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Questions pertaining to the University of Arkansas(home of the Razorbacks) located in Fayetteville, a city in the Northwestern part of Arkansas.

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What conference was Arkansas in before the sec?

Southwest Conference.

Arkansas left the Southwest Conference to join the SEC for the 1992 season.

Why is Arkansas pronounced as it is?

The State of Arkansas was originally the Territory of Arkansaw, but when it was admitted to the union, the spelling was changed. Later there was a conflict between two Arkansas Senators.

One wanted to be called the "Senator from Arkansas", the other "Senator from Arkansaw". The Arkansas Legislature formed a committee of historians to resolve this conflict.

In 1881, a state law was passed. In what would become Arkansas Code, title 1, chapter 4, section 1-4-105, the pronunciation would be "Arkansaw"

What is the average class size at the University of Arkansas?

It really depends on the class. The core classes are pretty full (anywhere from 200-400 people) while other core classes have 30 people. The further you get into your major and more specialized the classes, the smaller the classes get.

How many students attend the University of Minnesota?

In Fall 2007, the University of Minnesota had 50,883 enrolled students, making it the 4th largest university in the nation.

What SAT and ACT scores do you need to get into the University of Arkansas?

If you want to get into the University of Arkansas, you must have an ACT score at least a 20. You must also have an SAT score of at least a 930.

What Rice University alumni now play in MLB?

Lance Berkman- Houston Astros (Possibly not an Alumnus but he did attend Rice University).

Where is Arkansas?

Arkansas is located in the southern region of the United States and it borders Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and the Mississippi River.
The US State of Arkansas is located north of Louisiana. It borders Oklahoma and Texas in the west, and Missouri to its north. Its eastern border is with Mississippi and Tennessee.

Who are the University of Arkansas quarterbacks during the last 10 years?

Casey Dick 2007 Mitch Mustain 2006 / Casey Dick 2006 Robert Johnson 2005 / Casey Dick 2005 Matt Jones 2001 - 2004 Robby Hampton 2000 Clint Stoerner 1997 - 1999

When was the University of Arkansas built?

The University of Arkansas was originally founded as Arkansas Industrial University in 1871, its current name was adopted in 1899 and classes were first held in February 1872.

What is Bem's Scale?

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What are the admission requirements for the university of Arkansas?

  • High School GPA of 3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale
  • 20 or higher on the ACT (930 on SAT)
  • Must have completed or be in the processing of completing a 16 unit preparatory core

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Where is Arkansas State university located?

Arkansas State University is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. They also offer courses online.