Unicycles are one-wheeled vehicles. A heightened sense of balance is required when one intends to ride on it. The rider should sit upright on the saddle and pedal in order to propel him- or herself.

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What is the longest time on a unicycle?

Sam Wakeling covered 453.6km on a unicycle in a 24 hour period at Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom from Sept 29-30, 2007.

How could a sharp nail damage a unicycle?

It could pop the tire, scratch the frame, or tear the seat.

Who invented the unicycle?

Unicycles evolved from early bicycles in the 19th century pennyfarthing bikes, or "ordinary bikes," that had one big wheel in the front and a smaller wheel in the back. Often, riders would find themselves on the front wheel only and realized that they could actually ride on one wheel alone. Who actually invented the first official unicycle is not known.

One contributor says that his grandfather, William Newhouse, invented the unicycle in 1903, but there is no other information available to corroborate that claim at this point.
No one knows for sure
apparently someone forgot to add back to a penny farthing

What unicycle does dan heaton use?

Dan uses a dildo operated unicycle similar to the one your mom uses but with a wheel.

How much weight can a unicycle hold?

That really depends on the size of the tire and air in it. An average 20" tire can easily hold 200lbs of weight so long as its not horrendously over pumped.

What came first bicycle or unicycle?

The penny farthing bike came first. It was the bike with a large front wheel and a small back wheel. The back wheel was soon removed.

What was the name of sears and roebuck bicycles?

In the 1950's and early 60s Sears bicycles were sold under the name " J.C. Higgins" (perhaps a jab at their competitor J.C. Pennys?).

For a while in the later 60's and early 70's, they only bore the "Sears" name.

During this time, many of their "lightweight" bicycles were manufactured by Puch bicycles from Austria, and were of very high workmanship.

About 1973 Sears began offering Huffy bicycles under the name "Free Spirit".

Which describes the average velocity of a unicycle going around in circles?

Every time the unicycle returns to its starting point, the average velocity equals zero. C. The total displacement divided by the time.

What forces make a unicycle work?

Thrust (from the pedals), gravity (you lean in the direction you want to go), Drag (air slowing you down), and if you hop on your unicycle: thrust.

How do you measure a unicycle?

When you stand the unicycle up in front of you, if it is at the right hight, it should come up to your bellybutton.

What size unicycle should a 5ft girl get?

Depends on the type of riding you intend to do. A 24" wheel is good for general riding around, but for tricking you would be best to get a 20". One of the best places to find decent unicycles is Have a look around.

What are the parts to a unicycle?

the unicycle is very simple, from top down the parts are as follows:

seat, -to sit on, different from a bike seat in style, so legs can go strait down to pedals directly underneath it.)

seat post-connected to the seat with several ways, a 4-bolt square bracket, or bike-style connection, usually. other than that its a metal post.

Frame- connects seat post to wheel, a clamp of some sort tighens on the top of it, which squeezes on the seat post, keeping it there, at the ajusted height. it then splits at the crown, into 2 vertical posts.

-bearings- ball bearing usually; connects frame to hub. (lollipop style, is another way to make this connection)

hub- center of wheel, with spokes leaving it to the rim.

spokes- same as a bike, connected to rim to provide strength and stablility.

rim- metal outside o wheel. provides strength to the inner tube and tire.

crank arms- connect pedals to hub. stronger than bike, and right ones don't have crank system (except for girraffes)

-pedals (same as bikes)

that's about it, although there may be more/less depending with the unicycle.

brakes, crank system, handle bars (attached to seat post) second and third wheels (vertical) all might be included.

Where can you find instructions on how to ride a unicycle? and is where i learned to ride.

What does unicycle mean?

A unicycle is a cycle with just one wheel. The prefix "uni" means one.

How do you get onto unicycle?

Heres how:

1. Start by leaning up against a wall or something solid

2. Put the wheel in front of you and put the seat between your legs

3. Put your foot on the lowest pedal

4. Still holding or leaning against your solid object haul yourself up onto the seat and put your other foot on the other pedal

This is the easiest way to get on for a beginner.

What is faster bike or unicycle?

A bicycle. Unicycles as a rule are direct drive, meaning one turn of the pedals cause one turn of the rear wheel. Bicycles can have a ratio of anything between 3-5wheel rotations to each crank rotation.

You'd have to be able to spin wickedly fast to be able to keep up with a regular bicycle on an unicycle.

What do you use unicycles for?

lots of things trials long distance street and many more

What are the top brands of unicycles?

torker, shwin ,nimbus, and Kris Holm unicycles