Water Pollution

Water pollution has become one of the largest environmental problems throughout the world. With many countries, both modernized and third world alike, being greatly affected by this problem it is sure to remain a prevalent topic in political and environmental debates for quite some time. Questions about the causes, results, statistics and solutions to water pollution and the problems it causes should be placed here.

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Water Pollution
Waves Vibrations and Oscillations

How does being under water affect your hearing?

Sound travels faster under water. Thus when you are under water you can hear sounds OK, but you are unable to discern where the sounds are coming from like you can in air. This is because you ears/brain work out direction by the time delay of sound reaching each ear (your ears are a little distance apart thus sound from one direction hits one ear before the other). Under water because sound travels faster the delay is too short for the brain to distinguish.

Water Pollution

What is the definition of dm water?

Demineralised water. DM water is demineralised water . Dissolved impurities and dissolved gases in water. Some times water is hard, temperary hardness or permanent hardness and which is badly affects the boiler which helps formation of scales in sides the boiler. In the process of purification of water Coagulation, sedimentation, filteration are the first stages. After filteration water allowed to enter into Activated carbon filter for absorbing dissolved carbondioxide. For removing temporary hardness and permanent hardness ion exchanging process used. By Ion - exchange process from which the minerals have been removed and get Demineralized water.

Drinking Water
Water Pollution

What happens when drinking water get mixed with sewage?

it would taste pretty bad because the oxygen levels in the water would decrease making it less sterile to drink

Water Pollution

Examples of opaque material?

glass milk


black paper

carbord box

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Water Pollution

How do you kill weeds without affecting well water?

Applying boiling hot water, bulldozing or roto-tilling followed by solarization with weighted-down black plastic sheeting and planting of dense ground covers, and removals by gloved hand or garden tools are ways to kill weeds without affecting well water.

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Water Pollution

Slogans on pollution in Hindi?

Ped lagao, desh bachao. Paryavaran sanrakshan, jeevan hoga kal

jal hai to kal hai ped lagao jeevan bachao ped ki raksha desh ki raksha jal se hi kal aur nahi aate..

Apne aspas swachhata barte hara bharat swachh bharat

Jan-jan se yeh kehna hai,vriksha dhara ka gehna hai.

Shuddha na ho agar vatavaran,manavta ka hoga maran.

Jal hai to kal hai.

Kate vriksha,ujadate van,de rahe pralay ko amantran.

ped lagao,jeevan bachao es dhara ko swrg banao

Air Pollution
Water Pollution

What was considered the most prestigious of all events?

In the original Olympics, the Marathon was the most prestigious competition. In the Modern Olympics, the 100m track and field...hence Usain Bolt shocked the world

Water Pollution
Kyoto Protocol

What is point source pollution?

Point source pollution is related to emissions that can be easily identified with a single discharge source.

Water pollution that is discharged from a discrete location such as a pipe, tank, pit, or ditch.

Point emission sources are generally considered to be fixed (immobile) facilities that produce gaseous or particulate atmospheric pollutants.

Some examples might include:

* smokestacks,

* vents,

* sewers,

* small fires, and

* exhausts from equipment. * Fossil-fuel (coal, oil, natural gas) or

* biomass (wood, waste, including yard waste and metropolitan solid waste and pelletized sewage or animal waste sludge, waste-generated methane)

* fired electric generating plants * Portland cement and

* lime kilns and plants * Heavy industrial and petrochemical plants such as

* refineries,

* steel mills,

* smelters,

* ore reduction plants,

* plastics plants and

* chemical plants

Typically, smaller sources of emissions are not considered as point sources and the definition is quite vague. Mobile emissions sources such as automobile and truck engines are not considered to be point emission sources. They are considered as non-pointpollution.

Water Pollution

What does a high coliform count indicate that water may contain?


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Water Pollution

What are the components of demography?

The components of Demography are :- Fertility Mortality Migration

Water Pollution

What are the negatives effects of agriculture?

losing nutrients from the soilType your answer here...

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Water Pollution

What causes most water pollution?

