Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is the largest and most successful lingerie retailer in the United Stated. The company, founded in 1977, now sells not only lingerie, but women's wear, swimwear, beauty products, and accessories. The Victoria's Secret Fashion show, an annual telecast featuring Victoria's Secret Angels and the upcoming lingerie trends, is increasingly popular, frequently with over 10 million viewers.

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Victoria's Secret Stores in Riyadh?

There is one, as far as I know. And its located at Mamlakah center ( Kingdom tower) in the ladies section.

Where did the name Victoria's Secret come from?

The origin of a company name is often a mystery. What we discovered, is that there is no one "secret."

The Victoria of Victoria's Secret likely refers to the British queen. Ipso facto, one can conclude the aforementioned "secret" is merely part of a clever branding strategy, alluding to the titillating possibility that the prudish monarch (who at one point during her reign went into seclusion for 25 years) liked to wear sexy lingerie like the stretch lace Miracle Bra. Lucky Prince Albert.

But despite what some would say was a cultivated aura of Anglicism, Victoria's Secret started in the early 70s as a small lingerie shop in San Francisco. The store was decorated, according to Les Wexner, CEO of Victoria's parent company, like a Victorian brothel, complete with red leather sofas.

Not so secret, perhaps, is that over the years, the company has been the subject of various protests and accusations. Some claim it promotes hyper-sexualized images of women. And in 2003, the Supreme Court ruled that a small Kentucky sex shop called "Victor's Little Secret" did not infringe on the company's trademark.

Details aside, the background story is that the company was started by a man who was trying to buy lingerie for his wife. It was difficult for men to simply walk into lingerie stores and buy lingerie for their wives.

In any case, that man's name was Victor. Victor dressed as a women to enter the store and disguised himself as Victoria.

Hence, Victoria's Secret.

Victoria is Victor, who is man, trying to buy lingerie for his wife.

When is the Victoria's secret semi annual sale dates in 2012?

Janury 2 it start at 7 am I called them for it\


June 12, 2012. i told the guy at VS that i was an angel card member and wanted to double check the date.

How do i open a Victoria's secret lipgloss?

Take of the plastic wrapper using the perforated lines, then screw the silver top off.

When is victorias secret semi annual sale in 2012?

You can check online for complete details about victorias secret semi annual sale in 2012. The link is mentioned below.

UPDATE - From track record of last few years VS Sale held on December-January and June-July month for 3 to 4 days.

Are the Victoria secret models healthy?

Yes. Unlike traditional fashion/runway models, Victoria's Secret models have a curvier, healthier body type that they maintain through good eating habits and regular exercise.

Why can't short people model at Victoria's Secret?

Victoria's Secret has strict criteria for its models, including being between 5'8"-6'0" in height. This criteria and other factors has produced successful results and profits for VS over the years so it is not likely that they will take a risk by changing anything. They need their models to be tall because it helps to sell the lingerie and clothing better. A model with longer legs, torso and arms photographs much better. The same rules apply for why companies like VS use tall models as for high fashion designers using tall models on their runways.

When is Victoria's secret semi annual sale in 2012?

You can check online for complete details about victorias secret semi annual sale in 2012. The link is mentioned below.

How old do you have to be to work at Victoria's secret in Texas?

you have to be old enough to buy 1/2 your paycheck worth in the store

Who does the voice-overs for Victoria's Secret?

That would be Elizabeth Sastre! Elizabeth has also done voice-overs for Benefiber commercials, and also narrates audiobooks.

Is Adam Levine married to a Victoria's Secret model?

Yes, he is married to Victoria's Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo.

Does Victoria's Secret carry chantelle bras?

Victorias Secret does not currently stock chantelle bras, although they offer many fine alteratives offering the same fashion and fitment. Should you require a chantelle branded bra they are available at a number of online retailers.

How much do Victoria's Secret Models weigh?

they weigh about 120 pounds but are like 5'9-5'10 feet tall

How do you get an Material safety data sheet from Victoria's secret?

The company is legally required to provide this information on demand. MSDS sheets are housed in-store, per federal law, usually in an emergency procedures binder or SOP. If this is not the case, an employee can contact the HR department through the number provided to all employees.

Who is the Victoria's Secret model with short brown hair?

Could it be Selita Ebanks? or maybe tyra banks? sorry im not sure i don't live in america!

Is there a Victoria's Secret Clothing Store near Tampa Florida?

Yes, there is one IN Tampa, Florida hunn!! :) Or atleast there was one when i was there last summer! sorry if there isn''t anymore sweetie :/

Does Victoria's Secret make any clothing for men?

no, they have thought about it, but not followed through with it!

How do you get a Victoria's Secret body?

It takes alot of work to get a victorias secret body, but it is possible. Try to figure out an exercise routine including situps, and jogging or powerwalking. Keep this up and stick to a diet including lots of veggies and healthy foods, and your well on you way. That is an excellent response:). I have an excercise routine to follow: First-25 times(love Handles). Position your self as if yew were about to do a sit up, but instead you will place your legs where your nees are facing to your right, lay on to your side, but keep hands behind head and face facing to the cieling.(so when ye lift up you see your side)lift fast, come down slow, DO NOT touch the floor. Second-25 times repeat on the opposite side. Third-50(Abs) your doing a sit up. but you lift slow and come down slow, DO NOT touch the ground . Repeat this two times or more. another abb workout would be laying straight on the floor lift legs up about three inches, while lifting your chest up and hiting your lower stomach with your bald up fist:) they do that in football to help lose weight

What does it take to be a Victoria secret model?

- Height: 5'8" - 6'0"

- Age: at least 18 years of age

- Curvy, yet proportional body

- Full bust, small waist

- Signed to a top agency in the New York market, preferably Elite or Ford, which are the two main agencies that VS recruits its models from before considering other agency models