Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia with its total land area of 2,529,875 square kilometers (976,790 square miles). The state’s main sources of income include extracting, processing, and exporting of minerals and petroleum commodities.

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How many times does South Korea fit into Australia?

Land area of South Korea: 100,032 sq km.

Land area of Australia: 7,686,850 sq km.

7,686,850/100,032 = 76.8

So, South Korea will fit into Australia about 77 times.

Is it legal to have a sloth as a pet in western Australia and how much do they cost?

It is not legal to have a sloth as a pet in Western Australia, or in any other part of Australia.

Which oceans surround Australia?

Australia is bordered by three oceans:

In the west, it is bordered by the Indian Ocean.

In the south, it is bordered by the Southern Ocean.

In the east, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean.

Who explored Cape Leeuwin?

The region just south of Cape Leeuwin through to Nuyts Archipelago, some 1800km east, was first explored by Captain Francois Thyssen and Peter Nuyts, Councillor of the Indies, in their VOC ship Gulden Zeepaert, in 1627. VOC stood for Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, or the United East Indies Company.

Later, Matthew Flinders also sailed through the region, charting the coastline of Australia as he went.

How many times will the UK fit into western Australia?

Western Australia has a land area of 2,525,500 sq km, almost one third of Australia. The UK has a land area of 243,609 sq km. The UK will fit into Western Australia about 10.4 times.

How much do mining jobs pay in western Australia?

Mining jobs in Western Australia range from $130,000 per annum to around $170,000 per annum in 2011. More information on mining jobs and salaries can be found at the related link below.

What was the most devastating cyclone ever in Western Australia?

The northwest coast of Western Australia is one of the most cyclone-prone areas in Australia. Probably the worst cyclone to hit the region occurred on 22 April 1887 (before cyclones were named), and its most devastated target was a pearling fleet. Thirteen vessels were destroyed and 140 people killed.

How many cities are in Australia?

About 41 cities are in Australia.

If by "city", you mean a settlement with a population of over 100 000, here is a list:

1: Sydney / New South Wales - 4,504,000

2: Melbourne / Victoria - 3,995,000

3: Brisbane / Queensland - 2,004,000

4: Perth / Western Australia - 1,658,000

5: Adelaide / South Australia - 1,187,000

6: Gold Coast-Tweed Heads / Queensland & New South Wales - 577,000

7: Newcastle / New South Wales - 540,000

8: Canberra-Queanbeyan / ACT & New South Wales - 403,000*

9: Wollongong / New South Wales - 288,000

10: Sunshine Coast / Queensland - 245,000

11: Hobart / Tasmania - 212,000

12: Geelong / Victoria - 175,000

13: Townsville / Queensland - 168,000

14: Cairns / Queensland - 147,000

15: Toowoomba / Queensland - 128,000

16: Darwin / Northern Territory - 124,000

17: Launceston / Tasmania - 105,000

18: Albury-Wodonga / New South Wales & Victoria - 104,000

A Few Notes...

* These are the true cities, there are some places in Australia considered as "cities" because of some stupid complicated laws, but they don't have 100,000 people which is the international standard of a city.

* If you're wondering why some cities are in both states, that's because some cities in Australia are spilt in two because they're built on the state border. Gold Coast-Tweed Heads is one city with the state line in between them, so they're named separately but are one city really. Canberra-Queanbeyan is the same story, Albury-Wodonga is historically built on both sides of a river which divides the states of New South Wales and Victoria.

* From this list Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra (but not Queanbeyan, but they're still considered as one city), Hobart, and Darwin are state capitals. Canberra is the capital of Australia itself as well.

* The town of Ballarat in Victoria is most likely soon to become a city, with a population of 94,000 and climbing.

Should you get a pet monkey from Africa?

Since 1975, the Federal Quarantine Regulations (42CFR71.53) have restricted the importation of primates. Primates CAN NOT under any circumstance be imported to the US as pets. Also applies to re-importation of a primate originating in the US. They can only be imported for educational or research purposes.Contrary to what the person below wrote, monkeys can make good pets but under the right circumstances. They do require A LOT of work, time, and patience. It is not for everyone. If you are truly thinking of getting a monkey as a pet, do your RESEARCH first. It can be the best expereince of your life, or the worst. It all depends on how you educate yourself.

