Vlad III the Impaler

Vlad III of Wallachia (more commonly known as "Vlad the Impaler" or "Vlad III Dracula") was the Prince of Wallachia who reigned from 1456 to 1462. Historically, Vlad III is most famous for resisting the expansion of the Ottoman Empire and for his unusually sadistic forms of punishment, impaling with a wooden stake through the abdomen as the most highlighted method. He is also believed to have inspired the name for Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel.

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Vlad III the Impaler

Did Vlad the impaler roast children?

No one can really say this. It is known that Vlad the Impaler was very cruel and had some cruel punishments and methods of execution (e.g. impaling), but there are so many legends about him - most of them were invented by his enemies - that people cannot say what was invented and what really happened.

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Vlad III the Impaler

How do you get to Goebekli Tepe from Urfa?

start out northwest along the Euphrates.

Vlad III the Impaler

Is Vlad tepes evil?

Some considered Vlad Tepes to be evil. To actually be the son of the devil. But to others he was hero. He fought in the name of Christianity against invading Turks who tried forcing their religion Islam onto more of Europe. His methods for dealing with certains things however gave him such a horrible reputation. He dealt with thieves and liars so badly that everyone in his ruling kingdom never attempted anything like it during his reign and even after. He made Romania strong again, using ways others would call evil. He got rid of the sick, the old, the crippled and the beggers, by killing them. But remember these were hard and anicent times. It may seem brutal to us now, but in those days, it was normal actually. To stamp out weakness in one's country. Also remember that it was Vlad and a number of his family and order - the order of the dragon- that helped defend the belief of Christianity. Though you may not be religious, if Vlad and others hadn't put up such a resistance, we may be forced to follow the belief of Islam to this day. Do not judge those, whom have come to past. Fore you too will be judged on your own judgment...

In other words, better to have an open mind, then single sided :) Like me. I am fully aware of Vlad's heroics as well as his offenses

Vlad III the Impaler

What forms of torture did Vlad the Impaler supposedly delight in?

Vlad Drăculea's preferred method of torture was impalement, where you are simply left to slide down a greasy stake. As the stake gets into your body, it slowly rips everything in its path, and you are left to die.

His other methods of torture included;

-Smashing of the head

-Boiling alive

-Burying alive

-Left to die in a pit

He did this all in underground torture chambers in both of his two castles, located in what was Wallachia, now is Transylvania, a province in Romania.

But that there are also many legends, so that no one can say what really happened and what was invented.

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Vlad III the Impaler

How do you get Vlad the Impaler's blade in ac revelations?

To obtain the blade, you must pre-order the game. It will likely be released in a future DLC pack for the game

Vlad III the Impaler

Did vlad the impaler drink blood?

This name Vlad the Impaler was never used in Vlad's Lifetime. The First document with the name Vlad Tepes, does not appear until 1550 may. In 1475 to 1476, Vlad Signed his name VLadislaus Dracula... undisputed by historical records. The twisting of his history is due to many wanting to incorporate the myth of Vampirism with his history. This has mainly stemmed form McNally's fabrication/ translation of the poem by Michel Behiam and his haughty interview on the Discovery Channel. see the truth.


Vlad III the Impaler

Who is Radu in Vlad Tepes Stories?

Radu cel Frumos (= the handsome) was the brother of Vlad III. He was in slavery with his brother and eventually became the slave/lover of Vlads enemy, Sultan Mehmet II from the Ottoman Empire. He died a slow and painful death after contracting what is described as a sexually transmitted disease.

Vlad III the Impaler

Where did vlad teppes hail from?


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Vlad III the Impaler

How did Vlad the Impaler kill people?

He impaled them by tying their legs to horses as a stake was driven through their body, or by dropping them on spikes

Vlad III the Impaler

Hom many people did vlad tepes kill?

He killed more than 100.000 person. He was impaling even 1000 person at a time. For detailed info about his cruelties you can check link below.


Vlad III the Impaler

What was the name of Vlad Tepes' First Wife?

The actual name of Vlad Tepes' first wife is unknown. Through historical facts, all that is known of her is the event of her suicide after receiving a letter that had been shot through her window notifying her of the invasion of the Turks. She then threw herself into Arges River to escape enslavement.

