Traffic Lights and Signals

Traffic lights are devices that allow for alternating flows of traffic. They signal to drivers when it is time to slow down, stop, or go. They help to ease traffic congestion in highly traveled areas.

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How do you park near a traffic light?

Unless you are referring to a comnmercial vehicle whose height would obscure the signal to approaching traffic, you only need comply with normal parking restrictions which may, or may not, be posted.

What does the yellow traffic light mean?

It's a cautionary signal to inform you that the light is about to change to red. If you can stop within reason, you're expected to.

How was a traffic light invented?

the traffic light was invented because back in the day people didnt know what to do when driving and cars were new and to prevent people from crashing and accidents they invented the traffic light

Could the fuel filter be the problem if your car has a rough idle when stopped at a traffic light?

Yes it could. Why not replace it? It's cheap and most people never do until they stall some dark lonely night.

It depends on what kind of car and what engine you have. Go ahead and replace the fuel filter although I don't think it will cure the rough idle. If you have a carburetor, it may need cleaning or adjusting. If you have fuel injection, try some injector cleaner in the tank.

What does A traffic light with a flashing red signal means?

When you see flashing red lights at a 4-way stop Light instead of normal traffic signals you should approach the intersection as if it was a 4-way stop sign, alternating N/S and E/W lanes proceeding through the intersection, one car at a time.

Typically this type of situation happens when the traffic signal system is malfunctioning.

What might cause a 1988 Tercel to vibrate when stopped at a stop sign or traffic light?

Hey Ben==Have the engine tuned up and have the motor and trans supports checked. GoodluckJoe

What does a red traffic light mean what a flashing red traffic light mean?

a red traffic light means stop and a red blinking flashing light means its a stop sign

How much does car insurance raise after a red traffic light violation?

Each insurance company has their own policy, therefore you would need to check with that particular company. Was there an accident? What state did the violation occur? Do you have a license for that state?

Did Shel Silverstein write traffic light?

Yes, he did, it was in his book called "Where The Sidewalk Ends"

What makes the traffic light so important?

Traffic lights are important because they regulate traffic safely and make movement of traffic smoother and faster at intersections.

Who invented the traffic light?

The traffic light, as we know it today, actually went through a few phases of invention.

1868 - JP Knight created a signal based on red and green gas lamps. It took an officer to operate it. It exploded about one month later and injured the officer on duty.

1912 - Lester Wire invented the first electric traffic light. It was also based off of the red and green system.

1914 - James Hoge improved upon the system by adding a buzzer to notify drivers that the light would soon be changing colors.

1920 - William Potts made a four way signal. Potts replaced the buzzer with a yellow light.

1923 - Garrett Morgan added a mechanical linkage to allow officers to operate the signal from a distance.

I feel vibration in steering wheel when i stop at traffic light what is the answer?


New front brake disks (in the US i think they call them Rotors??) most probably.
Perhaps, but much less likely, a worn component on the front suspension somewhere.

If it is at a complete stop, your vehicle may need a tuneup or you may have a vacuum leak

What yellow mean in a traffic light?

It's a cautionary light. A solid yellow light is an indication that the light is about to change to red. If you are unable to reasonably come to a stop before the intersection, you are expected to proceed. If you can come to a stop before reaching the intersection, you are expected to stop in anticipation of the red light.

What is the 'Point of No Return' in regards to a traffic light?

If you are approaching the intersection at speed limit, and the traffic light changes to amber/yellow at 100 feet or less, that's the point of no return. Slamming the brakes will cause you to stop at or near the cross traffic.

What does a green arrow mean you can do when it is showing at the same time as a red traffic light?

If you are in the lane governed by the arrow proceed carefully in the direction of the arrow after yielding the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians. If you do not intend to go in the direction of the arrow and you are not in that lane, you have to wait for a green arrow, or a full green light.

If you are in the 'green arrow' lane by mistake, you should move anyway, or you may annoy many people.
Means that you may proceed in the direction of the arrow, if you are in the proper lane and the roadway is clear.
It means that you may make a move IN THE DIRECTION THE ARROW POINTS ONLY.
It means that vehicles wishing to move in the direction the arrow points can go. Ayy other maneuver is prohibitted.
you can turn wichever way the green arrow is pointing but you have to be in the proper lane for such a turn and you must yield the right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians within the intersection
If going straight, it means you must stop until the light turns green. You are permitted to turn in whatever direction the green arrow is pointing.
A green arrow with a red traffic light means you have a protected turn with oncoming traffic stopped at a red light. Then when the green arrow turns yellow and then you have a green light, you have to yield to opposing traffic, but you may still make your turn when the opposing traffic has cleared.

Why might a 1994 Bonneville stop moving at a traffic light where the engine revved but the car would not move?

If it's automatic, check the fluid. Low fluid will do that.

I had a similar problem, the car was very slow to start moving. The cause was the transmission range switch was loose and out of adjustment. Another way to tell if this is the problem is to turn the ignition switch on and put it in reverse. If the back up lights do not come on and the bulbs are good, then this could be your problem also. Hope that helps!

Why does it start Subaru 4wd 1.8 auto car starts but when you stop at traffic light it turns off then cant start it until 5 minutes later it cranks sometimes wont start at all after parked for while?

Hello, i have simillar problem. I live in Sweden and i have Volvo 440, when i start the car it works for almost 5 to 10 minutes, then suddenly turns off and i wont be able to start it again until 5 minutes, or sometimes it wont start again. Please help me.

Do traffic light cameras affect insurance?

It depends on the laws in your state or jurisdiction. The state I live in does not allow photo tickets to become part of your official driving record. Why would it matter? If you went thru the red light, you are guilty of a driving offense, right? So of course the insurance company will see that as a sure sign that you are a bad driver and raise you rates, accordingly. It does not matter if you got caught by a camera or a human in a uniform, you still blew the light, right? WRONG, dont listen to that last answer. There are many reasons you can get a ticket and not be responsible. Reason #1 your spouse or another family memeber could have used your car with/without permission and gotten one. Dispute it with the court within 15 days if possible and your case will be dismissed. They cannot prove in anyway that you were driving because they didnt physically pull you over to see, so the above answer is wrong! Will it affect your insurance, most likely it will, atleast in most states as long as you got a ticket, you will be affected unless you dispute it. What effect do red light/speeding camera tickets have on your car insurance premium? According to Dave Roush, CEO of, the tickets are categorized as a civil penalty, so they normally don't result in points on the offender's driving license nor do they impact the driver's auto insurance rate. Roush also notes that the best defense is to always drive with caution and care. Following these measures will help you maintain a good driving record and a lower auto insurance rate.