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Are there any UFO sightings that have been proven?

This isn't really proven or anything but it is very interesting and facinating

Please search: Leonardo de Vinci UFO Painting

So when you asked: "Have Their been any UFO sightings proven" I thought of this painting.

My reasoning is why would a extremely smart scientist and Painter paint a UFO in the background about 500 years ago when UFO's weren't even a thing yet? Did Leonardo really see a UFO?


According to the head of the secret Pentagon program they say that: " it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt".

How do you start a speech on crop circles?

With the statement that you feel all of the circles were made by people from and on the earth. There is no evidence that says otherwise. Most of your audience will leave. Tell them as they go." The Earth goes around the Sun".

What does a UFO look like at night?

usually it is said that a UFO looks bright and glowing at night-time. Sometimes it can be a rounded oval type of shape.

How can you have ufos on your page on howrse?

You can let people win UFO's off your page by using the Pegasus account (look on your pass page).

If you mean how can you find UFO's on a page, it's just luck! Keep visiting pages to find some!

Why did the flying saucer have UFO printed on it?

After doing graphs for math the answer was "IT TOOK UNLEADED FUEL ONLY"

What does CRUD stand for?

Chalk River Unidentified Deposits

Are UFOs real or just a myth?

A difficult question. UFO's are certainly and indisputably real. UFO means 'Unidentified Flying Object'. If something is seen apparently flying, and it is unidentified, it is at least for the moment an unidentified flying object. So this can include a myriad of objects from weather balloons to light aircraft.

Usually at issue is whether or not UFO's are in fact alien ships, or perhaps secret test flights of new technology. These conclusions are speculations that are matters of opinion.

So, yes, there have been many flying objects that observers couldn't identify. Of course, not many people are good observers, and even "trained" observers, such as pilots, have often misidentified things they have seen in the sky. The number of UFOs which, after formal investigation, remain unidentified, is a small though significant proportion of the number of reported cases. Theories as to what these unidentified objects are ranger widely from psychological or spiritual experiences to solid machines of unknown and possibly extra-terrestrial origin. There is NOproof that these UFOs come from outer space, or that they have an extraterrestrial origin.

AnswerJudging by the grouping, I assume you're interested in "Alien" spacecraft. My personal feelings are that they are a myth. With our current knowledge of physics, nothing is able to travel faster than the speed of light. In fact, nothing we know is able to even come close to the speed of light. Our fasted object is Voyager 1, which is travelling at around 30,000 MPH. Our nearest star is around 4.2 light years away, so Voyager would reach it in 74,000 years. So with our current knowledge, travel to the distant stars is impossible.

Our Galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years across and we reside about 25,000 light years from the center, lets say, we have a craft that can travel faster than the speed of light or even use worm holes or other exotic space travel options. Why would you go to all that trouble and not make yourself known. Why pick a solitary pickup driver, in an isolated place for a candidate of interstellar investigation, Our position in the galaxy puts us on the outer edge of the galaxy, so if there are any inter planetary explorers, there are MANY more interesting objects closer to home than us.

The chances that an UFO from an extraterrestrial has landed or even landed on Earth is highly unlikely.

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What are the different types of aliens?

We do not know this because the aliens had never actually been captured by us humans or even seen properly to determine its types but according to the myths they are either "the little green men" or the red ones.

Are there aliens in Area 51?

There was unusual flying objects in the sky, and it was getting closer to the army base, it landed in the army base and armies tried to shoot the creatures that just came out, hours later, those creatures escaped, the next day, scientists tried to figure out what happened, but they can’t, one day the creatures came back, and there are more creatures than last time, the armies won, they captured them and placed them in a lab, they want to test them, but they escaped, but one day they came back again, they got captured again, and after the armies captured them, the creatures never escaped again, they’re locked in a room, that no one can find. And that’s all I know

Are crop circles the work of a cereal killer?

