Water Pollution

Water pollution has become one of the largest environmental problems throughout the world. With many countries, both modernized and third world alike, being greatly affected by this problem it is sure to remain a prevalent topic in political and environmental debates for quite some time. Questions about the causes, results, statistics and solutions to water pollution and the problems it causes should be placed here.

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Water Pollution

What are the recommendation on water pollution?

I recommend that you should try your best not to pollute rivers, ponds etc. We can do simple things like not throwing garbage and other waste in water, not spitting in it, not bathing the animals in it, etc. People always say that everyone pollutes the water, but generally only a few people of them do not pollute water. So I think that everyone should try their best to keep water unpolluted. ;)

Water Pollution

What are some names for a water filter?

Others names for a water filter include water purifier and water purification systems.

Water Pollution

How do you clean river water?

River water can be cleansed mainly by stopping factory and municipal garbage and disposals from entering into rivers. Bathing at river ghats,idol immersions,washing cloths should be strictly prohibited in rivers. Above all, public consciousness has to be created through seminars,meetings, leaflets about the importance of keeping river water clean.

Water Pollution

How does pollution affect the habitat?

Popuation effects the habitat because car fuel for example if too many people use cars often it can effect the animals and plants which they eat.

Some animals habitats are in cold countries like the North Pole and when we use are heating and turn it up to high all the smoke travels around the world and sometimes gets so hot it can melt the snow.

That is why we should all do are bit for the enviroment.

Thankz hope this answered your question. :)

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Water Pollution

Causes for river pollution?

industry is the main polluter of the Yangtze river. another factor to consider is the huge population of china, and the infrastructure of the waste management system in that country.

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Water Pollution

What is waters favorite way to travel?

water cylce

Water Pollution

What are the advantages on water pollution?

Some people consider the employment of people to clean the water is an advantage of water pollution. The fact that you could get sick from drinking polluted water is an example of a disadvantage.

Water Pollution

What is the definition of water pollution?

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater caused by human activities, which can be harmful to organisms and plants which live in these water bodies.

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Water Pollution

How do you fix a water pressure problem?

Is your filter in? I'm asking for the simple reason that your running at 2-3lbs, if you were running at 25+ then I would say your having a restriction problem somewhere. (Filter, skimmers, maindrains and so on.) Is this a new or old pool? Did you have a pool company maintaining it? where are you from (weather)? maybe a suction line has a hole or crack. This would be a good one to look in to. Did you pressure test all lines?

Check your pump impeller to see if it is clogged with debris. This will cause it to lose operating pressure. Also if you have a bleed line on your filter open it slightly to see if air will blow out. If it does, you have air trapped in your lines and this indicates that you have an air leak somewhere.

The question should be do you have excess pressure or little or no pressure?


Actually, you may have a downstream restriction. Were you cleaning your pool? I did and the DE filter was damaged so it was bypassing actually filtering anything; salt water generator became clogged. I heard the pump sound change so I went to check, reading nearly zero on the filter but pump was working (would self-prime). Removed and cleaned the salt water generator ... pressure problem solved.

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Water Pollution

What are the influences of sewage in the quality of water?

What are the influence of saewage in the quality of water

Water Pollution

Is there a better alternative to water pollution?

The better alternative is no water pollution for clean drinking water

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Water Pollution

How long does it take foam - styrofoam - polystyrene to decompose?

Exposure to UV from sunlight will degrade the styrene molecule. Exposure to ambient ozone will also degrade the styrene molecule. In the sun, in a place with lots of ozone pollution, styrofoam falls apart in months. Built into refrigerators and ice chests, sealed away from ozone exposure with antioxidants built in, styrofoam will last for (probably) centuries. In a landfill, styrofoam usually lasts about a decade, depending on moisture and biological history.

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Water Pollution

How do you make a model hydroelectric plant?

You will need a water reservoir, some form of turbine, and something connected to the turbine to represent a generator.

The water reservoir can be just about anything that can contain water at an elevation above that of your turbine. In the real world, this is usually a dam, so you may want to model something that looks like a dam.

Water from the elevated source is allowed to flow from the source past a water turbine. You could make a waterfall and paddlewheel so that people can see the workings, but in an actual generation station, this is a pipe and the turbine is enclosed.

The turbine turns as a result of the water flow. A generator is connected to the shaft of the turbine. You can use a permanent magnet motor for your generator. Just hook up a voltmeter to what would normally be the battery leads of the motor to show the voltage being generated. Chances are, your model won't be able to generate enough power to light a bulb, so showing the voltage with a voltmeter is a simple way of demonstrating the principle.

A:We need these things to make a hydroelectric power station:


2.aluminium foil or butter paper

3.chart paper

4.a generator

5.a turbine made of plastic

6.a 1.5 volt battery

Water Pollution

Is rust toxic in water?

No, it just makes the water hard.

Water Pollution

How do humans pollute the land?

By creating things that don't bio degrade on there own.

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Water Pollution

Who said unless the Constitution provided a method for peaceful removal from office the people would provide a violent removal or something similar?

The author you are looking for is the British political philosopher John Locke in his book the Social Contract. He was quoted and highly regarged by the founding fathers.

