Tracy Beaker Series

First published in 1991, “The Story of Tracy Beaker” is a British children’s book written by Jacqueline Wilson. The book revolves on the adventure of a 10-year-old girl in a foster home.

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What does Dani harmer wear when she's not filming?

i filmed with her recently (i was an extra for tracey beaker returns). all i can say is, normal clothing! she had a pair of purple ugg boots on when i saw her, and a black thin jacket (long trim). if you look at some clips of her doing talks on bbc, you can get an idea of her design.

What colour is Montana Thompson?

She is tanned, not black, a healthy tan that many girls like me would love.

She has dark hair, which makes her skin appear darker.

Who is Shelley in the story of Tracy Beaker?

Shelley Appleton is played by Nicola Reynolds

In series 3, she takes over from jenny Edwards (sharlene whyte, now in Waterloo road) as head care-worker.

when the kids move to cliffside, Shelley leaves as head and is replaced by Sid (vincenzo pellegrino)

she returns in the middle of series 5 as temporary head careworker, joint with elaine (nisha nayar) and left as head in episode 15, replaced by mike (connor byrne) continuing through the rest of the series and series 1 and 2 of Tracy beaker returns.

How can you play a role in Tracy Beaker Returns?

If you REALLY wanted a role then i would suggest going to the BBC studio's in London and asking them if they were looking for any guest appearences or any permenant characters, Which i dought. You would have to bring some kind of document about yourself and your age, size, weight, height, hair colour or something, but im not sure!

They would probably be looking for,

30 year olds who could play Cab drivers, police men, social workers, foster parents or just parents

4 to 16 year olds for children in care, friends outside of elmtree home, sisters or brothers or even daughters or sons of foster families.

Not to mention that they might need people of any kind or any age to play people in the background.

Hope i helped!

How old is Mia McKenna-Bruce?

UK actress Mia McKenna-Bruce is 20 years old (born July 3, 1997).

What is the Tracy beaker returns episode Goodbye Tracy Beaker about?

Its about when tracy obvouisly leaves the DG coz justine littlewood takes the mick sayin that tracy has returned to the DG due to the fact when tracy was young she wanted to leave.So is it really true that tracy will be leavin? No one knows u will just have to watch the last episode!! ;)

How old is harry from tracy beaker returns?

in Tracy beaker he is actually playing a 5 yr old but in real life he is actually 5

Who plays crash in the story of Tracy beaker?

The person who plays Crash is Darragh Mortell (who also plays Jack in Danis house with Dani Harmer :)

Do Tracy Beaker Returns need someone to act?

No, they have finished filming Tracy Beaker returns forever now. And the producers ask casting agencys for specifc people anyway :(

How old is elektra Tracy beaker returns?

in tracy beaker returns elektra is 13 yearsold and in real life she is 16

Tracy beaker characters name and last name?

Tracy is her first name and beaker is her last name

Who plays Tracy Beaker's Mum?

Tracy's mum is cam lawson and cam is played by Lisa Coleman :) hope this helps

I <3 Mia Mckenna Bruce