Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. Considered one of the world’s top financial centers, the city is home to Canada’s five largest banks, the Royal Bank of Canada and the Toronto-Dominion Bank, among them.

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What is the best route to travel from Toronto to Phoenix Arizona by car?

Toronto to Phoenix by car:

Take the QEW to the Peace Bridge, then pick up I-190 at the other end of the bridge in Buffalo to I-90. I-90 will take you to Cleveland and I-71. Take I-71 to Columbus, then I-70 to St Louis, where you transfer to I-44. I-44 will take you to Oklahoma City where you pick up I-40. Follow I-40 all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona, then I-17 will take you right into Phoenix.


A slightly longer alternative is the QEW, 403, 401 and 402 combination to Sarnia, where you cross to Port Huron. Then take I-69 to Indianapolis where you pick up I-70 and continue as above.

Can you get a train from Toronto to Oregon?

By VIA Rail to Buffalo NY then by Amtrak to Portland OR

OR By Via rail to Vancouver BC and then Amtrak to Portland (service may be by bus.)

Is Toronto an overrated travel destination?

Depends on what you want to do. Toronto has a great lake, beaches and many theatres and museums. -Best of all it has (nearby) Canada's Wonderland. -A HUGE theme park, like Disney -but better ! Best 16 rollercoasters in north America. -The Great Canadian Minebuster, Dragonfire - and 14 others . - -forget Disney, come to Canada's Wonderland .

How do you find an accountant?

Finding an AccountantThis is basic advice on how to find an accountant from the Federal Consumer Information Center and the Small Business Administration:

You want to find an accountant who is knowledgeable, capable and discreet. With the ever-changing complexities of tax laws and developments in accounting methods, it is important to look for an accountant who takes advantage of educational seminars, professional publications and other continuing-education opportunities.

Professional accountants are listed in the yellow pages and Internet directories under accountants, public accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers. Look for references or recommendations from local business associates, your banker or your attorney.

Another good way to find an accountant is to call the local state society of certified public accountants. For example, if you're in Washington state, you can call the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants. If you're in Texas, you can call the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, and so on.

A couple of disclaimers: Typically, CPAs pay for inclusion on the referral lists (which means not every CPA is listed). Also, not every accountant is going to be a member of the state society.

If you are in Canada . . . there are licensed public accountants, unlicensed accountants, tax preparation specialists and bookkeepers all with defined abilities.

Even unlicensed accountants and tax preparers can be knowledgeable . . . Chartered Accountants are often considered at a higher level of expertise but this is not necessarily true, especially when it comes to taxation. Believe it or not, some tax preparers have as mush tax knowledge as licensed public accountants, arguably some have more. So do not be fooled by the letters behind the name, or the vast number of letters behind the name. There are many unlicensed tax preparers or accountants that give full value.

What licensed public accountants bank on - is the banks, lawyers and the tax department only recognizing a designation to prove the person has accounting knowledge to sign on the financial statements for Review and Audit Engagements. Don't be confused, just because a person can sign these forms it does not mean the person has tax knowledge.

In Canada, if the person has taken "in depth" tax courses "3" and higher i.e. "4" it usually means these people do have a good understanding of taxation. However, it should also been known that senior H & R Block managers - 'may' have a good understanding of tax issues upto the "3rd" level of tax - which covers most personal tax issues.

However, there are times when you may need the services of a "CBV" (Chartered Business Valuator" that usually signifies that this accountant has superior "Accounting" background and many will have a broader tax background as well as opposed to your average CA, CGA (Certified General Accountant) or CMA (Certified Management Accountant - however, it should be known that like any profession you will find some real sharp people in the accounting industry - that have the experience and knowledge base with out the credentials - but, don't be confused with the person having Errors and Omission Insurance either, as the Canadian Government holds the taxpayer or the corporation director responsible - if in doubt get a second or third opinion before signing a document that is being sent into the government.

The Accounting or Tax firm is representing you - and in most cases unless the Financial Statement has been 'Audited" is held against the taxpayer and not the accounting firm.

Did you know 95% of all tax returns and financial statements are not "Audited" in fact only 5% are truly held accountable to the accountant or accounting firm - because most people cannot afford to have an "audited" financial statement connected to their business or tax returns.

So it is like most things in life - buyer beware - and good luck to you

How long does it take from Louisiana to Toronto?

boat,plane, bike, car, walking, crawling, skipping?!