Many have often confused Vlad Tepes' mother as being his first wife (Princess Cneajna). The confusion is derived from the similarities of the father and son's names. Vlad Tepes can commonly be found in historical documents portrayed as Vlad Dracula (the -a meaning "son of"), and can oftentimes be confused with Vlad Dracul (his father's name).

Vlad III the Impaler

How did vlad get the title the impaler?

Vlad the impaler got his name because one of his favorite terms of execution was impaling his victim's. he would run a spear through the victims lower body then stand them upright and the spear would puncture the victims vital organs and eventually die.

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Vlad III the Impaler

Who is vlad volodarski?

Vlad volodarski is CFO of chartwell. He is sort of an accountant.

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Vlad III the Impaler

Did vlad the impaler kill children?

Depends. What Vlad hated most was lying, stealing, and adultery, and anyone who commited one of these would be executed, no matter age, gender, or class.

Vlad III the Impaler

Was vlad tepes the same as vlad dracul?

No, Vlad Dracul was his father. "Dracul" means "the Devil" in Romanian; he got his nickname after returning from the German wars with his battle flag which had a dragon painted on. The peasants thought it showed the Devil, hence the name. Tepes got his name from his rather cruel form of punishment ("Tepes" = approximately "The Impaler").

Vlad III the Impaler

Which European country is home to Vlad the Impaler aka Vlad Draculea?

Vlad III, commonly called Vlad the Impaler and sometimes Vlad Tepes, was from Wallachia, a region which is now part of Romania. But when Vlad Tepes lived, it was an independent country.

He was born in 1431, died in 1476.

Vlad III the Impaler

Why did Vlad the Impaler kill so many people?

Vlad Dracula was at war with the Ottaman Turk. When ever he defeated a Turkish army he would kill all the captive to make sure they wouldn't invade again.

Vlad the Impaler killed so many people so he could rule Wallachia easier because its easier to rule over people that are afraid of you. Vlad would perfectly fit the modern clinical description "sadistic psychopath". He truly enjoyed torturing and killing others.

Vlad III the Impaler

When did Vlad Tepes the impaler die?

December 18th 1476

Vlad III the Impaler

Did Vlad Tepes have any kids?

Yes, - though none were really in power for long before being over thrown

1st marriage:

Mihnea cel Rău

Katerine Nichol Tepes

2nd marriage:

Vlad Dracula the IV and another son whose name remains unknown, possibly died soon after birth

Vlad III the Impaler

Where would Vlad the Impaler torture his victims?

More than anything else the historical Dracula is known for his inhuman cruelty. Impalement was Vlad III's preferred method of torture and execution. Impalement was and is one of the most gruesome ways of dying imaginable, as it was typically slow and painful.

Vlad III the Impaler

When did Vlad the Impaler rule?

he ruled for 7 years no one knows when

Vlad III the Impaler

When did Vlad the Impaler become ruler of wallachia?

Vlad III served as ruler of Wallachia three times. The first was in 1448 after his father was assassinated and his older brother blinded and buried alive in December of 1447. This reign lasted less than a year before he was exiled to live under the protection of his uncle in Moldavia. Vlad III would eventually reconquer Wallachia in 1456 and remained as voivode until 1462 when he was arrested while in Hungary seeking help in his war against the invading Ottomans, lead by his younger brother Radu. He returned after years of imprisonment and reclaimed the throne in November 1476, only to be assassinated in January 1477.

Vlad III the Impaler

Why did Vlad Tepes impaled his victims?

  • Prisoners of War are expensive to keep, and who want to give those people who were just trying to kill you food, especially when your own men are short on supplies.
  • Also in war it is a good policy to strike fear into the enemy. What better way then to have them come across fields full of their allies impaled upon stakes.
  • Also, when you are short on supplies, its nice to have some fresh meat to feast on.
  • And its not like Vlad invented these techniques. They have been in practice for a long long time.
Vlad III the Impaler

Did Vlad Tepes drink blood?

It was rumored Vlad drank the blood of his victims but it's never been confirmed. He was also rumored to have had eaten his dinners amongst the impaled bodies of his enemies. Remembers, alot of rumors are spread to either inflict fear upon his enemies and followers. Just to give him a more frightening image.

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