Visit to learn more about monkeys as pets and what it takes to keep one happy, and healthy.


No, not only is it not fair to keep a wild animal as a pet, but monkeys are not good pets at all. They are very smart animals, very closely related to the human. They are very curious as well. They can be very mean animals, they bite they pee and poop everywhere, they will pull your hair hit kick scratch. Like i said before they are very similar to humans so it would almost be like having a child except it would be vicious. Not all monkeys are like that but getting a wild one from Africa...yes it will be like that.


I completely agree with the comment directly above my own. No, you should not get a pet monkey from Africa. Non-humans primates DO NOT make good pets. To obtain monkeys and other non-human primates, poachers often kill an infant's mother, and many other animals within that group. Infants are then taken into the illegal pet trade where they are kept in terrible conditions. Many animals suffer and die needlessly as a result of the illegal pet trade. Please do not encourage this sort of behaviour.

Why was Perth chosen to be the capital of Western Australia?

Perth was founded in 1829, and initially it was called the Swan River settlement.

In 1829, Captain Charles Fremantle was sent to take formal possession of the remainder of New Holland which had not already been claimed for Britain under the territory of New South Wales. On 2 May 1829, Captain Fremantle raised the Union Jack on the south head of the Swan River, thereby claiming the territory for Britain. The Swan River was the logical choice because it was a good port for ships.

If the EST is midnight what time is it in western Australia?

The answer is 8am because Western Australia is 8 hours ahead of EST

At 12 midnight in Australian EST, it's 10 PM WST in most of Western Australia.

At 12 midnight in American EST, it's 1 PM WST in most of Western Australia.

How many times will Britain fit into Texas?

The area of Britain (consisting of England Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) is 94,526 square miles. The area of Texas is 268,820 square miles.


Therfore, Britain will fit into Texas 2.84 times.

Can you fly direct from London to Perth Australia?

No, currently there are no direct flights between London and Perth.

Do dolphins live in western Australia?

Dolphins are certainly found in the waters off Western Australia. Monkey Mia is a popular tourist attraction where people can swim with the wild dolphins.

How is Australia promoted overseas?

Australia, as most first world Western countries, is promoted in various ways throughout the world.This includes tourism advertising, promotion of international sporting events, peacekeeping efforts (East Timor, Iraq), International investors promotion and wildlife education/conservation promotion. Even the use of an Embassy and ambassadors in many foreign countries, promotes the Australian Way, for the sake of overseas promotion. As does advertising for potential migrants, be it refugees or elective migrants.

What type of government heads Queensland?

The Queensland Government is a parliamentary system based on a representative democracy. The people, exercising their democratic right to vote, elect Members to represent them in the Legislative Assembly, the only chamber of the Queensland Parliament. This system of government is sometimes referred to as the 'Westminster system', after the British Parliament in the Palace of Westminster, London. Queensland has 89 electorates, or seats. Currently (2008) they are made up of: * ALP - 59 seats, which gives Labor the majority. therefore the current government in Queensland is Labor, headed by Premier Anna Bligh. Other seats are: National Party - 17 seats

Liberal Party - 8 seats

One Nation - 1 seat

Independents - 4 seats

How much money does a theatre electrician earn?

This all depends on the size of the theatre, and the production/s that are held there. Starting contracts will depend on experience and qualifications, but generally it is similar to general civilian electricitians and the going rate in your area.

What is the capital of Western Australia?

The capital of Western Australia is Perth.
The capital city is Perth.

Name the desert in the northern part of Western Australia?

The Great Sandy Desert lies in the northern part of Western Australia.

When does summer end in Perth Western Australia?

The official end of summer throughout Australia (including Perth, Western Australia) is the last day of February. Summer in Australia officially starts on 1 December, but the weather may have summer temperatures long before then, and continue right through to late March.