What do you do when your job search is not working?

Look for Alternatives at the same time of hunting

When you are facing difficulty to to grab a job and even interview chances. You can try some other alternatives at the same time of your continued hunting.

First you sharpen your skills and build an attractive and appealing resume and be relaxed and confident. And just continue the hunting.

At the same time try to work as a freelancer or start your own business or earn money by blogging.

  1. There are a lot of websites for the source of freelance works websites like You can register there and grab the jobs that you can do and try to earn money. It will try to increase your skills also. If luck is there you will stop your hunting and will start a company from those works.
  2. Second option, if you have confidence and well plan and investments. You can start a small business. In that section everything depends on your plan , ability and confidence.
  3. Third and most recommended option is Blogging. yes now a days a huge number or people living based on the income from blogging ( or websites). You can find a topic that you can blog about and start writing.You should attract visitors and should get a nice traffic for earning. A lot of advertisement options like google adsense, adbrite, contera, infolinks etc are there. You can register with them an can put their adds on your website. They will pay you.

You can try any of these methods at the same time of your hunting. So you can earn money at the same time. If you are a hard worker and also have luck, Sure you will quit your job hunting and will find a huge earnings from these methods.

Best Of Luck

Please don't take this the wrong way, but may I say that 30 CV's in 3 months is not a lot. The average advertised position receives 250 applications. You need to be applying to 30 positions per day!

Try using Internet job sites. I'm not sure what there is in the US, but to get an idea try looking at the Related Links below. Agencies use these to advertise their vacancies as well as employers.

If you are finding it hard to get interviews, you need to find your selling point. Whatever it is that you can offer the company over and above all other applicants. Do or say something unique that will make you the one person out of 250 that they remember.

Last but not least, when you get that interview, stay focused, research the company before you go and remain cool, calm and professional.

Sign up for five or six general Internet job sites. Post your resume on each, and take time to be specific and make sure it clearly communicates your strengths and skills. Also sign up for four or five industry-specific sites.

Here's a hot tip: Employers pay most attention to the newest resumes. So, change something minor on your resume each week, and it will show up as "new."

Customize your written or email resume for each position, targeting their needs. If an ad requests "friendly, smiling people" mention your customer service award. If it requests a "team player" mention the projects you lead.

Emphasize your achievements and awards on the resume. Employers interview candidates, but they hire based on achievements.

Network with other professionals in your industry, the chamber of commerce, Rotary, and other organizations. You'll hear about the 75% of jobs that aren't advertised. Some job hunters have business cards printed up with their name, title, and contact info just for this purpose. (If you can't afford cards, you can get them free at the Related Link below. You pay only postage and handling.)

If money is tight, consider working for a temp service or taking a lower-level job in your field. The old adage that "it's easier to find a job when you have a job" is correct. And good luck! I know there's a great job out there for you.

It always takes me awhile to recover from the past job and then to find the next. Networking has always come through, but sometimes it takes months. I have several avenues to find "survival jobs" since it keeps me focused on the job hunt, keeps me out there and away from TV and pays the most basic expenses. Substitute teaching, temp jobs (I take anything, call first thing in the morning with availability: dressed and ready to go) and/or an evening job.


I agree with the past comments. I thought that I may provide an additional dimension. A road that is less travelled is one of looking for jobs that are not advertised. And I would advise to pursue this path if you are getting discouraged with submitting resumes. In the current job climate, the traditional approaches to finding jobs can be discouraging. The success rate of obtaining a job interview by applying to a posting on line is about 1%. This poor success rate is no reflection on an individual knowledge or ability to do the job. To the contrary, there are many outstanding professionals looking for jobs today. This limited success is a natural outcome of the level of competition for any given opening. Typically, a job posting will attract between 100 and 500 resumes, up to 1000 resumes in time of economic distress. However, if you seek a job that is not advertised or that does not exist yet, you will see your odds shift to above a 80% success rate. This is a logical result. For the jobs that do not exist yet, no one is applying for them, and hence, no one will compete with you. Furthermore, the job responsibilities are fluid and the compensation level undefined. This provides an exclusive opportunity for you to carve the role that best fits your interest, and to align the compensation level to your expectations. Finally, the time it takes to secure a job that did not exist or was not advertised tends to be faster, sometimes just a matter of days At the core is the importance to know where to look. So, let me take a couple of minutes of your time to recommend where the jobs that are not advertised reside as well as the jobs that do not exist yet but that will materialize when the company meets you. For clarification, I nicknamed each category. Maybe, you will see yourself in one of them.

