Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease, caused by a protozoan parasite, that almost only affects women. Men can carry the parasite for several years without symptoms.

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Can trichomoniasis kill you?

No. Trich is considered the most common curable STD. However, trichomoniasis may increase your risk of getting or passing other sexually transmitted infections like HIV. To ensure that you're safe from this infection, you may check out reliable and private test kits like to get tested.

Does ciprofloxacin cure trichomoniasis?

No , ciprofloxacin is not used against protozoal infections , as Trichomonas is protozoan parasite , it cant be cured by ciprox but it is treeted by anti protozoal metronidazole .Trichomoniasis can usually be cured with the prescription drug metronidazole given by mouth in a single dose.

Ciprofloxacin (brand name: Cipro) -An antibioticthat stops multiplication of bacteria by inhibiting the reproduction and repair of their genetic material (DNA). Ciprofloxacin is used to treat infections of the skin, lungs, airways, bones, and joints that are caused by susceptible bacteria. Ciprofloxacin is also frequently used to treat urinary infections caused by bacteria such as Escherichia coli. Ciprofloxacin is effective in treating infectious diarrheas caused by E. coli, Campylobacter jejuni, and shigella bacteria.

Metronidazole (brand name: Flagyl) -An antibiotic , anti protozoal and anti amoebic used to fight infections caused by a class of bacteria called anaerobic bacteria as well as some protozoan parasites. Metronidazole is used for infections of the small intestine, amebic liver abscesses, dysentery and trichomonas vaginal infections. It also is used to treat infections of the colon caused by the bacterium, Clostridium difficile. Taking metronidazole with alcohol is dangerous as it can cause nausea, vomiting, cramps, flushing and headache. Pregnant mothers and nursing mothers should not use metronidazole. Side effects of metronidazole, although they are few, include seizures and nerve damage that can lead to numbness and tingling of the hands and feet.
It is not the drug of choice. Trichomoniasis can be treated successfully with a one-day or seven-day course of antibiotics. The antibiotic metronidazole is usually the antibiotic of choice. Sexual intercourse of any kind should be avoided until all symptoms disappear.

How soon do you get symptoms after getting trichomoniasis?

Usually 5 to 28 days after exposure to trich do symptoms start to show.

What is the treatment for trichomoniasis?

Treatment drugs per the CDC for Trich is:

Metronidazole 2 g orally in a single dose

Tinidazole 2 g orally in a single dose.
The usual treatment is a single large dose of metronidazole, or split doses over the course of a week.
Metronidazole (flagyl)
Taking the antibiotic flagyl (metronidazole) cures trich.
You must take an antibiotic; flagyl is the drug of choice.

Can you get trichomoniasis orally?

Trich doesn't live in the mouth.


According to, trichomonas is solely a genital infection.

But there are cases, of which I have one now in the hospital with HIV, with oral trichomonas transmitted through oral sex.
no it cant survive in the anus or mouth.
Trich can be passed orally, but it is not common.
Trichomonas does not affect the mouth. Trichomoniasis affect the vagina and urethra.
Yes you can get trichomoniasis in the mouth and throat.
Yes, trichomoniasis can be transmitted oral.

What is trichomoniasis?

It is a protozoa infection.
Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a protozoa or parasite.
Trich is a STD caused by a protozoa.
Trich (trichomoniasis) is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a protozoa.
Trichomoniasis, sometimes referred to as "trich"(not trick)is a common STD. It is caused by the single-celled protozoan parasite Trichomonas vaginalis. Trichomoniasis is primarily an infection of the genitourinary tract; the most common site of infection is the urethra and the vagina in women. It is most common in women and uncircumcised men. For uncircumcised men, the most common site for the infection is the tip of the penis.
Trichomonas is a sexually transmitted disease. It often does not have a lot of symptoms so people can be infected for a long time without knowing it.
its a sexual transmitted infection cause by parasite but it can also be transmitted throughout underwear if some has it a wear your underware you can catch it too or if you practise oral sex an you have a cut in your mouth you can catch it like that as soon as you find out that you have contracted that infection go to your doctor it is very treatable but if left alone it can cause problem wit getting pregnant.
It is a sexually transmitted decease
Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection that in women can cause a foul-smelling vaginal discharge, genital itching and painful urination. Men who have trichomoniasis typically have no symptoms. Pregnant women who have trichomoniasis are at higher risk of delivering prematurely.

To prevent reinfection with the organism that causes trichomoniasis, both partners should be treated. The most common treatment for trichomoniasis involves taking one megadose of metronidazole (Flagyl). Infection can be prevented by using condoms and spermicide.

How is trichomoniasis transmitted?

Generally trich is transmitted via sexual contact; but it can be transmitted by use of a towel or wacloth directly after an infected person used it.

