Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding was the 29th President of the United States and served from March 4, 1921 to August 2, 1923.

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Why didn't Warren G. Harding Finish his term?

Because he died of a heart attack on August 2, 1923 whereas his term was set to end on March 4, 1925.

Where did Warren G. Harding live just before he became president?

He lived in Marion, Ohio before he was president. In fact, he conducted most of his 1920 campaign from the front porch of his house in Marion. Reporters would gather outside each day to hear his speech of the day. The house is now a museum open to the public.

Who was Warren Harding?

Warren G. Harding (born November 2, 1865 in Blooming Grove, Ohio; died August 2, 1923 in San Francisco, California) served as the 29th President of the United States between March 4 1921 and his death.

What was Warren G. Harding's famous slogan?

Harding ran with the slogan "Back to Normalcy." or "Return to Normalcy". It was a promise to return the country to what it was before Woodrow Wilson and World War I. It implied an isolation from European affairs and a refusal to join the League of Nations.

"Normalcy" was a seldom-used word before this slogan and attracted some considerable comment, but the word actually has been known and used for centuries.

What did Warren G. Harding do before becoming the president?

Before running for president, Harding was a newspaper publisher, a US senator and Lt Governor of Ohio .

Did Warren G. Harding have any pets in the White House?

Harding had an Airedale named Laddie Boy who had his own chair for cabinet meeting and had a birthday party in the White House to which other dogs were invited. Harding also had an English bulldog named Oh Boy who died soon after Harding took office.

How did Warren G. Harding die?

Heart attack or stroke probably. His death was sudden and rather mysterious. His wife would not let an autopsy be performed so the cause of his death was a subject for much discussion. In fact, one man wrote a book accusing his wife of poisoning him.

What was Warren G. Harding's religion?

He was a Baptist as an adult and regularly attended a Baptist church in Washington while he was president.

How did the election of Warren G. Harding affect the foreign affairs of the US?

Harding was elected with a pledge to keep the US out of future European conflicts. His campaign slogan "Return to Normalcy" meant he wanted to return the US back to what it was before it got into World War I. He was against letting the US join the League of Nations and made it clear that the US would not try to interfere with foreign affairs outside of the Western Hemisphere.,

Who was the US president when the teapot dome scandal took place?

The Teapot Dome scandal took place during the administration (1921-1923) of US president Warren G. Harding.

Teapot Dome is an oil field on public land in the U.S. state of Wyoming, taking its name from Teapot Rock, an outcrop resembling a teapot south of the field.

His Secretary of the Interior, Albert Fall, had secretly leased the Teapot Dome oil reserves in Wyoming to one Harry F Sinclair. For this and other corrupt acts Fall was convicted in 1929 of accepting a bribe, and sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of $100,000.

In 1921, by executive order of President Harding, control of U.S. Navy petroleum reserves at Teapot Dome in Wyoming and at Elk Hills and Buena Vista in California, was transferred from the U.S. Navy Department to the Department of the Interior. The petroleum reserves had been set aside for the Navy by President Taft.

Although Harding was not involved in any of the shady dealings, Albert Fall was his appointee to the position of Secretary of the Interior and thus Harding's reputation suffered a severe and irreparable blow. (He was extremely popular at the time of his death when the scandal was just being exposed.)

The oil fields were restored to the U.S. government through a Supreme Court decision in 1927

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Did Warren G. Harding play any sports?

Yes, he played a lot of golf even while he was President.

What college did Warren G. Harding attend?

Harding graduated with a BS degree from Ohio Central College in Iberia, Ohio.

What were Warren G. Harding's hobbies?

He played golf at least twice a week while he was president. He also had regular poker games. He also liked yachting, fishing, automobile trips and going to watch baseball.

How did Warren Harding die?

Warren G. Harding had just returned from a trip to Alaska, but when he got to San Francisco, he began to feel ill. He had severe stomach cramps, a fever, and trouble breathing. His doctors thought he had food poisoning or perhaps a flu. But after some rest, he seemed to be getting better, when suddenly, he slumped over and stopped breathing. Some conspiracy theorists thought there had been foul play, but there was never any evidence of that. And in fact, his doctors said it was a heart attack that killed him, in early August 1923.

What kind of corruption was common during the harding administration and what scandal erupted during his presidency?

The main scandal was known as Teapot Dome. That involved selling off government oil reserves and pocketing the money. There was also bribery and skimming off proceeds from the sale of surplus government property. People took kickbacks from government contracts and wrote fraudulent documents to hide the transactions. Drugs and alcohol were taken from veterans hospitals and sold on the black market.