Units of Measure

The category includes questions about the various ways in which humans measure objects or concepts. This category is also home to conversions between units such as grams to pounds or liters to milliliters.

Is 3 quarts bigger than 12 cups?

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No, 12 cups equals 3 quarts, since there are 4 cups in a quart, and 4*3 = 12.

How much does a steel 55-gallon drum weigh with oil?

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A steel 55-gallon drum weighs up to 500 pounds if it is full.

What speed on the treadmill is 300 meters run in 63 seconds?

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300m in 63 seconds is a pace of 10.65 mph or 17.4 km/h

Suppose you have a 100-mL cup a 300-mL cup and a 500-mL cup List two different ways you can measure exactly 1L?

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1 L = 1000 mL You can use the 500 mL cup twice. You can use the 500 mL cup, the 300 mL cup, and the 100 mL cup two times. You can use the 300 mL cup three times, and the 100 mL cup.