Husk,Husk! How RYE you are. WHEAT can't be sure about this. A rather CORNY question to ask. Strange BRAN of humor you've got there. I can BARLEY figure it out myself. They will find out when it's the RICE time,OK! Hmmmm, You planted a SEED in my mind. Actually, it's three cereal killers. They are called Snap, Crackle and Pop! I can see that there is a KERNEL of hope for those who have replied to this thread. Be aware that some items above are spelt incorrectly. This item really goes against the grain... The clan gets together in certain weather conditions to do their work and enjoy the interest it attracts. But it is all about the stars and the ritual that keeps this secret society developing their patterns. It would be interesting to know who is in this secret society, but it is an old society. As the reports of crop circles have been around for a long time, the society might reach back to the Dark Ages, when food was scarce. Perhaps the members simply needed the rye.

What does the term UFO stand for?

The term UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object.

Is the US hiding something sinister in Area 51?

Unfortunately, no one knows. Area 51 is a military base located in Nevada which, from the satellite images, looks like some aircraft/laboratory. Recent updates show that the base is rapidly expanding. What we do know is that Area 51 tests new military equipment. This is why its in the middle of a desert. Things called 'Black Projects' are in Area 51. It is said that these black projects test out completely state-of-the-art weaponry.

The answer to this question is that Area 51 could be holding something sinister but no one really knows unless your really good friends with the CIA!

Who are UFO 'Intelligences'?

There are a lot of hypotheses that UFO intelligences exist and are alien beings from either space, time, or other dimensions. They are theorized to be the highly evolved time-travelling descendent's of Human Beings.There is no shred of actual evidence, let alone proof, of any of this. Some people say that there was proof but the US Government stole it all. They have no proof of this, either!


"UFO" means "something in the sky and I don't know what it was". It does NOT mean "alien spacecraft".

The term UFO means "unidentified flying object". This means any object in the sky that is not identified. Sometimes this is just simply an object that is misidentified such as an airplane or bright star. However many objects are seen in the sky that cannot be explained certain) as any known or understood object. Some of these objects have been seen on radar doing things that appear to defy the laws of physics, such as accelerating or changing course at rates that would kill any known life form. This leads many researchers to believe some type of advanced technology is at work here. But most believe that if something on a radar scope does something no real vehicle can do, they are looking at a radar "ghost", not a radar image of a real thing.

Of course not everyone believes in UFOs. The US government has always maintained the position, "such things do not exist" and anytime there is a mass sighting of a UFO or UFOs the government shortly has some kind of "explanation" for what it was. Many are not satisfied with the government's explanations, such as physicist Stanton Friedman who say the government is trying to cover up many facts about UFOs. There is no proof of this, however, and UFO buffs will never be satisfied with any explanation, governmental or otherwise, that does not say what the buffs want to hear. A classic case is the Roswell incident. After a large amount of taxpayer money was spent researching the MOGUL balloons and crash test dummies, and compiling a pair of books explaining how these caused the Roswell myth, UFO buffs simply ignored the fact that Roswell was disproved. You can bet that if the government had said that Roswell was the crash of an alien spacecraft, they would have been believed. Same government, different predetermined beliefs.

How can you make a crashed UFO for a Halloween prop made from PVC pipe and plywood?

What you could try is making the shape of a UFO with wire, then putting paper mac-he or something like that over the wire. After which you could decorate it however you want: paint, markers, etc.

Look at link below to find out more on making a crashed UFO.

Was Morgan Freeman in the movie close encounters of the third kind?

The short answer is Yes,... Freeman was the AC controller and he played it spot on. He was back lit properly against the screens, had the terminology and technology down pat. ie when he requested the raw radar. But most importantly he had the voice exactly right. I had an opportunity to watch the movie again several months ago. Absolutely, that is how it would have played out in an AC Center. Freeman's short performance literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I truly wish I could have the opportunity to tell him how good his performance was.

Another Answer:

Actually, Morgan Freeman did not appear in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, though the actor playing the air traffic controller does resemble him. According to the IMDb website, the parts of the AT controllers were played by David Anderson, Richard L. Hawkins, Craig Shreeve, and Bill Thurman.

What is Roswell famous for?

Roswell, in the state of New Mexico, USA, is famous because on July 8, 1947 the United States Military took possession of some crash debris. The military says the debris was from a classified experimental surveillance balloon.

Many believers in UFOs claim it was a crashed alien flying craft and that it contained several aliens, probably dead, and that the military engaged in a cover up. So far, there is no shred of hard evidence to support these claims.

It is probably the best known, least proven, and most controversial UFO incidents ever.