You can catch trich by using infected bathing suits, towels, and wash cloths.

TRichomonas vaginalis (a protozoan - the smallest, single-celled members of the animal kingdom) causes Trichomoniasis, an infection of the genital and urinary tract, and is passed almost 100% of the time through sexual contact. The infection is serious for women, infection in men may cause mild or no symptoms.

Can trichomoniasis present itself to look like genital herpes?

Not to my knowledge, on the contrary, Trichomoniasis usually has more specific symptoms, other than irritation at the genital area (which to some people can look like the same feeling coming from blisters due to genital herpes, but not necessarily)

In females; usually a thick yellow-green/gray discharge from the vagina occurs, unpleasant vaginal odor and painful urination. Itching also occurs in the genital area

In males; usually a thin whitish discharge from the penis, accompanied by pain during urination as well.

What STD is caused by a protozoan?

Trichomoniasis is caused by a protozoan.
Trichomonas vaginalis is the protozoa that causes trichomoniasis.
Trichomoniasis is a STD caused by a protozoa.
Tichomonasis is an infection by a protozoan most commonly spead through sexual intercourse.

How long can you have trichomoniasis?

You can carry trichomonas until it is treated properly. It will not resolve on its own. The symptoms may improve, but the causative organism is still present can can still cause problems both for the infected individual, and also for any future partners they may have.
Symptoms usually appear in 4-28 days after sexual intercourse with an infected partner.

The infection usually remains there unless treatment by antiprotozoals takes place, e.g. metronidazole and tinidazole

Trichomoniasis does not affect your life span.

How long can you have trichomoniasis without having symptoms?

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It does not lay dormant; but it doesn't have serious side effects either.
Yes you can have trich STD for 30 years.
Yes you can, I have had it for at least 6 months and never knew I had it until I gotten pregnant. I noticed a foul smell and heavy discharge.
It will not lay dormant, but there may be no signs of infection as well.

Does penicillin cure trichomoniasis?

Penicillin is ineffective against trichomoniasis.

No it can not; you need to take metronidazole (flagyl).

No. Penicillin is useless for trichomonas infection. You have to use metronidazole (brand name Flagyl) or other imidazole derivative for that purpose.

Penicillin will not treat trich.

Penicillin will not prevent or treat trichomoniasis.

Penicillin won't cure trich; flagyl is usually prescribed to cure trich.

you would likely need a stronger antibiotic such as Zithromax. It's always best to consult a doctor if you think you have an std. There are a couple different types of chlamydia infection. Only your doctor can determine which one you may have. Zithromax treats both strands. refer to wikipedia for more info on zithromax.

Does Clindamycin cure trichomoniasis?

Clindamycin can't be used to treat trich.
Clindamycin won't cure trich.
No it can not; flagyl is used to treat trich.

Does trichomoniasis affect future fertility?

Trichomoniasis: Trichomoniasis is an infection that can cause yellow-green vaginal discharge and pain with sex or when emptying the bladder. It can increase the risk of having a preterm baby. Rarely, the new baby can get the infection during delivery and have a fever after birth. I've had four babies since I was diagnosed with trich before I got married. So no it does not prevent you from having a baby.
Chances would be very slim, but not impossible. Trichomoniasis or any kind of infection would thin out your uterine lining, and in order to become pregnant, you would need to have a thick and healthy lining that a fertilized egg may burrow into. If the egg cannot implant itself into the lining, you cannot become pregnant.
A prior trich infection will not hurt your chances of getting pregnant.

What are the signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis?

Trich will cause mild irritation to severe inflammation in the genital area. Men with trich may have itching or irritation inside the penis, burning after urination or ejaculation, or some discharge from the penis. Women with trich may have itching, burning, redness or soreness of the genitals, discomfort with urination, or a thin discharge with a fishy smell, and a discharge that can be clear, white, yellowish, or greenish.
The symptoms of trichomoniasis can develop months later. the women and the men can be infectet. The symptoms in men are abnormal discharge, a burning feeling after urination; in women abnormal musty or fishy odor, pain, diskomfort etc.
The symptoms of trichomoniasis in women are foul-smelling vaginal discharge, pain with urination, and sometimes a red rash at the external genitals. Some women will not have symptoms at all. Men may have penile discharge or painful urination, or no symptoms.
See the information from the CDC for the symptoms of trich.
Tricchomonis is generally a std but it may be transmitted through no sexual contact with infected articles because it can last for a long time outside the body. Carriers of Tricchomonis vaginalis may be asymptomatic for many years until changes in vaginal or urethral conditions encourage an outbreak of the disease. A decrease in resident bacteria, injury to vaginal tissues and development of leisons from other std's or from cancer can activate the organism. Symptoms include redness,itching,swelling and burning of the genital area. Pain with intercourse and voiding and frothy, foul smelling discharge. Women are more susceptible to HIV if exposed. Women who are expectant are at risk for preterm delivery and low-birth weight babies.

