US Air Force History and Traditions

The United States Air Force (USAF) was originally part of the United States Army. It was formed as a new branch of the military on September 18, 1947. At present, the USAF is active in various humanitarian operations worldwide.

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Can you wash air force full service dress?

Yes ,It is possible for you to wash your full service dress at home but must only use a moderate detergent or the colors will lighten. Hair shampoo's can be used as a detergent do to its light-moderate viscosity of detergent. The Shirt and pants can go in the washer on a normal setting. But make sure when your washing the Service Coat, you put it on a delicate setting and not to use heat or it will shrink; the same goes for the dryer.

Can you still be a police officer with a medical discharge from the military?

Yes, so long as you're able to perform the duties required of you as a police officer.

Added: You can expect to undergo a particularly rigorous medical examination covering the specific area(s) that caused your discharge.

What is the purpose of distributing a playbill?

to inform the audience of the actors, and the info about them. also the cast and crew

Select three air force emergency management program elements?

warning and reporting.

command and control (c2)

training, exercises and evaluation

What does Air Force acronym DR-MD stand for?

It stands for deployment requirement and manning documentdeployment requirement and manning document

Can you join the Air force with bad credit?

Yes, but you'll need to get a waiver for your credit. You might have to pay a certain amout of it off before you are allowed to join as well.

Who was the founding father of modern law enforcement?

Sir Robert Peel - England developed the rules for many of what we practice today. That is why the police are called Bobbies - Robert

What are the example of Multiple Approach-Avoidance conflict?

a woman wants to marry. she knows she is happy and safe with the one she is going to marry, but at the same time is loosing a good job as she cannot travel to another city

How do you write methodology on a project work?

You are doing that particular project ,so you should only know how to write it.

Can you have a list of porous materials available?

Porous simply mean a material has pores and allows fluid to pass.

There are many thousands of such materials.

What did Chuck Yeager do?

Chuck Yeager, a US Air Force fighter pilot, was a fighter ace in World War II.

After World War II, he became a Test Pilot and became the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound on 14 October 1947 while flying a Bell X-1 experimental aircraft named "Glamorous Glennis"

The flight originated at the Muroc Army Air Field, now Edwards Airforce Base in California, near Los Angeles.

How many credits do you earn in the Air Force?

The amount of college credit you receive depends on the job you do. More technically involved jobs generally require more training, and therefore offer more credit. It can be as low as 28, or go higher than 70!

Keep in mind, that's just from the training courses you take automatically to do your job. While serving, you can still take college classes, and they will be free!

What Russian literary award was established in 1881?

It was the Pushkin award. Named after a great Russian poet A.S.Pushkin, the award ('Pushkinskaya premiya') was established by the St.Petersburg Academy of Science and was one of the most prestigeous literary awards in Russia. Awarded 23 times until it was scrapped under Bolsheviks in 1919, the Pushkin award was re-established under Boris Yeltsin in 1994 as a state literary award.

Who was Sacajawea?

Sacajawea (or Sacagawea) was a Shoshone Indian woman who travelled with Lewis and Clark on their expedition (1804-1806) through what is now the northwest United States.

Sacajawea (or Sacagawea) was born c. 1788. in an Agaidiku tribe of the Lemhi Shoshone in Idaho. In 1800, when she was about twelve, she and several other girls were kidnapped by a group of Hidatsa warriors during a battle. At about thirteen years of age, Sacagawea was taken as a wife by Toussaint Charbonneau, a French trapper living in the village, who had also taken another young Shoshone named Otter Woman as a wife. Lewis and Clark would winter at the present site of Bismarck, North Dakota, where they met her. Sacagawea was 16 or 17 when she and her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau, joined the Lewis and Clark party on November 4, 1804. She became invaluable as a guide in the region of her birth, near the Three Forks of the Missouri, and as a interpreter between the expedition and her tribe when the expedition reached that area. She would give birth during the expedition to Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau on February 11, 1805, whom Clark later raised and educated. She also quieted the fears of other Native Americans, for no war party traveled with a woman and a small baby. She was with the Corps of Discovery until they arrived back in St. Louis on September 23, 1806. She was with the Corps of Discovery until they arrived back in St. Louis on September 23, 1806. After the expedition, William Clark offered Toussaint and Sacajawea a place in St. Louis and a proper education for Jean-Baptiste (at a time where there was no opportunity for Native Americans to receive an education). Toussaint then took a job with the Missouri Fur Company, and stayed at Fort Manuel Lisa in present-day North Dakota. Evidence suggests that Sacagawea died at the fort in 1812. Some Native American oral traditions relate that rather than dying in 1812, Sacagawea left her husband Toussaint Charbonneau, crossed the Great Plains and married into a Comanche tribe, then returned to the Shoshone in Wyoming where she died in 1884. After her death, Toussaint signed over complete custody of his son Jean-Baptiste and his daughter Lisette over to William Clark.

When was the First Air Force Academy football game?

In its first year of competition, 1955, the AFA played an all-freshman, non-varsity schedule, beginning with the Denver University frosh on October 8. Air Force won, 34-18. The first game of varsity intercollegiate football was played Sept.29, 1956, with the Falcons defeating San Diego University, 46-0. Complete AF Falcons historical football records can be found at their website:

Who is Susie Yeager mother of Charles E Yeager?

Susie Mae Yeager and Hal Yeager were General Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager's parents.

Why is it more effective to use a systems approach to examine errors versus an individual-focused approach?

One analogy could be that of a patient with an illness that displays a number of symptoms. If the doctor just treated the symptoms (e.g. rash, fever, headache) then he is not treating the route cause of the problem (i.e. the cause of the illness) so the symptoms still keep happening. By taking the systems approach, people are able to focus on what is causing the route errors, not on the effects of the errors, and better able to fix the problem. This source of a large number of errors is away from the actual display of their effect.