VLC Media Player

VLC media player is a codec-free, open-source multimedia player. This no-frills (but highly portable) multimedia player is capable of reading a huge array of audio and video formats.

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How does yahoo still validate a user when he 1st logs in and goes to his inbox after which when he types in his URL line and still gets a link through which he can go to his mailbox?

Yahoo Mail would be an extension to the homepage of Yahoo. It would never designate to take you directly to an inbox. Yahoo keeps a cookie on your computer to ensure you are validated.

Answer 2Whenever you login into any web application, a session ID will be created (Which you can see at the last part of the URL). Until you log off the application, even if you swap between other applications or relogin (without logging out), the session ID will remain the same.

As the session ID will have your user credentials, it will show your account as logged in.

Another Version:

You do not logout, that's why you login back again.

Next time logout, and Yahoo or any other mail service will ask you to login. :)

VLC can't recognize the input's format?

This may be because the file is corrupted

Also make sure you have

the right input format selected


make sure

there is a check in the check box


"Keep stream output open"

Is VLC media player is safe?

Yes, in my experience VLC is very safe as long as the advanced settings arent meddled with.

Safe versions of VLC media player can be found on the specific websites.

How do you convert winamp files to mp3 files?

To convert files to mp3 format in winamp, select the files in the media library. After the files are selected right click the files and select send to file converter. From the settings in file converter select mp3 encoder.

Adding further you can easily use any of the media converter, and covert the files quiet avidly

How do you extract big rar file?

for .rar files use WinRar.To extract just click right button and then "Extract".

for .big files use dragon unpacker.Write in Yahoo! Search:Dragon Unpacker.Download.Install.Extract.

Does vlc player play .nrg files?

2021- yes VLC player plays .NRG files. Also rather than burning the .nrg file to disc you can use VLC advanced controls to record the footage as it plays, saving .mpg into user/my videos

How do you change from windows media player to VLC media player?

right click any media file you want to open. click 'open with' and then 'choose default program' choose VLC media player and check the box which says 'always use the selected program to open this kind of file' and it should be done.....

How do you play vlc format?

VLC is a player not a format a .vlc data file will require the VLC player. The VLC player will play most formats (See links below) and can save files in another format as required.

What sites can you download free movies?


First download utorrent it's really quick then go to and start downloading

How do you run subtitles in vlc media player?

Just right click the screen, scroll down the options to video, subtitles and then choose the desired subtitle or choose open file to use subtitles which aren't attached to the file or are under a different name.

Can you get G-Force to run with VLC?

It doesn't look like the trial version of G-force will work with VLC:

Trial version supported players:

Windows Media Player


iTunes (Windows)

iTunes (Mac OS X)


Google Sidebar

J. River Media Center

Real Player



Quintessential Media Player

I believe you should be able to configure the Platinum version ($30) to work with it.

Why does your computer system slow down when you open the VLC Player?

Almost all media players use up alot of CPU. The more CPU that is used up the slower the PC operates. Having a toolbar like Sysmetrix will show you how much of your PC's CPU is being used at any one time. Pressing Ctrl+ALT+delete will open up the task manager, this will tell you the programs taking up the most CPU in kilobites. The slowness can make the player skip or lag; closing any unrelated windows and programs will help the speed recover a lot.

In order to solve this kind of problem, Macgo Blu-ray Player launch an unique feature "BluFast MX" to accelerate the hardware during the playing. By reducing the CPU consumption, it can speed up your computer, as well as the support of many media formats, so the playback is more stable and fluent.

How do you convert VLC media file to Windows media player?

there are many programs that can convert them.

You can go on google on search.

I suggest

Any Video Converter.

I have used for while never failed me its very good

I suggest that you try snowfox total video converter for Mac.

Transfer itunes music to windows media player?

That is a good question.When i bought my new moible phone i wanted my music from my i tunes on my windows,so i made a playlist of all the songs i want,burned it,then synced it on to my windows

What is VLC-HUFA?

Very Long Chain Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acid

My VLC player wont play mkv files?

mkv is a high quality format

it need high quality hardware

you can choose another pc to play it in vlc

How do you change language from arabic to english in vlc media player?

Here's how to change the language settings in the VLC player.

1. Click on the fifth menu which located from left-right.

2. There you will see a settings symbol at the bottom of the drop down list.

3. click on it.

4. Then another window will open up.

5. There under language menus you can select any language you need and click on the left side button (save the settings button)which is located at the right corner of the window.

6. Restart VLC player and Enjoy.

Hope this will help you.

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