Roswell is best known for bringing in the most tourist bucks for the least amount of anything to show. The only hard evidence (photos of the debris) are clearly of rubber balloons and foil radar targets, consistent with the Project MOGUL spying balloon prototype it is thought to have been. An armload of tinfoil, balsa, fishing line, and sunrotted weather balloons, has been leveraged into millions of dollars of income. Not bad, considering they don't even have the armload of stuff to show the tourists when they arrive. Even "The Thing" has a paper-mache mummy to look at.

What do UFOs look like?

a UFO could look like anything at all, because it stands for Unidentified Flying Object. so really this could describe a strangely shaped kite!

Were talking disk shape flying phenomenon not UFO as in anything unidentified.

They look like this..Imagine a perfect ring,like a bangle.Imagine it being pearl coloured and spinning around just like a perfect wheel.Now imagine a ball like mass at its front.Now its around 15-20ft radius and the bangle or ring or wheel or even disk is smooth cloud like thick vapourous circle.Now image the green bit from a rainbow,now make oval light out of this and place them all around the disk,this spinning too.Now imagine this hovering 40ft above the ground and in the middle of it is just a blackness. You now know what a REAL! UFO looks like.


When was the Roswell incident?

The "incident" involved material recovered by the US Army Air Force (later USAF) between July 3 and July 7, 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico.


The Roswell Incident, according to UFO theorists, was the crash of a UFO spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947. The US government supposedly recovered the remains of the alien spacecraft, dead bodies of two aliens and one surviving but badly injured alien.

There has never been the slightest shred of real evidence to support this anecdote. After press releases and statements on July 8 and 9, 1947, the incident was all but forgotten until 1978, when a ufologist interviewed USAF major Jesse Marcel about his role in the event. After many other reports and statements throughout the 1980's, the Air Force issued official reports in 1995 and 1997, dismissing claims of an alien encounter and subsequent coverup.

The available proof (records, photos, etc.) makes it very clear that what was actually recovered were the remains of a highly-classified prototype for a spying device, called MOGUL, which was flown with a series of weather balloons and foil radar reflectors.

(Because of popular suspicions regarding secret government operations, many still doubted the legitimacy of the government proof. So it is unlikely that UFO theories about the incident will ever go away.)

Can UFOs harm us?

There is, of course, no known and proven connection between UFOs (objects seen in, but not recognized in, the sky) and aliens. There is, in actual scientific fact, no proof that aliens even exist, let alone have the tech and poor taste to travel here.

It would depend on whether or not the aliens (if there actually were any) are hostile. There are no publicly known instances of anyone being hurt by a UFO, or of the existence of alien spacecrafts or aliens. One Unidentified Flying Object was in a sense responsible for a human death. A pilot, trying to chase what was later identified as a Skyhook balloon, went too high without oxygen, passed out, and crashed. But it wasn't the balloon that did it, it was his own carelessness in going too high when he knew that it was unsafe.


The name of that pilot was Captain Thomas Mantell (who was with the Air National Guard and at the battle of Normandy), and FYI the Skyhook balloon theory is still highly ridiculed by many people. A pilot with 2200+ hours in the sky is NOT careless.


It is easy to claim so, but pilots with far more experience have died of pilot error. There is simply no doubt that Mantell, who knew he had no O2 gear, flew far higher than he was supposed to without it, easily high enough to lose consciousness, and that the subsequent loss of his plane was entirely consistent with the plane lacking an effective pilot.

It is easy for some to scoff at the Skyhook balloon explanation, but not so easy for them to prove that Mantell was following something other than the balloon, which just happened to resemble in every way what such a balloon would look like. It should also be duly noted that since the incident in question was correctly identified by the other poster, the description of the event must have been accurate.


An unidentified flying object does not necessarily mean that they are containing anything. It may just be something falling some space, such as meteoroids and other miscellaneous objects.

If an object did fall from space into our atmosphere, it would most likely burn up and never touch the surface of our planet. However, if it did get through the atmosphere, the explosion could be colossal even if the remaining mass of the object was as big as a brick.

It is best to remember that no UFO has ever been known and proven to be an alien spacecraft. It's fun to pretend otherwise, but not scientific to do so.

When was the last UFO sighting?

People claim to see UFO's all the time. So it is hard to say when the last UFO sighting was.