1. THE PROBLEM SOLVER JOB A job that requires a solution that only you seem to have, and that addresses a problem that is preventing the company from earning more income, gaining more success, and standing above the competition. For this job to be meaningful it would need to bring additional benefits to the organization that exceeds the compensation level that you would be earning

2. THE VISIONARY JOB A job that rides on new technologies, or soon to emerge technologies or market future practices that are not yet deployed in the company but that would drastically change positively the company's business

3. THE SYNERGY JOB A job that "glues" company/organization internal gaps, often present in growing organizations that have some challenges maintaining synergy or communications between organizations. These new jobs are often ones of virtual oversight or organizations mediations.

The process to meeting the person who will hire you using this process goes along the following lines:

• Select two or three target companies that would be perfect for you and your background

• Find someone who works there (search on Internet, ask your network)

• Create something that you can share with this person, something that may be considered of value (quick market overview, some insights into some market development, some recommendations about doing business better, some network contacts that may be useful,...)

• Call this person to offer to share some pointers about the company, competition, market, recent papers, in exchange of a cup of coffee, lunch, etc.

• Meet the person, share the information, and show so much pleasure in talking with the person and excitement about the company, that is becomes a natural topic to ask who would be the right person to meet if down the line you wanted to get more involved with the company

• Call the recommended person and go through the same script.

• Throughout the process, refrain from telling them that you are looking for a job. The end goal is to get them so interested in you and your background and what you have to offer that they will start thinking about how to get you working with the company.

• Act cool and relaxed, interested but not desperate. Let him/her sell the opportunity to you. This will maintain your leverage power for a scope of work that is interesting and a compensation that can be negotiated to meet your expectations. Sometimes it is not easy to know what to as you follow this process. Enjoy the road less travel to your next job.

What is swift code for TD Canada Trust Thistletown?

The swift code for every TD bank in Canada is the same. When you input your transit number and account number it sends it to your specific branch. The easiest way to get your transit number is on your cheque book look for the 5 digit number just in front of your account number.

How far from Toronto to Collingwood?

it's like 1.48 mins exactly .. i googled it .

How long is the flight from Manchester England to Toronto Canada?

Manchester (MAN) to Toronto, ON (YTO)

Shortest Flight Duration 7 hours 50 mins

What Line of latitude closest to Toronto?

There's no such thing as "the closest line". There's no standard set of "lines"

that everybody must use. You can draw a line on your map at ANY latitude.

The main door of the terminal building at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

is located at 43.6316° north latitude

79.3959° west longitude. There are an infinite number of other points in Toronto, and most of them

are located at different latitudes.

Is Viking Collection Services trustworthy and are they a subsidiary of OSI collections?

Collection agencies are often one actual company with many different names. Finding out if one is affiliated with another is difficult at best. In some states they do not have to be licensed and have very little control placed on them. I am not certain why "trustworthy" would enter into the equation. The majority of CA's violate FDCPA laws, because consumer's let them.

AnswerIf by "trustworthy" you mean "collecting what is owed" then, yes, Viking is trustworthy. No, they are not a subsidiary of OSI. Believe me, I'm an employee. AnswerIf you have an experience with unethical collectors, don't call the BBB to report them. You should file a complaint with the Justice Department of your state's Attorney General's Office. Some states have consumer affairs agencies who should also be notified of All these types of collection agencies and their representatives. Please be advised that they do not use their real names, the reason being is fairly obvious. When ask the debt collector must give you the name of his employer and how they can be contacted, the employer must give the real name of the collector to any authorized state or federal agency or if ordered by the court for such reasons as the disclosure process concerning a lawsuit. AnswerOSI is a fraudulent company, they engage in many levels of misdirection. Also STC collections is owned by OSI collections.

