A tortilla is a type of thin flatbread made from finely ground wheat flour or corn flour. The dough is unleavened and pressed flat into circles before cooking.

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Where can you find a 10 tortilla press?

If you meant a 10" tortilla press, you would probably have better luck looking for a wooden one. Cast iron and aluminum tortilla presses are usually 6.5" or 8". You could also make your own which would allow you to make it any size you want.

It also depends on how many tortillas you're planning on making at one time. There are also larger commercial ones like at Tundra Restaurant Supply that range from 15" to 18". These larger ones all have metal plates.

Can rabbits eat tortillas?

No, rabbits can't eat tortillas. Rabbits shouldn't eat prepared "human" foods at all. Rabbits can't eat any animal products (meat, eggs, dairy), processed grains (including wheat and corn), starches, sugars, salts, or artificial and "natural" flavourings.

Aside from their commercial rabbit pellets, bunnies should eat whole foods: hay and fresh leafy greens. As a treat they can have small amounts of fresh fruit or vegetable, or whole grains (like oat groats -- this does NOT include oatmeal, rolled oats, or "whole grain" bread or other products made from whole grains -- just the whole grain itself, the groat).

See the related question below about a good rabbit diet.

Play the flying tortilla man?

it is a food game 1. you buy a tortia 2. u through it 3. u clean it up

Is it safe to eat moldy tortillas?

No. You can trim the mold off of hard cheeses, but not off of breads etc... Molds are hit or miss as to which are harmful. Better to go without eating than to eat mold.

Do corn tortillas go bad?

If they are fried then yes after many years if they are uncooked then they can grow mold.

What country did tortillas originate?

Mexico is the country where the corn tortilla originated thousands of years ago, although this includes territory that has since been taken over by the United States. The word "tortilla" also refers to several other things that have their origin in Spain.

How many tortilla chips are in an ounce?

Observe the weight measure on the bag that the chips are in. Example: If the bag has a net weight of four (4.0) ounces, then one quarter of the bag will be one ounce... etc. 1 ounce = approx 11 chips it is approx 28 gms ( its all depends on the thickness of chips)

How do I tone down my chili?

I guess that you have put too much chilli powder or chilli peppers into your chilli. The trith is that you can't do anything about to much chilli. the only thing is by diluting the chilli down with more sauce or add veg. Another way which is an old wives tale is to add a potatoe. this is supposed to absorb the acids causing the hotness.

Are tortilla chips vegan?

Yes, tortilla chips are made of corn.

Why does mold grow on white bread rather than tortilla?

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What is a tortilla made of?

A flour tortilla is made of flour, salt, oil (Lard) and water. Many recipes now list baking powder, which is not necessary as tortillas are an unleavened bread. Corn tortillas are made of masa harina (corn flour) and water.

Will chicken tortilla soup go bad if left unrefrigerated for one night?

It shouldn't do. 24 hours is hardly enough time for it to deteriorate.

It would have enough time for bacteria to build up. If you bring it to a boil, it will probably be okay, but I wouldn't serve it.

Why are tortillas good for Atkins diet and not bread?

Well for one if someone was under the induction phase into the Atkins diet they shouldn't be consuming tortillas nor bread. It's better to substitute those two for lettuce or cabbage for example if you are going to make tuna with bread just use lettuce instead to make tune rolls with lettuce. Hope this helps :)

Is corn tortillas gluten free?

it depends, not all of them are , it usually would say on the package.

Do corn tortillas have sugar in them?

From what I can tell, some of them have sugar and some don't. Be careful and check labels if you can.

It's an interesting question because corn itself does contain sugar. And corn flour also has some sugar. So, frankly, I don't believe the labels that have 0 sugar. I use to find nutritional information.