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Video games are a type of interactive entertainment software. They are designed to run on a computers, phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. They come in many forms. Some are cartridges, while others may be discs or apps. There are several genres of video games. Some are educational, and some are purely guilty pleasures. A few types of video game are role playing (RPG), shooter, sim, and puzzle.

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What is the code in the owner room for get crushed by a speeding wall in roblox?

Not sure. But its a room for special handpicked people!
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What is your Roblox password?

Only Roblox staff know the password to Roblox account.
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How do you answer the verification code for combat arms?

they sent you a link with the verification code to the email you gave them ...
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What does Slenderman do to people?

Slenderman stalks, abducts and traumatizes people
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What word can you make out of the letters elvn on 40x escape?

Since the challenge is on level 11, you can spell the word "eleven" by using the E button three times. ...
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How old is Alice in The World's Easyest Game?

13. Notice that the question is actually "how old was Alice?" It's her birthday and she is 14. ...
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Where can I get the letter notes for Xion's theme from Kingdom Hearts?

Sheet music for Xion's Theme is provided in the related links below.
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How do you beat level 24 on 40x escape?

The arrows and buttons represent a compass, with north (n) at the top, west (w) at the left, east (e) at the right, and south (s) at the bottom. To spell "new news" press the button n, then the right, left, n, right, left, down. ...
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How do you beat level 27 on 40x Escape?

To beat level 27 on 40xEscape, press the fourth button 4 times. 40x Escape is a logic game for kids in grades five and up....
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Where is the wishing well on Petpet Park?

the wishing well is in the university
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How do you get more money in backyard monsters?

You could find mushrooms in your backyard. Click on them and pick them.
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How do you level up quick in draagonfable without cheat?

you can level up quick by becoming a member and you can get it free here: ...
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What is activation code for elf bowling 7 the last insult?

elf bowling key enter number
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What are games for 8 year olds? or they are they are the best
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What are the locked characters in Marvel Tribute?

The first one is Thor at level 12.
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When did Club Penguin start?

It started for beta testing in March 2005 and opened to the general public on October 24, 2005. Club penguin was created by a company called Rocket Snail. It was originally called Penguin Chat. PC (Penguin Chat) was originally released in a very early beta mode to the public. At this time, Disney did not support PC, so the servers running PC were somewhat basic. The max players could only be about 100 before the game would crash. Once the game was...
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What are the sniper assassin 5 codes?

Level 1: skyscraper Level 2: outskirts Level 3: warehouse Level 4: cat and mice Level 5: tick tock Level 6: crunch time Level 7: green horn Level 8: short circuit Level 9: runaway Level 10: mansion Level 11: invasion Level 12: tag Level 13: crackshot ...
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How do you rank up fast on bloons tower defense 5?

I must agree with the answer above, only the atomic wedgie will help you in that game....
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How do you check your level on ROBLOX?

There is No Level for ROBLOX but some games in roblox have levels and if you want to know yours it should be in the corner ...
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Where can you play sift heads 4?

You can play siftheads 4 at : You can play siftheads 4 a t: ...
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What are the answers to 40x escape?

Here are the written solutions (there are video links at the related question): 1. click button 6 times 2. click each letter e-s-c-a-p-e (no button) 3. click 1-2-3-4-5-6 (up) 4. click left-right 6 times (pecking bird) 5. click f-i-v-e (this x) 6. click letters e-s-c-a-p-e when light on (green light=go) 7. click e-s-c-a-p-e, toggling each letter until green (tricolor) 8. click four squares that rotate to make an 8 9. just wait (don't move) 10. spell p-e-a-c-e with the letters (peace) 11. spell "eleven" using the four buttons...
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What type of game is atlantiles on webkinz?

I think it is a Puzzle Game.
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What is sand for in Neopets?

Sand is in neopets for the simple reason SAND SCULPTURES. These are created by throwing different combinations of bottles of sand into the cooking pot, on mystery island. ...
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How do you make DNA in Alxemy?

First mix water and earth to make mud. Second mix fire and air to make lightning. Last mix mud and lightning to make DNA. ...