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Video games are a type of interactive entertainment software. They are designed to run on a computers, phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. They come in many forms. Some are cartridges, while others may be discs or apps. There are several genres of video games. Some are educational, and some are purely guilty pleasures. A few types of video game are role playing (RPG), shooter, sim, and puzzle.

Why did they make Sonia so hot in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

So they could make the world a better place ❤️

What is Roblox's real name?

Roblox's account isn't one person. Instead he is the entire Roblox company whose account is used for publishing gear and for testing places. ...

When does tyrogue evolve?

A Tyrogue will evolve at Level 20. If its Attack stat is stronger than its Defense stat, it will evolve into a Hitmonlee. If its Attack stat is weaker than its Defense stat, it will evolve into a Hitmonchan. If its Attack stat equals its Defense stat, it will evolve into a Hitmontop. ...

Who invented Roblox?

First I am sorry for taking this whole answer but I know who the creatorS of roblox are. Their names are David Baszucki (David.Baszucki) & Erik Cassel (Builderman). This person, so Graystripe7906 was right but I thought it would be more proper if you really know the names. ROBLOX is all the people who work at Roblox. All the monitors. Telamon was hired. people think Builderman was hired but he wasn't. & Matt I'm sorry I have no idea who he is. Sorry...

What are the answers to The World's Easyest Game?

THE WORLD'S EASYEST GAME (aka Easy-est Game) Player will be asked 111 of these questions. ---- Nonsense questions: * What is your name? = type any name * What is your favorite color? = type any color * Is this the world's easiest game? = Yes Length of game * Guess how many questions there are in this quiz? = 111 * How many questions have you answered so far? - look at upper left, subtract 1 * How many questions are left? - either 35...