Industrial Waste

Water Pollution
Water Cycle

What are the source of water supply?

there are three main sources of watter :

1- Rain

2- Surface water : Oceans, Rivers and streams , tanks , ponds & lakes

3- ground water : shallow wells, Deep wells , Springs

1. Rain

Rain is the prime source of all water. A part of the rain water sinks into the ground to form ground water; part of it evaporates back into atmosphere, and some runs off to form streams and rivers which flow ultimately into the sea.

Some of the water in the soil is taken up by the plants and is evaporated in turn by the leaves. These events are spoken of as "water cycle".

Characteristics of rain water:

Rain water is the purest water in nature. Physically, it is clear, bright and sparkling. Chemically, it is very soft water containing only traces of dissolved solids (0.0005 percent).

Being soft, it has a corrosive action on lead pipes. Bacteriologically, rain water from clean districts is free from pathogenic agents.

Impurities of rain water:

Rain water tends to become impure as it passes through the atmosphere. It picks up suspended impurities from the atmosphere such as dust, soot and microorganisms and gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and ammonia.

Gaseous sulphur and nitrogen oxides are emitted from power plants that use fossil fuels. These gases react with atmospheric water, forming dilute solution of sulphuric and nitric acid. The precipitation of these acids (acid rain) has begun to have serious impacts on surface water quality and on plants etc..

2. Surface water

Surface water originates from rain water. It is the main source of water supply in many areas. Examples of surface water include rivers, tanks, lakes, man-made reservoirs and sea water.

Surface water is prone to contamination from human and animal sources. As such it is never safe for human consumption unless subjected to sanitary protection and purification before use.

Characteristics of surface water:

Surface water picks up the characteristics of the surface over which it passes. If water flows across a parking lot, gasoline, oil, and other contaminants may be carried by or dissolved into the water.

Water may pick up fertilizers, road salts, radioactivity, and biological contaminant from farms, as well as countless other biological, physical, and chemical pollutants.


Many rivers furnish a dependable supply of water. The chief drawback of river water is that it is always grossly polluted and is quite unfit for drinking without treatment.

Characteristics of river water:

River water is turbid during rainy season; it may be clear in other seasons. Clarity of water is no guarantee that the river water is safe for drinking. River water contains dissolved and suspended impurities of all kinds. The bacterial count, including the human intestinal organisms may be very high.

Impurities of river water:

The impurities of river water are derived from surface washings, sewage and sullage water, industrial and trade wastes, and drainage from agricultural areas.

Self-purification of river water:

Certain amount of self-purification occur in river water by natural forces of purification such as dilution, sedimentation, aeration, oxidation, sunlight, plant and animal life ,but these agencies are not sufficient to render the water potable. River water needs purification before it can be used for drinking purposes.

Sea water:

Though this source is plentiful, it has great many limitations. It contains 3.5 percent of salts in solution. Desalting and demineralization process involves heavy expenditure. It adopted in places where sea water is the only source available.

3. Ground water

Rain water percolating into ground constitutes ground water. Water used by humans comes mainly from land. It is now realised that there is a limit to ground water in the world.

Ground water is the cheapest and most practical means of providing water to small communities. Ground water is superior to surface water, because the ground itself provides an effective filtering medium.

The advantages of ground water are:

(1) It is likely to be free from

pathogenic agents;

(2) It usually requires no treatment;

(3) The supply is likely to be certain

even during dry season;

(4) It is less subject to contamination

than surface water.

The disadvantages of ground water are:

(1) It is high in mineral content, e.g.,

salts of calcium and magnesium which increase the water hard;

(2) It requires pumping or some arrangement to lift the water.


Traditionally wells are an important source of water supply. Even today, they are an important source of water supply in many communities. Technically, wells are of two kinds-shallow and deep.

(1) Shallow wells:

shallow wells tap subsoil water i.e. the water from above the first impervious layer in the ground. They provide limited quantities of water, and the water is easy to be polluted unless care is taken in well construction.

(2) Deep wells:

A deep well is one which taps water from the water-bearing stratum below the first impervious layer in the ground. Deep wells are usually machine-dug and may be several hundred meters deep. Deep wells furnish the safest water, and are often the most satisfactory sources of water supply.


When ground water comes to the surface and flows freely under natural pressure, it is called a "spring". Springs may be of two types------shallow springs and deep springs. Shallow springs dry up quickly during summer months, whereas deep springs do not show seasonal fluctuations in the flow of water.

