Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors is a NBA basketball team that was established in 1995. They were the first NBA franchise based outside of the United States.

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When did the Raptors play their first game as an NBA team and against who?


The Raptors played their first game on November 3, 1995 beating the New Jersey Nets 94-78 at SkyDome general manager:Isiah Thomas Head Coach :Brendan Malone

The first Raptors game as an NBA team was an exhibition game played against the Philadelphia 76ers on October 14, 1995 at the Metro Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

How do you write a program in C to check whether a number is a palindrome or not?

The simplest method is to reverse the digits of the original number and check to see if the reversed number is equal to the original. This is not an efficient way of doing it but, for ints or long ints, it works well enough.

void main()


// get the number to check

long int n;

printf("ENTER A NUMBER: ");


long int n1,mod;

// make a copy of the original number in n1


// store the reversal in rev

long int rev=0;



// grab the rightmost digit of n

mod = n%10;

// shift all digits of rev left, then add in the new digit

rev = rev * 10 + mod;

// shift all digits of n to the right (removing the rightmost one)

n = n / 10;


// after the loop, rev will have the opposite digit ordering of n1;

// if these two values are equal, then we have a palindrome

if (n1 == rev)

printf("%ld is a palindrome\n",n1);


printf("%ld is not a palindrome\n",n1);


Alternate method:

Split the number into its digits, as on the example below: Number: 3592 1st digit: 3592%10 = 2 3592/10=359. ... 2nd digit: 359%10 = 9 etc. Store these into an integer array, then check if all digits correspond to digits at the reflected position.

How many points did Bill Bradley score in one game?

Bradley scored 58 points in 1965 against Wichita State in the NCAA final four consolation game.

How long is a Toronto Raptors basketball game?

Around a little bit more than 2 hours if it doesn't go into overtime.

Who is the tallest player ever to play for the Toronto Raptors?

Aleksandar Radojevic was 7'3'' and played a total of 24 minutes for the Raptorsin the1999-2000 season.

When were the Toronto Raptors founded?

The Raptors were founded in 1995 along with the Vancouver Grizzlies, who now play in Memphis.

Who is Marilyn man-hoe?

Marilyn man-hoe is an adult film star.

What is the business mailing address for Thomas V McKernan?

He is a member of the California Chamber of Commerce - you can reach him via the contact information here: Good luck!

Are Toronto Raptors players paid in Canadian dollars?

I believe most players are paid in American dollars, but i think they can chose what currency they want to be paid in if it is included in the contract. All players on the Raptors are paid in American dollars, because each team on the NBA has to have a salary cap, which is in American dollars. Also, because the players on the Toronto Raptors team are mostly from the United States, so they would rather be paid in American dollars, than Canadian.

Did the raptors make the playoffs with chris bosh?

Toronto made the playoffs with Bosh in the 2006-07 season and 07-08 season. Both times they lost in the first round.

Who is colin ford dating?

He was dating Abby Nicaud

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Was Danny Granger a Toronto raptor?

no He's Been a Indiana Pacer his Whole NBA career

Who is the franchise player for the Toronto Raptors?

The franchise player for the Toronto Raptors is Chris Bosh. He was given this role when Vince Carter had left the Raptors. He was named franchise player after his rookie season.