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The movement or transfer of people from one location to another through a journey is travel. Planes and trains will take you far, but wherever you go, there you are! Whether you're traveling across a state or around the world, questions about locations, travel times, and anything related to traveling should be asked in this category. Happy traveling!

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Socioeconomic variables and their effects on travel?

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A. Age B. Income and Social Status C. Education D. Life stages of the Family for more info. read the book "Principles of Tourism"
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What city is located at 6' S and 106' E?

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Lebakdenok, West Java, Indonesia
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Why does coke taste different?

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depending if the coke is real or what it has been cut with will make it taste different.
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Where did Greek mythology spread spread to?

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It spread throughout Europe, and was adopted by Rome. AL though Roman Mythology differed slightly from Greek Mythology, it was still based on it.
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What is the biggest cave in the world?

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The biggest cave in the world is Sơn Đoòng cave in Vietnam. It has a volume of nearly 40 million cubic kilometers. Inside, there’s a river, two jungles, and a localized climate. It was discovered in the early 1990s, and nobody returned until 2009. A man named Ho Khanh first found it while hunting—he’d heard wind and the flow of the river inside. However, on return trips, he couldn’t find the cave again. He searched for it for years before he finally led researchers to it more than a decade later. Now, a limited number of people can explore it each year.
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What does a star on a map usually mean?

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A star represents the capital of the area, whether it be a state or a country. For example, if you are looking at a map of the state of New York, the city of Albany would be indicated with a star since it is the capital of New York.
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Four types of tourist?

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couples family es business independent school groups special interest groups vafaf retired independent travelers that's all i know
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Which two countries share a border with the great lakes?

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Canada and the United States border the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Erie, Michigan, Superior)
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Why aeroplane don't make noise during night flying as compared to day flying?

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They make the same level of noise in day and night. However, the impact may differ slightly (not noticeable) based on weather conditions.
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Getting a American visa for british citizens?

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British Citizens with a british passport issued by the IPS can enter the US without a Visa under the Visa waiver programme, but they must register with the American embassy prior to departure. It is the same rule for most of the old European bloc.
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What is the fee of anti money laundering certificate from UK embassy?

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see money laundry certificate is for money was come legal and its not a anti terrosit money .
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What is a very large farm or ranch called?

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A very large farm is sometimes also called a ranch.
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What do colors other than blue often show on the map?

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On maps, these colors often show land, vegetation, cities, mountains, and many other features.
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What is the area of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park?

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The area of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is 99.929 square kilometers.
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How are the Gran Chaco and the pampas different?

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The Gran Chaco isn't a very good place for growing crops because it is a very hot and dry land usually, the pampas is a good place to grow crops because it is one of the most fertile part of the country
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Definition of the direct and indirect components of the tourism network?

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please answer this question :D i also dont know haha :)) English answer please not other language can't understand :)
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The Aleutian Islands are part of which state?

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The Aleutian Islands are part of Alaska
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What body of water separates africa from europe?

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The Mediterranean Sea to the south separates Europe from Africa. The Mediterranean Sea
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What body of water separates Africa and Europe?

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The Mediterranean Sea separates Africa and Europe.