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Virtual Villagers is a series of sim games, based on the island of Isola. The island is full of refugees from a natural disaster. They must figure out puzzles and develop skill sets to create their new home.

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Virtual Villagers

What shop sells Virtual Villagers?

no u

Virtual Villagers

How do you make it rain in Virtual Villagers 3?

You do the weather dance. You need the tech leadership level 2 a tribal chief and at least 2 adept farmers.

First, you have to put the tribal chief on a lit fire. Then, put the 2 adept farmers on the lit fire. They will start to weather dance, and puzzle 5 will have been completed as well.

Virtual Villagers

How do you get more houses in virtual villagers 5?

You just drop someone (Person #1) one a broken house, and before they get to the pile of wood, drop someone else(Person #2) on the orange heathens and they will chase person #2 away, leaving the pile of wood unguarded. Keep doing this until person #1 has finished building the house.

Virtual Villagers

How open the cave on virtual village a new home?

you need the golden child, and to get the golden child, you need,

LVL 3 fertility

lvl 3 construction

lvl 3 spirituality

Virtual Villagers

What does the sun power do in virtual villagers 5?

It makes it sunny in that spot, I don't really know it's purpose tough.

- It clears up things such as fogs and rain

-If you use it on a villager during a fog, the villager will be invisible

Virtual Villagers

How do you make the oven in virtual villagers 4?

  • Boiling water.

  • Requires: lit fire, adult villager.

  • To boil water: you first need to bring water to the kettle in the lab. At the cliff are two sets of bowls, one set at the top of the cliff is for fresh water, one set at the bottom of the cliff is for salt water.

  • Drop an adult on either set of bowls to bring water to the lab.

  • At the bottom of the bridge to the lab, just to the left of the bridge, is a pile of stones. If you hover an adult over these stones they see "blackened" stones.

  • Drop an adult on these stones and they will carry one to the fire.

  • Wait a while and the stone will glow red, indicating that it is ready.

  • Drop an adult on the red hot stone in the fire and they will carry it back to the lab, but only if there is water in the pot.

Virtual Villagers

How do you get more food when you run out berries on virtual villagers 4?

You first need 5000 tech points to buy construction lvl 2 if you dont already,

then bring a builder to the south west corner and place on the rock pile. (Place more people if you want it to go faster) then when uncovered heat up 4 rocks one at a time... when they get hot justt put a villager on it. Then when all 4 have been laid, there is a plant to the right of the blackberry bush( food) it has big leaves. Place a villager on that after the rocks...

Hope i helped

Virtual Villagers

How do you fix the lab in virtual villagers 3?

Once you have an adept scientist locate 5 items around the camp that other skill masters can't pick up then bring your scientist to these items and pick them up. As you place more items you fix the lab. I do not believe u need any requirements for this but I will check again.

Virtual Villagers

What is milestone 9 on virtual villagers 3?

Milestone 9 is The Broken Statue.

Virtual Villagers

On virtual villagers 3 how do you fix the alchemy lab?

Get an adept researcher to collect the vases and stuff that are all across the island. Once they collect them all you should have completed the puzzle and you can create potions!

Virtual Villagers

On virtual villagers how to get a coconut?

If you mean Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children, the only way to be able to harvest coconuts is to buy Farming level 2. Your farmers should start harvesting coconuts automatically, but if they don't, just drag them to the coconut trees like you dragged them to the ocean at the beginning of the game. Hope that helps :)

Virtual Villagers

What Is Serial Number Virtual Villager 5?


Virtual Villagers

How do you rebuild the alchemy lab on virtual villagers 3?

To rebuild the alchemy lab you need an adept scientist (or master, it will be faster with more people) to collect the scattered things around the village they will be: 2 pots red with white stripes and yellow with white stripes, a brown pot, a grey bowl with spoons, and a small spear. To collect them drop your scientist(s) on each item ,then they will place them in the alchemy lab. if they drop the item it will go back to where you first found it. Collecting all five items solves the puzzle.

Virtual Villagers

How do you get villagers to master dendrology on Virtual Villagers 4?

You use tech points. Go to the tech screen and look above the stone painting of the tree. Above it is the dendrology tech. If you have enough points, press buy to get level 2, then buy again to get level 3.

Virtual Villagers

How do you know if your villager is pregnant in virtual villagers tree of life?

She would be holding something that looks like a baby. It's in a white blanket with tan head.

Virtual Villagers

How do you irrigate the fertile soil in virtual villagers 2?

First, you must buy Engineering level 2. Then, drag one of your builders over to the rocks on the left side of the stream. Here, they will start to build a dam. Once it is built a field will appear where crops will grow. Good Luck!

Virtual Villagers

How can you pause your game at virtual villagers 2?

Click the menu button on the bottom left corner of the playing screen. This will (quite obviously) take you to the menu, where you click options. This will take you to a screen where you will see the option to pause the game. The game continues to run when you are on the menu, and to continue, click play.

Virtual Villagers

How do you do healing on virtual villagers?

If you see a villager kind of walking around all slow or laying down click on them. If it says ' Not feeling well'. Than that villager is sick. If you have a hospital they will go there and lay down. Take any villager who is not nursing or sick as well and put them on top of the villager. It may take several tries to heal this person, but don't give up. If they are more experienced in healing there will be less tries to heal a person. There will be a sound of sneezing and the person will bend over to heal the person if you are successful. After about 15 seconds the healer will walk away and the person is healed. Note that if a person is 'weakened' not 'sick' on the detail screen, a healer will do nothing. Only continuous dragging to the food bin and time will make a 'weakened' person healthy again.

Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers 3- what does level 2 restoration do?

Level2 restoration enables you to be able to build more things, such as the bath and the hut by the woodpile. Hope that helped :)

Virtual Villagers

What do you use the earthquake for in virtual villagers 5?

The earthquake is used to convert the yellow & red heathens and then ultimately allow you access to the ruins. Keep using it until they convert... :)

Virtual Villagers

How do you open the box in virtual villagers 2?

You need three master builders to open the box. Once you have them, drag all three onto it and they should open the box.

Virtual Villagers

How do you empty the cooking pot in virtual villagers 4?

Drag your adult villager to the well near the pot, the adult villager should then begin to empty the pot. x

Virtual Villagers

How do you destroy the pain totem virtual villagers 5?

To destroy the pain totem, you first need to have the lightning god power. Then shoot the totem with the lighting and it will power down though not forever. You have a limited time. Dont worry if you dont finish of the first time you can just reshoot it. It wont like grow back its parts or anything. ;) Just do it all over again.

Virtual Villagers

How do you get a sewing hut in virtual villagers 5?

I am pretty sure you have to improve your construction technology to level 2, and finish the second housing hut then it becomes available. :D Hope this helped!

Virtual Villagers

How do you kill a villager on virtual villagers 4?

u cant


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