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The Toyota Venza is a midsize wagon that began production in 2008. Ask questions about Toyota Venza maintenance here.

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What is the tow capacity for a 1992 Toyota Corolla?

Good rule of thumb for towing, don't exceed the manufacture's rating. First, the tongue weight is one rating. Most hitch mfgs only rate for 200 lbs for this size vehicle. That is the MAXIMUM weight that can push "down" on the hitch. Loading greatly increases while in motion particularly on rough roads. Tow rating should not exceed about 50% of total vehicle weight. Guessing the Corolla weighs about 2,800-3,000 lbs, I would not be comfortable towing more than about 1,000 to 1,200 lbs for any distance. First, brakes are not that substantial and second, the driveline is taxed (particularly auto trans). If towing with an automatic, change the fluid every 15,000 miles to prevent fliud and transmission failure. Service the remainder of the vehicle more often also. (oil change, brake inspection, filter changes, tire preasure etc...)

With an automatic transmission you should also add a good transmission fluid cooler.

Where is the location of diagnosis connector OBD 2 for 2001 Toyota Camry V6?

Under the dash board on the driver side. Close to the hood release. Looking up from the brake pedal, you will see a white OBD2 port. For a real picture see link All that is available online at the Car wiki repair site;

Is wheel bearing damage car dangerous to drive?

yes the wheel can probly break loose or lock up which any of the two sucks at 65mph Yes, driving a car with wheel bearing damage is dangerous. The bearing will ultimately fail and the wheel will fall off - you certainly don't want this to happen on the highway, or anywhere else for that matter. Not only will you be endangering yourself, but also anyone else with you or someone who may be driving or passing by.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a Toyota Venza?

Resetting the maintenance Light

Switch the display to the trip meter A when the engine is running.

Vehicles with smart key system:

Turn the "ENGINE START STOP" switch off.

Vehicles without smart key system:

Turn the engine switch to the "LOCK" position.

Vehicles with smart key system:

While pressing the trip meter reset button, set the "ENGINE START STOP" switch to IGNITION ON mode (but do not start the engine because otherwise the reset mode will be canceled).

Continue to press and hold the trip meter reset button until the trip meter displays "000000".

Vehicles without smart key system:

While pressing the trip meter reset button, set the engine switch to "ON" position (but do not start the engine because otherwise the reset mode will be canceled). Continue to press and holdthe trip meter reset button until the trip meter displays "000000".

What do el saldo de tu cuenta paygo es 4.00 tu cuenta vence en 5 dias haz la recarga antes de que venza tu cuenta o perderas los fondos mean in English?

"The balance on your Paygo account is 4.00 Your account expires in 5 days. Please recharge before your account expires or you will lose your balance."

What is an ecm in a car?

ECM (engine control module) This is the brain of your vehicle. It takes in information from various sensors then sends out signals to items such as fuel injectors and timing to keep the engine running at its best for performance and fuel economy.

How does Toyota Venza anti-theft system work?

It doesn't work, I just had mine stolen two weeks ago!!

Ditto - our was just stolen from our driveway last night. It was locked and all keys are accounted for. Toyota has "no idea" how this is possible. Protect yourself and buy a Boomerang.

Does a Toyota Venza have a timing belt or a timing chain?

It has a timing chain as like most new Toyotas on the market.

What is the towing capacity of the Toyota Corolla 2009?

Tow capacity of the 2009 Toyota Corolla is 680kg or 1500lbs.

How often does the Toyota cabin air filter get changed?

It all depends on where you live. The cabin filter blocks out dust and smoke. I average about 50 to 60, 000 miles before I change mine. but you may live in a dusty area so it may require that you change your more often. Instructions come with the cabin air filter when you buy it. Check the box before you buy it. On a Toyota it's usually behind the glove box.

What is the music in the Toyota venza commercial?

Jonathan Elias - More to see The song is by Elias.... specifally composed for the Toyota commercial. Song name is "Thrive". You can find the free download of the mp3 here (Toyota website, bottom left corner under whats new) Enjoy!

What is the wheel base of the 2014 Toyota Venza?

The 2014 Toyota Venza has a 9 ft. 1.3 in. (109.3 in.) wheel base.

What ground clearance does the 2013 Toyota Venza have?

The ground clearance of the 2013 Toyota Venza is 0 ft. 8.1 in. (8.1 in.).

How can you reset airbag warning light on toyota hilux vigo?

It might reset if the battery is disconnected and left off for approximately 30 minutes. However, this may make some things harder to fix or void the warranty. The sanctioned way to reset the airbag warning light is complicated, and it is probably easier and safer to take the car to a mechanic.

How do you program a lift-master garage door opener to your new Toyota Venza?

  1. Clear out anything previously programmed into the in-car system from the factory by holding down on the 2-outside buttons simultaneously, until the in-car LED starts flashing rapidly. This may take up to a minute (in most cases, the key should be on auxilary, and/or the car door must be shut).
  2. Decide which button you want to make to be your in-car garage door transmitter. Hold your transmitter up near the selected button, pressing both the garage door remote and the selected in-car transmitter button simultaneously. Hold down on the buttons until the in-car, LED light flashes rapidly. This sets the in-car remote transmitter to be your garage door openers make transmitter, but you are not done. You now need to make this in-car transmitter your personal transmitter.

3. Go to the Learn Button on your garage door opener. The button is usually next to the area where the floppy antenna is connected to the motor head. With Genie it is most often behind the light lens, and an indicator light flashes red when pressed. With Sears or Liftmaster (Chamberlain) it is near, or part of, the terminal screw board, and is a red, green or purple square button with a green, amber or purple indicator light. Press this learn button momentarily. The indicator light will turn on and blink if Genie or otherwise stay lit. For Genie systems, go back to the in-car transmitter button you programmed and press this button 3 or 4 times, or until the door starts moving. This should set your in-car transmitter to your garage door opener. For Liftmaster, Sears, or Linear Megacode press and hold the in-car button you programmed until the garage opener light flashes. Your in-car is now programmed to operate your door.

How do you change the rear wiper blade on venza?


(a) D is engage the 4 c laws and remove the rear wiper arm

head cap as shown in the illustration.

Where are Toyota venza made?

My 2013 Venza was made in Georgetown, KY

Can you help in getting bluetooth cellular phone service activated in a 2009 venza?

All I want is some help in getting the bluetooth phone service in the new 2009 venza up and running. Why all of this thing about a user name and password. It has been so frustrating trying to find some answers to this question. We just bought the car 2 days ago after looking at Hyundai genisis, Mercedes c. Volkswagon before we saw the venza. We ttraded in our second Hyundai Eserra and are very happy with the car. However, I would just like some help in getting the bluetooth phone survive up and running.

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What is the city and highway range of the 2009 Toyota Venza in miles?

The EPA range estimate for the 2009 Toyota Venza is 371.7 mi. in the city, 513.3 mi. on the highway.