Who won top chef Las Vegas?

Michael Voltaggio won Top Chef 6, Las Vegas.

Did top chef's padma laksmi die?

No. She is not dead, she is currently shooting the next season of Top Chef.

When will there be a new season of Top Chef?

Top Chef 8 is currently playing. Top chef 9 has been confirmed.