Water Pollution

How does water get polluted?

It gets polluted by acid rain, oil spills, litter, insecticide mixing with fertilizers etc.

1. The emission of waste heat from an electric generating station into a lake, causing common change through their stress.

2. the discharge of nutrients containing sewer wastes, in a water body causing eutrophication.

Uncontrolled algae growth

Phosphorus pollution
Sources of pollution are storm water runoffs, combined sewer overflows, sanitary sewer overflows, failed septic tanks, leaking oil storage tanks, and more.
1. Illegal dumping of industrial waste

2. Rainwater or snowmelt that runs over the land, picking up pesticides, and fertilizers; called runoff

3. Used water from people's homes and communities; called wastewater

All of the above.
There are several things that can pollute water, from the sewage of your drains to the major oil spills around the world. Some examples may be wastewater, which is water that contains waste products from washing dishes, clothes, or a factory that uses water to clean its facilities or make products.
Rain washes off the oil that cars drop on the roads. This runs into gutters and then into waterways.
Water pollution may be both natural or man-made. Obviously man-made water pollution is more significant.

Natural Water pollution;

As water flows down a slope (such as a river) it drags with it all kinds of impurities. These impurities can be heavy metals (such as Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium and Mercury) or soluble impurities (such as Magnesium sulfate or calcium sulfate). These substances are naturally found in the soil.

Water can also be polluted because of substance being released from a nearby volcano. An example is the Anchorage volcano of Alaska which releases huge amounts of Sulfur in the water bodies. As a result the water becomes extremely acidic (due to the formation of sulfuric acid) - this is detrimental to aquatic life.

Pollution due to man-made activities;

One form is to aggravate the natural discharge of heavy metals and other impurities. By working with the soil close to water bodies, the harmful discharge is accelerated. Example of "working close to water-bodies" leading to pollution is the extraction of Gold)

Acid rain are caused due to man-made activities. They cause the acidification of water.

Discharge of water mixed with various detergents from industries and homes.

Discharge of dirty water from industries add impurities and heavy metals (especially from dye-industries).

Untreated sewage water (from septic tanks) leeks into water bodies.

Excess fertilizers leech into water bodies. This promotes the excessive growth of algae (known as algae-bloom). The algae uses excessive oxygen causing other aquatic organisms to suffocate and die. Aerobic bacteria act on the dead organism and further depletes the oxygen content of the water body. Finally the algae also suffocates leading to a lifeless and polluted water body.

This is what I learnt,



Water Pollution

Why people throw a garbage in the river?

Because they're weird!

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Water Pollution

What are the measures taken to prevent water pollution?

River pollution is a result of a complex combination of processes that reduce overall river water quality.

* Acid rain,

* Industrial pollution

* Agricultural pollution contribute to river pollution

* Everyday activities that drain untreated pollutants and leachate into rivers and streams

* Transport: - where carbon and one-drop-at-a-time 'oil spills' can also cause pollution through storm run-off

=== === A holistic and integrative understanding of the cause-effect cycles of river pollution is an effective starting point to improve river water quality.Water pollution is a complex issue - from the source of polution to its impacts, both short-term and long-term on human and other species that depend on water. Point and non-point sources of pollution have a profound impact on the degree of pollution, and many times the actual causes are hidden behind more 'visible' causes. Understanding these causes-behind-causes is critical in developing appropriate responses to reduce pollution. Broad-based awareness of the sources and impacts of pollution - involving a number of stakeholders on the water continuum - is also important to effect lasting solutions. You can start by using green cleaners and fertilizers.

Water Pollution

Can water tablets cause a miscarriage?

No. You just will have to go to the bathroom a lot.

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Water Pollution

All types of pollution in Hindi language?

# # #

Water Pollution

Define marine pollution?

Marine pollution occurs when harmful effects, or potentially harmful effects, can result from the entry into the ocean of chemicals, particles, industrial, agricultural and residential waste, noise, or the spread of invasive organisms. Most sources of marine pollution are land based. The pollution often comes fromnonpoint sources such as agricultural runoff and wind blown debris.

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Water Pollution

Hindi essay on water is life?

Jal jivan hai .Jal ke binahum nahi jee sakte .Jal ke bina hu jeevit nahi reh sakte . Is dharti mein 75 % pani hain jo jeev - jantuo ko jivit rakhte hain.jal amrit he is prathvi par rahne wale har jiv ke liye.

kyoki hamara sharir panch chijo se milkar bana he

jisme jal ki aham bhomika he

hamare sharir ka 75% hissa jal se bana he or iske bina jivan he hi nahi to jal ki raksha karna hamari khud ki raksha karna he.........

means "Jal Hi Jeevan He!"

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Water Pollution

How do you clean up old dried linseed oil from glass?

acitone or carborater cleaner

acetone or carburetor cleaner

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Water Pollution

How do you fight your insurance for classifying a claim as a water claim when it was not caused by water damage and there was no pay out?

Your question does not give enough details of your damage. What EXACTLY happened? Water damage includes such things as water pipe breaks & leaks, appliance overflows (washer, A/C drain line), roof leaks, wind-driven rain entering around windows & flashings, surface ground water (flood, seepage).


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