In some geographic areas, springs constitute an important source of water. Springs are simpler to exploit, as no pumping is needed to bring the water to the surface. Springs are exposed to contamination.

Air Pollution
Water Pollution

How are humans responsible for pollution?

Humans can be responsible for a few ways of pollution....We pollute by having cars that release harmful gases in the air. Farmers pollute soil by using pesticide to prevent insects from using minerals in soil, which kills the plants. Herbivores can't eat the plants, and then carnivores can't eat the herbivores. This causes decreasing plants and animals.

Air Pollution
Water Pollution

What are the precautions to control air and water pollution?

If people wouldn't be lazy and would think of the environment and the future of others

Oil Spills
BP Oil Spill
Water Pollution

How did the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico happen?

Oil from the well shot up and out of the drill column under high pressure, expanded on the drilling rig and exploded. There was also a fire.

Water Pollution

What are human activities that destroy the earth?

When people pollute or throw litter around the world, it destroys the Earth greatly enough! Don't you dare be polluting!

Drinking Water
Water Pollution
Hamster Breeds

Is tap water bad for you to drink?


Tap water contains chlorine and fluoride, neither one of these chemicals have been proven to be safe for human consumption. Particularly chloride which is an antimicrobial and may harm human tissues.

There have been some studies that suggest that the exposure of pesticides, plastic bottles, and chlorine in tap water play a significant role in the high rate of breast cancer for women in the US.

There are many people, even experts, that highly recommend domestic filtration systems for drinking water.

Fluoride is added in small amounts in municipal water supplies in most American cities. This is because it supposedly reduces tooth decay. It does to a slight extent. However it has some serious side effects. Fluoride causes average IQ of Chinese children to decline several points. Fluoride damages human chromosomes. Fluoride causes permanent staining of teeth, for which is why the American Dental Association warns mothers not to use fluoridated water in baby formula.. Fluoride combined with aluminum causes damage to the brain resembling Alzheimer's disease, and aluminum is present in some baking powder as well as some drinking water. Moderate levels of fluoride exposure (e.g. 0.9 ppm in the water) can exacerbate the neurological defects of iodine deficiency, reduce melatonin hormone, and leads to an earlier onset of puberty. Fluoride also increases absorption of lead into the body.

With all of these considerations taken into account, the final verdict may be that tap water, even in industrial countries, may be unsafe to drink.

Water Pollution

How is farming most likely produce water pollution?

it is because the fertilizer and pesticides the farmers use will wash into waterways through run off polluting it. and what about the exhaust from those tractors? that would some how find its way into water. sort of. maybe. a little. disregard that last sentence.

Water Pollution

Why must water that people use be clean?

Because it would be disgusting to use dirty water.

BP Oil Spill
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Water Pollution

What caused the Exxon Valdez oil spill?

There was zero evidence that Captain Hazelwood was drunk during his time on the ship. He was not on duty during the collision either. The Third Mate was guiding the ship on autopilot.

The main cause according to the NTSB was the failure to repair the sonar that would have told the helmsman and third mate that the reef was coming up. There is no mention of alcohol being a factor in any NTSB report.

The ship ran aground and the rocks punctured the hull of the ship.

1. Sonar that should have been working was not.

2. The ship was taking a shortcut through very shallow waters with the Capt. downstairs and the needed equipment not functioning. (Sonar)

3. Cheap construction of the ship reducing a margin of safety. They used a single hull system to lower cost. This meant no protection for a single puncture. Double hull laws were soon enacted by the US after this disaster in hopes of preventing or reducing further oil disasters.

Water Pollution

What animal is most affected by water pollution?

fish because once they take in the poluted water there lives are in danger

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Water Pollution

Hindi essay on water pollution?

it the water that comes down from the sing :D

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Is there any solution to water stained car lenses which cause dim lights on a 1990 Topaz?

THey are sealed (the clear lens will not come apart from the rear housing) you have to buy replacements.

You can clean the out side of the lens with a kitchen green pad, a little soap and water. Don't worry, you will not scratch the plastic. Then buy new bulbs ( white ) or blue tinted to put in ( 45 0r 55 w ) There is also a kit available to clean the lens, cost about $ 30.00, but the kitchen pad does just fine..........


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