What can cause painful urination?

Bladder infection for one !!
if it hurts to go pee, you really should go to a doctor to get it checked out it could be a major thing or it could be that it is dirty down there but still GO TO A DOCTOR BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY BECAUSE IT COULD BE A STD. GO TO A DOCTOR.
Yes. Disuria (burning when you urinate) is a classic symptom of gonorrhea. You and your partner(s) need to seek treatment immediately. Do not have sex again until both you and your partner have been treated. Treatment will cure gonorrhea but will not confer any immunity. Unlike chicken pox, you can get gonorrhea as many times as you come into contact with it so it is extremely important that all partners be treated before resuming sexual relations. Can you get this even if you wore a condom? I was only unpotected with oral sex. Can I have been affected that way?

Can you get trichomoniasis from kissing?

No. It is an STD contracted by genital to genital contact.

What causes trichomoniasis?

Trichomonas (an STD) is caused by a protozoa - single cell organism.

Can trichomoniais turn into chlamydia?

Trichomoniasis can't turn into chlamydia, but it's not unusual for someone to be infected by both.

Trichomoniasis cannot turn into chlamydia. It is possible to be infected with both, though.

What type of microbe causes trichomoniasis?

No, protozoa
Trichomonas is a protozoan
Trichomonas is a parasite. It is sexually transmitted.

It should not be confused with trichinosis which is contracted by eating infected undercooked pork.

How does trichomoniasis affect your body?

From google health effects are (see related link):


Discomfort with intercourse

  • Itching of the inner thighs
  • Vaginal discharge (thin, greenish-yellow, frothy or foamy)
  • Vaginal itching
  • Vulvar itching or swelling of the labia
  • Vaginal odor (foul or strong smell)
  • Burning after urination or ejaculation
  • Itching of urethra
  • Slight discharge from urethra

There are no serious long term effects on the body. Symptoms, per the related link are:

At times, symptoms in women may include the following:

  • abdominal distress
  • dyspareunia, or painful sexual intercourse
  • painful urination
  • vaginal discharge

In men, trichomoniasis can cause the following conditions:

  • epididymitis, which causes testicular pain
  • penile ulcers, or painful, open sores on the penis
  • urethritis, which causes painful urination

Does a positive test for trichomoniasis mean you also have gonorrhea or chlamydia?

You will need to be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia. You can have trich without having gonorrhea and chlamydia, but many infected with trich have gonorrhea or chlamydia or both.

How long does it take to cure trichomoniasis?

Typically, trichomonas is treated with a single two gram dose of metronidazole. After that, you may be contagious for a week until the cure is complete.
It will take up to 2 weeks to be cured from Trich after treatment.
Trichomoniasis can be cured with prescription drugs given by mouth in a single dose. The symptoms of trichomoniasis in infected men may disappear within a few weeks without treatment. However, an infected man, can continue to infect or re-infect a female partner until he has been treated. Therefore, both partners should be treated at the same time to eliminate the parasite. Sources:- GenericLanoxin(dot)com

You need to go to a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physicians' assistant and get medication. Many people go to the public health department. You will have a swab taken from your genitals for examination; you find out right away if you are infected. Get your partner tested, and throw out your sex toys (there is no good way to get all the germs off of sex toys to the best of my knowledge).

Metronidazole can be given in one 2 gram dose or 500mg twice a day for one week. Sometimes this needs to be repeated. you should feel better after the medication in a few days. Go back to the doctor if you are not sure you are all better.
Normally, it takes trichomoniasis seven days to go away after single-dose treatment. Patients should abstain from sex, even with a condom, until treatment is complete. If you still have symptoms a week after single-dose treatment, abstain from sex and see your health care provider for repeat testing, as antibiotic resistance is increasingly common.
About 2 weeks to completely kill the protozoa.

Is trichomoniasis curable?

Yes by antibiotics.
Trichomoniasis is normally curable with 2 grams of metronidazole. Problems with antibiotic resistance have been reported, and a person with continued or recurrent symptoms after treatment should return to their health care provider for reassessment.
Yes, it is sensible to some antibiotics. ---- Yes, trichomoniasis can be cured, however, if your sexual partner is not treated as well, you may become re-infected. Metronidazole is an effective antibiotic and comes in oral and gel forms.
Yes; the antibiotic flagyl (metronidazole) will cure trich.
The antibiotic flagyl (metronidazole) is taken to cure trich.
Trich (trichomoniasis) is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a protozoa, and it is curable by the antibiotic flagyl (metronidazole).
You must take antibiotics to get rid of the infection.