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The United Kingdom is home to some of the top colleges and universities in the world. These include the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University College London and the Imperial College London.

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UK Colleges and Universities

What are the benefits to you and the organization if improvements can be identified and implemented?

by having a gangbang evry one will be plesured. 8--D

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UK Colleges and Universities
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Who is the head of a college?

In the United States institutions of higher education are usually called either universities or colleges. A university is a collection of colleges, each of which has a special purpose, like, for example, a college of Arts and Sciences, or a College of Business. Stand-alone colleges usually have a much broader range of subject matter.

The head of a U. S. University is usually called a Chancellor or a President.

The head of a stand-alone U. S. College is usually called a President.

The head of a college within a university is usually called a Dean

In Britain the operating head of a college or university is often called the Vice-Chancellor, the Chancellor being the head of the governing board.

In Eastern Europe the head of an institution of higher education is often called the Rektor.

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UK Colleges and Universities

Where is Eton College located?

In England

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UK Colleges and Universities

If you have typically set work standards that were aimed?

If you are filling out an application, you would want to put above average.

UK Colleges and Universities
Cambridge University

How many colleges are in Cambridge University?

31 colleges,

2 of them are solely for graduates

3 of them are women only

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One hectare is equal to how many square meters?

The area of 1 hectare is 10000 square meters.

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Is Cambridge Theological Seminary a real seminary?

The University of Cambridge (UK) does have a Theological and Religious Studies program through Ridley Hall theological training college (seminary). However, Cambridge Theological Seminary (International) and the University of Cambridge in England are completely separate entities, non-related.

Cambridge Theological Seminary (CTS) is difficult to understand, as it is not a primary teaching seminary, but supplies Bible Colleges world-wide with curriculum online, free of charge. They are impossibly conservative, and only accept for Ordination Credentials those who believe the Bible is the absolute, inspired, inerrant Word of God, and in traditional marriage only.

CTS is like a 'global credit bank' - where those who have completed studies elsewhere - may deposit various transcripts for evaluation, or record keeping. As third-world governments and Bible Colleges rise and fall, CTS seeks to establish permanent, long-term records in the USA. They believe Ministers who have worked long and hard in Bible College - and often sacrificially - should not lose their records simply because a school closes, the founding Missionary dies, or a nation changes governments.

CTS evaluation does follow basic guidelines in semester hours, number of credits per degree level, thesis papers, and requirements that are standard throughout the western world. Any student may submit transcripts and records for evaluation, and no money is required for this evaluation. Please note CTS only evaluates Religious, Bible, and Church Studies, is only accredited theologically, and does not seek government accreditation.

Applicants may have permanent records made of their fragmented transcripts and recorded for long-term security, and for verification third-party to Ministries in other states and nations. CTS seeks to enable and empower minorities and wants those who have worked hard and long to have their work recognized, rewarded, and recorded long-term, there is no charge of any kind for those in third-world nations.

For those in the USA, there is a small fee charged for this service and mailing their records. A $10 dollar initial fee will get the process started. CTS is non-denominational, but seems to cater to Bible Baptists and Full-Gospel. Those who do not have the proper amount of college for credentials desired are referred to local Bible Colleges, or 'Distance Learning Schools' such as Liberty University, to finish studies.

In an ever increasing secular world, it's hard to imagine they can be successful long term. Be safe, go to a state university!

Additional information: Cambridge Theological Seminary International does not serve the secular world. If you desire a secular, academically certified degree by a state government, then by all means you should go to a state university.

It must be noted however that in the United States, the state does not hold authority over religious higher educational institutions such as Bible Colleges or Seminaries that are not engaged in academic instruction that is typically found in secular liberal arts colleges.

Additionally, many Bible Colleges are not even accredited by any agency at all, yet their degrees are recognized as legitimate in the realm of religious training! Due to this, at least in the United States, going to a "state university" may not accomplish a ministry student's objectives as state colleges cannot teach particular theology or doctrine such as Baptist or Pentecostal or Full Gospel. Only an appropriate Bible College is able to do that.

Therefore, Cambridge Theological Seminary does serve a useful function in the Christian higher educational realm, especially for those who have not been able to complete their college level Christian ministry or Bible education in a traditional format.

UK Colleges and Universities

How can you explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing quality measures and timescales with a team?

The purpose of agreeing quality measures and timescales with a team is to have a goal for that team. The benefit is the team has a goal to shoot for. They know the basic time frame they need to meet and how they need to meet it.

UK Colleges and Universities

Do any universities in the US offer webcasting?

No, there are no universities in the US that offer webcasting. You can read about the ones in UK at

UK Colleges and Universities

How Could this Affect Me I Recently Gave a Presentation for My university Course But the PowerPoint Presentation I Submitted to Turnitin Was Not the Final Draft I Used in the Actual Presentation?

Being uncertain about how your school operates, I would say they would grade how you presented based on how you showed off your final draft, since you used that one. However, if they go to look back at your work I imagine they'd grade spelling and grammar along with any other criteria off of the one you submitted.

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UK Colleges and Universities
Oxford University

What is the Name for bills paid by oxford student?

UK Colleges and Universities

How long are UK term in university?

Passport Requirements
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UK Colleges and Universities
Visas - Document

Do St. Lucian's need a visa to study in England?

UK Colleges and Universities

Why is medicine a good course?

It can really help you with sickness. The number one thing to do is pray to god.


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