-I have talked to Peter, Erica, Anna and John Cortez at the credit agency. They are all fake names, they refuse to give out the correct address, they only give out PO Boxes.

headlineOSI is not a fraudulent company, the only misdirection i know of is that osi is more interested in misleading their employees than their client's consumers.The reason for the po box addresses is because OSI eliminated the bookkeeping departments of all OSI offices except for the Brookfield,WI office.The names of the collectors OSI are not fake names.As for STC I have never heard of them. if they have anything to do with OSI collection services they would be owned by Union Financial Services Group inc and Viking is not owned by them either.I know this information because I was in the collection business for 8 years and 4 of them was with OSI. AnswerA lot of collectors use alias's rather than their real name. This can be done for two reasons, one being if a collector has a hard to pronounce or spell name, and the second being just personal protection. They use POboxes because its more convienient than having a ton of mail delivered every day directly to the office. If a collector violates the FDCPA, well, good luck getting it to court. Its hard to prove. The FDCPA was actually started by a couple southern senators who didn't like paying their bills. Maybe you should stop blaming collection agencys and start wising up on your spending habits. AnswerViking has violated the law several times and has paid the price. If they do, sue them and collect what they will then owe you. The coin has two sides. AnswerViking also offers a competitive loan program for those with sub-standard credit. Their auto loans range from 10% to 19% but typically easily obtained.


No. They are rude and are chasing after pennies. Unethical business.

They have several lawsuits pending.

See link below.

Do you have to replaster the entire pool to fix a crack in the plaster on one area?

No, the plaster can be patched. But how good the patch looks depends on several things like the color of the plaster, its age, and the person doing the patching. New, white plaster would be the easiest to patch while old, colored plaster would be more difficult to do satisfactorily.

How long is the flight time from India to Toronto?

19hr 30min Delhi (DEL) to Toronto Intl (YYZ) by a direct flight operated by Air India.

The flight stops at London Heathrow (LHR).

What department stores carry madeleine mono products?

I don't know about department stores, but it is available online @ Amazon carries her cosmetics too, but it is still via

How do you go about getting mental health help for an adult that refuses treatment?

There isn't much you can do.

You can't legally force someone to get treatment, unless you can prove they are incompetent, or that they are a danger to themselves or others. (There may be other circumstances but I'm not aware of them.) And laws probably vary from state to state.

If their condition is not that extreme, there is nothing you can do at all. If you can persuade, cajole, even coerce them to get help, it will be a wasted effort if they don't really want help or if they believe they don't need it.

It's just like dealing with a drug addict or an alcoholic. If they don't *want* help, no amount of treatment or therapy *will* help.

While it is true that "help will not be helpful unless it is wanted." However on some occasions one may not realize how much help is needed until they are able to see how beneficial medication may be. In my situation I was in a relationship with a man who became schizophrenic. I would trick him into taking his meds every day, and eventually he started feeling a lot more "normal" and he began taking his meds on his own.

Really there is nothing that you can do. My sister has a mental illness and we learned very quickly. What I can recommend to you is NAMI, the North American Alliance for Mental Illness. Here you can take a free 12 week class called Family to Family. You will learn a lot about disease processes, local laws, and what you can do as a relative. Its a great class and really helped my whole family. I hope that you will find s there.

Not only is there little you can do short of attempting to have the adult committed for being a danger to their self or others, or to have them adjudged mentally incompetent, their is little you should do.

If the adult is not a danger and is not incompetent, the belief that you have the right to govern the life of another adult human being is, at best, morally presumptuous. It would be no different to, for example, trick a Schizophrenic into taking their medication then it would to forcibly withhold food from someone you considered obese. You might think you are helping them solve a serious personal problem, but what you are in fact doing is depriving them of their right to self-determination.

Is lambtone college comes under spp Canada?



Where do you look for reasonably priced quality furniture?

  1. You want excellent quality, reasonable price and services , I recommend DREAMCLOUD DEALS. You can log in via this site DreamCloud: the luxury hybrid mattress combining the best of latex, memory foam, tufting and coil technology to provide the best sleep money can buy.

Where can a 14 year old work in Markham Ontario?

Mc donalds (some fast food places), grocery typically need to be 16 to have a 'real' part-time summer job.

But, you can work as a Counsellor in Training (CIT) at summer day camps with Markham Recreation. This will help you get jobs as a counsellor when you're 16.

Good luck!

Did the Toronto Blue Jays win two titles between '93 and '97?

No. But the Toronto Blue Jays did win the World Series in 1992 and 1993.

exactly. because of the fact joe carter hit a 3 run home run in the 9th inning in Game 6.

What are the best ways to get from Union Train Station in Toronto to Pearson Airport in Toronto?

Ride the subway to Lawrence West and ride the 58 Malton bus.

Or ride the subway/GO train to Kipling station and ride the 192 Airport Express