Truck Racing

These trucks -- pick-up trucks, heavy trucks, formula trucks, monster trucks, Nascar trucks, etc. -- generally race on closed circuits, road courses and in stadiums. In addition, this sub-category covers drivers, teams, owners, manufacturers, point standings and winners.

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Where can you download monster trucks for insane?

that link allows you to download all mods ever uploaded to insane heat

How fast can a monster truck go?

The average is around 70mph, 113KM/H.

Please see related link below.

What is an alternative term for 'grave digger'?

Is it not a 'ghoul'? A friend of mine has been a grave digger for 25 years for the city of Springfield, Vt. His formal job title as a city worker is Grave Sexton.

Is there away to buy the old TNT monster truck series races on DVD?

Looked High and Low it doesn't appear that you can. You could try contacting TNT directly they would know.


How do you get a Cummins to blow smoke?

If it's an older Cummins (any 5.9L model), the cheapest way is to just cut the muffler off up to the engine and run a straight pipe clear out the back. Then SCT Tune the truck and you'll be making great power and blowing plenty of that black smoke on the Prius at the stop light! If it's a newer 6.7L Cummins you will have to install a DPF Delete Kit. DPF stands for "diesel particulate filter." It catches all of the smoke and emissions that is coming from the engine. You install this pipe and the truck will be straight piped for blowing plenty of that black smoke!

How do you time a 1993 2.3L Isuzu truck?

Timinghere is how u time a 93 Isuzu 2.3l. there is an arrow on the cam gear u set it at straight up and down and if u pull the timing belt cover off there is a notch out of the crank gear u aline it dead on the bold above it and u should be in time if u get a timing spec sheet u will understand what im talking about

What number is Kyle Busch in the Truck Series?

Currently, Kyle Busch drives the #51 part-time in the Nascar Camping World Truck Series.

Who does Jeffrey Earnhardt drive for?

Jeffrey Earnhardt drives for Rick Ware Racing in the Nascar Camping World Truck Series.

Did Tom Meents drive grave digger?

No. Tom Meents has driven Team Meents, Goldberg, and Maximum Destruction.

Does anyone have grave digger go kart for sale?

We have a Grave Digger go kart by Carter Bros. for sale if you're still interested.

Where did Ricky Carmichael go to school?

he was home schooled so he could travel to races. He went to Leon high school in Tallahassee.