Western Hemisphere

Geographically, the western hemisphere is half of the Earth – from the Prime Meridian (the line at 0° longitude) until the End Meridian (the International Date Line at 180° longitude). This hemisphere is composed mainly of the Americas.

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How did ancient Rome affect the western hemisphere?

Rome had a profound impact upon the Western Hemisphere - at its height, the Roman Empire controlled half of Europe, including modern day Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and even southern Britain to name but a few. Roman culture, particularly language, influenced much of European culture.

Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian, and Catalan are all Romance Languages directly descended from Latin. The English language was also heavily influenced by Latin as well - English could be described as a blending of German, French, Latin (directly from the Roman occupation of southern Britain), and Celtic.

What line divides the earth into the eastern and western hemisphere?

The Greenwich Meridian, aka The Prime Meridian, is the zero meridian. On the opposite site of the Prime Meridian there is the 180 degrees meridian.

Anything from the 180 degrees to Greenwich is the Eastern hemisphere and from the Greenwich to the 180 degree the Western hemisphere.
The Prime Meridian.

The Prime Meridian - which runs through the town of Greenwich, in England.

western hemispherewhat are three tipes of regions into which the western hemisphere can be divided
The Greenwich meridian divides the Earth into eastern and western hemispheres.

The prime meridian! I don't know if i spelled that right

Prime Meridian
prime meridian
The Prime Meridian which runs from Pole to Pole and passes through Greenwich, England.
The greenwich meridian
The line of longitude that separates the eastern and western hemispheres is known as the Prime Meridian. The Prime Meridian is 0 degrees longitude.
The hemispheres are divided along 0° longitude line and the 180° longitude line.


The Equator divides the Earth into northern and southern hemispheres.

The Prime Meridian divides the Earth into eastern and western hemispheres.

There is also a Magnetic Meridian which divides the Earth into its north and south poles based on the magnetism of the Earth.

The full circle formed by the Prime Meridian and the meridian of

180° longitude separates the eastern and western hemispheres.

lines of latitude and longitude , it is called a "Equator" . the states that live near the equator is usually one of the hottest states
The answer is the Equator
The western and eastern hemispheres are separated by the Prime Meridian, the zero line of longitude, that passes through the Greenwich Observatory, London, UK.
The prime meridian (which is zero degrees longitude and runs through Greenwich, England) and 180 degrees longitude (the International Date Line runs near, though not exactly nor exactly parallel to that line of longitude).
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Prime meridian
The full circle formed by the Prime Meridian and the meridian of

180° longitude separates the eastern and western hemispheres.
The "Pizza Line"

the prime meridian and the antimerdian

The meridians of 0° (The Prime or Greenwich Meridian) and 180° longitude (sometimes called the antimeridian, roughly the International Date Line) separate the eastern and western hemispheres.

Technically anything west of the "Prime Meridian," which is zero longitude and runs through London (Greenwich Royal Observatory), is in the Western Hemisphere, and anything to the east of the Prime is in the Eastern Hemisphere.

In contrast, the equator separates the northern and southern hemispheres.
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The Prime Meridian. the Equator splits the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
The prime meridian (0*) dides the earth into eastern and western.
Prime Meridian
Prime meridian

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The Greenwich Meridian and its "continuation" on the other side of the earth which is approximately the International Date Line.
prime meridian
The prime meridian and the 180 degrees longitude line are used to define the imaginary boundaries of Western Hemisphere. This convention is in use since 1884.
Prime (Greenwich) Meridian
prime meridian
The Prime (or Greenwich) Meridian in England divides the earth into the east & west hemispheres.
Prime Meridian

~The Prime Meridian~
the equator
prime meridean

Which continent is in all four hemispheres?

Africa, both the equator and prime meridian go through Africa- so Northern and Southern Hemispheres and Western and Eastern Hemispheres converge in the continent of Africa.

Which two hemispheres are Israel in?

Israel is located in the eastern and northern Hemispheres.

What are the hemispheres of the Earth?

A hemisphere is one half of a sphere, so any sphere can be divided equally in two by a plane through its center.

The geographical hemispheres of Earth are the cartological divisions of its surface. The most common are the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (separated by the equator) and the Eastern and Western Hemispheres (defined by the arbitrary E and W longitude designations). Locations up to 180° west of the Greenwich or Prime Meridian are the Western Hemisphere. Locations up to 180° east are in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Continents entirely in the Western Hemisphere are North and South America. Continents entirely in the Eastern Hemisphere are Asia and Australia. Most of Africa, most of Europe, and half of Antarctica are also in the Eastern Hemisphere.

The only continents that lie entirely in the Southern Hemisphere are Australia and Antarctica.

How do eastern and western hemisphere seasons related?

Assuming you are on the same side of the equator, they are essentially the same. North of the equator, summer in Kansas is the same as summer in Belgium. But summer in Kansas and Belgium is Winter in Australia (South of the equator).

Which Hemisphere has more land the Eastern or Western?

The Eastern Hemisphere has more land than the Western Hemisphere. However, there is still more water than land in either hemisphere.

The Eastern Hemisphere includes Australia, virtually all of Asia, and the great majority of Europe, Africa, and Antarctica. The land in the Western Hemisphere consists primarily of the Americas. They are the same size, but the eastern hemisphere has more land.

Is West Virginia in the eastern hemisphere or western hemisphere?

West Virginia is in the United States of America, which is located in the Western Hemisphere.

What season is it in the eastern hemisphere if the western hemisphere is in the winter?

It's still winter there too. It's the northern and southern hemispheres that are opposite of each other, not eastern and western.

How did religion divide the eastern hemisphere?

Religions of the world have traditionally served to undo as well as separate the nation of the Eastern Hemisphere. Since the earliest civilization until the modern day, sacred beliefs have bought people jointly in peace and ripped people at a distance in violence.

How has Western Canada been alienated from Eastern Canada?

Good question. From an easterner's point of view;Canada;s power and population base leans toward the east.Notoriously more so towards Quebec ,it's federal power base and eastern Canad's give em everything they want attitude to pacify the separatist movement in that province.As long as Quebec remains in Canada the West is nothing more than money and resources destined to find it's way to the back pockets of butt kissing politicians and Quebecers hell bent on keeping Canada together,for all the wrong reasons,no matter how much is taken from the West or for that matter no matter how much is distributed among the elite in Quebec all in the name of national unity.Hence the justified feelings of alienation of Westerner Canadians. **** Here is another, historical, take on it. Going back to the earlier times at the turn of the 20th century when the prairies (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta) were young provinces, just growing, there was a federal government policy to support Canadian industry by substantial tariffs. These hurt the farmers who received world prices for their produce, but had to pay higher than world prices for what they bought to support the less efficient Canadian manufacturers. These were inefficient as it was not so possible to reap the benefits of mass production in Canada as our neighbour to the south. Likewise, the major "controlling" institutions of the era, federal government, banks, railways, insurance companies, mostly had their head offices in Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto. Thus, the westerners came to feel like they were a colony of Canada, not sharing in all aspects of the progress. They ended up with the "grunt" work, but most of the managerial work was done in the east, and that was where decisions were made too. The railways, both of them headquartered in Montreal, were especially detested. Over time, as resources came to be more important, the federal government came to see these as a total Candian inheritance, and began to use energy in particular as a part of their strategy to help Canadian industry (still centered in the east) by lowering Canadian prices in the infamous "National Energy Policy" in the early 1980's. Though since rescinded, the hard feelings carried on. The perception of the western provinces is that they have been called upon to share their largesse with the rest of the country, but its always a one way street. A nasty nickname for Toronto is "hogtown" as it seems for many years to have increased in wealth so much at the expense of the rest of the country. I don't see the mood as bad as it once was. I have seen many elements of good will across the country in the past ten years of sharing, In one direction, after the horrible floods in Manitoba's Red River district in 1977, the country rallied to help them, from east to west, and likewise when Quebec suffered the ice storm of 1978 there was a national volunteering of resources to replace so much of the electric grid there. The mood is also better as Alberta, and Saskatchewan of late, have enjoyed great prosperity. In Alberta's case it is doubtful they could even absorb much more in the way of money flow than they are experiencing today.

Assuming the part of London east of Greenwich is in the Eastern Hemisphere is the National Gallery London ieTrafalgar Square in the Western Hemisphere?

Yes it is. If you visit Greenwich, you will see the line of 0 degrees Longitude marked on the ground so you can stand with one foot in the Western Hemisphere and the other foot in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Which four oceans are in the western hemisphere?

Your question dosn't really make sence but im gonna guess Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Southern.

Which continent is almost entirely in the Northern and Western hemispheres?

North America is the continent primarily in the Western Hemisphere, and entirely in the Northern Hemisphere.

Because Alaska is part of the US, and the state's islands (the Aleutians) extend across the International Date Line, that tiny part of North America is technically in the Eastern Hemisphere.

What is a hemisphere?

A hemisphere is half of a sphere.

The names comes from hemi- which means half, so hemisphere means half a sphere.

We often talk about the northern and southern hemispheres which are the halves of our planet north and south of the equator respectively. Similarly, we have the eastern and western hemispheres, the halves of the globe that are either east or west of the prime meridian.

The definition is:

1. A half sphere; one half of a sphere or globe, when divided by a plane passing through its center.

2. Half of the terrestrial globe, or a projection of the same in a map or picture. The most common hemispheric divisions are Northern / Southern and Eastern / Western.

i.e The United States is located in both the western and the northern hemispheres of the Earth.

What hemisphere is Israel in?

Both of the following statements are true:

  • Israel is in the Eastern Hemisphere
  • Israel is in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Where is 38 degrees latitude -97 degrees longitude?

That would be a spot about 4 miles SSE from Arkansas City, Kansas. I place those coordinates about 20 miles east and 3 miles south of Newton, Kansas.